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    AMD Confirms They are Affected by Spectre, too

    They're not sure, but in theory it's a maybe. no paper, no proof exist but they don't take any chances. This is so far, we'll see as stuff gets out if AMD is completely transparent about this but it matches findings by third party so far
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    AMD Updates on AMD Processor Security Status

    this is not something that a manufacture does intentionally, but just maybe amd haven't designed in as many assumptions as intel it seems. Assumptions that next code will be kinda deal. But the bad part is intel's downplay of the issue and calling out others to drag them down with them
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    Intel Secretly Firefighting a Major CPU Bug Affecting Datacenters?

    No, it's not related to virtualization at all.
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    AMD Struggles to Be Excluded from Unwarranted Intel VT Flaw Kernel Patches

    In some cases even more! https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-415-x86pti&num=2 In others, none but it will be quite severe
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    TechPowerUp Presents: Best of 2017

    I can agree to all points except 8700K and 8400 notions, as IT IS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY!!! It's a 2018 cpu and not a 2017. First delivery of the 8700K in most countries is in January. Also, X299 + 7800X is actually hilariously enough cheaper, you can almost buy an 8 core x299 for the 8700K...
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    Would you opt-in to allow for CPU mining while visiting the forums for them to remain ad free?

    If you can do a javascript to check for chassistype (I do not know enough about javascript to know the possibility) and check if it's not laptop and limit it's cpu usage a lot i'd be sort of ok as a test laptops are a nightmare on sites that mine while my desktops doesn't even notice it happening.
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    AMD 400-series Chipset Surfaces on PCI-SIG, PCIe 3.0 General Purpose Confirmed

    They do, but use One 960 pro and the others cannot be used pretty much, throw in a usb3 device and half of the nvme can be used up. Question is: What the hell is the point ?, it offers no performance, it increases the latency and decreases performance thus it's pointless you might aswell have...
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    AMD Releases AMDVLK - Open-Source Vulkan Driver for Linux

    They did it cause they've committed to it. AMD gambled on open source strategy and it may pay off, they have invested SERIOUS amount of effort into open source, just giving code is not that straight forward. there is legal barriers, they may not be able to disclose things under NDA for DRM copy...
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    EVGA Offers $1,000 for Your Old GeForce4 ACS, ACS2 Graphics Cards

    And then came 9800pro and yeah ;P I had tons of gf4 ti's and had a lot of RMA with them :/ I think I went through almost 7 of them!
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    MSI Intros Radeon RX Vega 64 Air Boost Graphics Card

    GTX970 even severely overclocked is silent as blowers. 220W is the total power draw you want for silent or bearable noise levels (Coming from someone who hates 1200 rpm 120mm fans!) I've actually heard louder AIB cards without blower on 970's lower clocked than my blower on it and G12 on 120mm...
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    AMD Confirms 2nd Generation Ryzen Processors to Debut in Q1-2018

    12NM node is talked about. their APU's contain many many improvements over regular ryzens which should translate to lower power consumption, higher single->dual-Tri->quad core boosts ( maybe 100 mhz more on existing node) Then add the new process and probably other arch features they added...
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    Microsoft Azure Becomes First Global Cloud Provider to Deploy AMD EPYC

    I wonder why other major players are buying epyc too....
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    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    They could do phenom II style, where two memory controllers exist for the first revision and I loved it! I have a Phenom II on an Geforce 2 TI on AGP system, beat that backwards comp-ability! on the other side I hope they bring out the 4 lost pci-e lanes they've been hiding which requires new...
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    sooo it's exactly the same as their brand new card then?... :) I can set target and max on temp which I couldn't on a fury which I can with Vega (at least on the bios I use) Polaris can actually set memory voltage but fury\Vega cannot. Name something that's actually missing as I fail to recall...
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    You repeat it with replace amd with nvidia when you own one of theirs. grass ain't greener on the other side. Memory improvements for high memory usage scenarios improving performance up to 10%* One may see that in an nvidia driver and see 25% performance loss on a GTX970 which is one of the...
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    What's missing ? same as vega (memory voltage control) ? I don't see anything less on the fury than vega, polaris have extra's though.
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    Vega 8 Mobile GPU Seemingly Ditches HBM2 Memory, Makes Use of System DDR4 Pool

    Disclaimer: This comment isn't all directely meant for the quoted person only the top is, rest is just in general. The fact is that the APU doesn't have a memory controller most likely, it uses the CPU memory controller. in APU's you can do that. -- They are using 15W fucking watts. Know how...
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    Vega 8 Mobile GPU Seemingly Ditches HBM2 Memory, Makes Use of System DDR4 Pool

    Intel doesn't pack memory on their 15watt packages. this is a 15-25w package, hbm alone would make it a 30-40 watt package.
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    ASUS BIOS Change-log Reveals New Ryzen Processors Incoming

    People mix single thread performance, ipc, clock speed. they say ipc and or singlethread when they mean frequency\single core boost freq and so on.. :/ I assume 5% performance in games with an added 2% is ipc and 3% in latency optimization internally and 5-10% performance in clock speed. Should...
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    ASUS BIOS Change-log Reveals New Ryzen Processors Incoming

    Intel have improved their arc (skl-x) but did it help performance: NO Does it help modularity - Yes. Is it near the engineering perfection of Ryzen - NO, it's simply multiple dies still thus it's kinda useless for Intel still and to tackle performance uplift while improving modularity is a bit...
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    The Steam Autumn Sale is On - Get Yours While You Can, Stock is Unlimited

    just go and buy a used 7700K, it'll be cheap and play games like a maniac!
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8 GB

    I shit on a 1080 watercooled with my ek block vega 64(air) I do not come close to 1080TI, so we got that going for us. under water it's better than all except 1080ti, not that horrible, not that great :)
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    Next Major AMD Driver Release, ReLive Redux, to Include Performance OSD

    I believe a Vega32 and below could use it... but that's about it.
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    EK Water Blocks Parts Ways with Top Management

    AIO is not that great and it's cooling potential even with same rad is quite poor unfortunately. So I agree. EK's GPU blocks are top notch and nothing so far comes close, for the threadripper blocks it's not great but all other blocks should be perfectly fine and outperform all AIO's by a good...
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    Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro Custom Model Pictured, Tested

    I don't think you've seen 2003 cards then.......