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    Torrent Tracker Demonoid Shut Down by CRIA

    what the big F Man try the others for downloads like ... oops I can't link to warez. there are many more to choose from come on cheer up my friends :cool: :toast:
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    ProStreet Demo

    Games ? for a $40 game you will need t get a $1,500 computer, pretty dome, don't you think? Any way nfs was great at the beginning, now it is loosing it's thing, first it was a racing game now it has become a bounty hunt, as i may say an excuse for filling the nfs series with NFS-MW...
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    Phoenix Planning to Bypass Windows

    Bios loader! This is going to be more like the linux server bios chip but better, I guess? I have one of the linux bios replacement and they are really fast i can even run music on them there good see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWzB-tUwDLc
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    PS3 Still Using 90nm Chips

    When it come to power usage i really do not care it the performance i want:rockout:
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    Saitek Updates the Cyborg Line with New Keyboard

    You know, this keyboard is really nice but not for me, the shape is kind of am.... a.. WTF:wtf:
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    ASUS Launches its First HT3 System Bus Ready Motherboard

    Yes it will effect the memory cause the heat dissipated it will be re-dissipated by the boards heat pipes and it will be cooler than ever. Hope you liked it.
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    ASUS Launches its First HT3 System Bus Ready Motherboard

    what help i need? So this means you can run quad sli with the new 8800gt Graphics Card, or am i mistaken?
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    [Case Gallery] Tsunami Typhoon

    Yo nice rig.. Are you going to overclock this monster, or are you going to leave it stock?
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    Lenovo to Drop IBM Brand

    I have an old ibm and i am still using it today, just for little notes and stuff, IBM has the strongest capabilities, and if you are wondering what ibm it is its the one that came out with windows 3.11 :)
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    New Jersey Man Gets Two Years Jail for AOL Spam e-mails

    Man do I hate spam! He deserves it, really :toast:
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    Thanks My Friend :) thanks for the complement,
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    AMD Market Share Increases in Q3, Intel Market Share Remains Flat

    I think amd... i think amd is going down. it is loosing it's power :( :shadedshu :mad:
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    This is what I did to cut the panle: 1st: First I designed the case panel on a piece of paper, the blue print on white paper :laugh: 2nd: Then I put the design on the panel it self, as you see it has not been sprayed yet, cause if I had sprayed and cut...
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    The case brand is foxconn, don't really knowm what namj it had. Didn't say
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    Quoting this "Anywho.. "why do ppl put side panel window on their computer?".. to show off whats inside right?" I cut it so I can see the inside, if i need do dust it all i need to do is just look to see if there is any dust and because I like the way it is cut. Water cooling about that I...
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    What else? I still need to spray the top and the other side panel + front, these are just pictures of half done i will be replacing them soon, but school takes my free time. Any ideas of the color for the front? And as i told this is an excuse of a computer +_=?
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    [Case Gallery] ICKEY23 1st MOD

    Wc Do some water cooling it will look gr8 and it will keep temperatures stable. you can put a thermaltake big water in it.
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    [Case Gallery] Bonder Extreme

    I voted 10/10 because: I like what you have done with the frot case panel
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    [Case Gallery] Bonder Extreme

    I voted 10/10 because: I like what you have done on the front User withdrew this vote on: Nov 1 2007 05:03
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    [Case Gallery] Xtensible

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: (Old Pc Only For Experimenting) Motherboard: Epox EP-8KDA3J Cpu: Amd Athlon 3000+ (stock) Vga Agp x8: Geforce FX 5700LE Psu: Raidmax Volcano 630watt Version Ram: Unknown Manufacturer But I have 2gb Cooling with...
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    [Case Gallery] my pc (a little of cable management)

    Upgrade the cpu t a core 2 duo e6750 or e7850, and clean up the pc, allot of wires loose gather dust and makes the pc hotter
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    Microsoft Announcing Ban of Xbox Live Users who Share Their Accounts to Cheat

    This means: If I was using my Xbox online, the doorbell bell rings, I open the door and my friend:toast: is there. He see my xbox and he asks me to play with it online, because he doesn't have one. this means I will be banned if i let him play it....? :wtf::banghead: :respect:Xbox Authority
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    GIGABYTE nForce 780i Motherboard Pictured

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    GIGABYTE nForce 780i Motherboard Pictured

    Oh My God!! OMG, Thios is one hell of a motherboard, but what type of graphic card will it need? Hope Nvidia invents 9 Series Now for this monster