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    AMD FX 8150 Looks Core i7-980X and Core i7 2600K in the Eye: AMD Benchmarks

    Ok, I know now what my next CPU will be. Thanks for sharing the info. Good luck Intel fans.
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    HP Kills TouchPad, Could Spin Off PC Business

    If HP shuts down it's computer business, it also kills AMD in the same move. HP is by far the largest consumer of AMD chips, so this will shake things up pretty bad. We're looking at monopoly for the blue team, and who the heck will benefit from this except the greedy economy department @ Intel?
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    Duke Nukem Forever review Hail to the King Baby

    For me, the game was just awesome. I knew that the expectations were cranked way over the hills, and I settled for my self, only one thing : I want to play more Duke Nukem, like I did back in the good days. And that is what I got, and it was offcourse way better than the old ones. I still smile...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB Fermi

    I've always used TPU for my daily dosage of hardware news, and offcourse will do so in the future. I wonder what this page would be without guys like w1zz, btarunr and the other guys that makes this the "one", neutral and correct place to be. So, for this fantastic and neutral review, I really...
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    Arctic Cooling Announces Accelero XTREME Cooler for Radeon HD 5970 and HD 5870

    Finally, both my rattling Sapphire 5970s is going to be quiet :-)
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    XFX Preps Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition 4GB Eyefinity6 Graphics Accelerator

    Where can I preorder? AND, will this mean, in a crossfire setup, I can theoretically connect 12 monitors and have the gaming station from hell? THIS is awesome, and I'll put my regular 2 Sapphire OC edition 5970 up forsale right away!
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    Sapphire Readies Custom HD 5970 with 4 GB memory, HD 5870 Eyefinity6, for CeBIT

    Oh, my oh my. Well, It ain't actually a new thing, it's been around some time allready. I've used them in some of my HTPC customer designs, and it's really a sweet and functional thing: http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?psn=000101&pid=319&lid=1 The price is a bit steep...
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    5970 rattling sound

    Thanks for the reply guys, I tore out the cards, and opened one of them (yes, I work HW on daily basis, so I THINK (just maybe ;) ) I know what I'm doing.. lol.. Well, after 15 small bolts, then three even smaller, then 8 "big" after removing the print I finally came to the inner core of the...
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    5970 rattling sound

    Hi folks, Sorry about my english as usual.. I upgraded my 4870x2 (two cards) in crossfire setup to a 5970 in crossfire (also two cards) and the major blow here is that the fans on both of the Sapphire cards is making a very anoying rattling sound.. The web is full of complaints about the...
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    AMD Dragon Logo Now Public

    Hehe, I see now that I should keep my mouth shut. Again, my english is terrible, and as pointed out, some major spellerrors! ;-) Well, I'll stop now, and hope we all have alternatives in both CPU and GPU after the financial disasters has settled. Cheers, FUR
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    AMD Dragon Logo Now Public

    Seriously Hi, this is my first post here. Been a regular reader for over four years of this page, and always enjoyed Techpowerup for the nice and detailed reviews/news/etc... You'll all notice that english isn't my native language. However, I hope you'll understand my humble words :) Many...