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    home server NIC went out - How to reteive data?

    I have been using WHS on ACER Aspire Home Server for backups and multimedia storage. The Network adapter appears to have died and unable to access the server from my home network. Has anyone had a similar occurrence, and what was your fix? Can a usb network adapter be used to access the...
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    upgrade for a venerable rig

    having issues keeping the upgrade running...some of the backstory: perfectly fine rig for the wife...she's been using it about 3 years now for general internet and email, but it takes about 12 minutes to start & load everything (WinXP SP3, MS Office 2007) to get to email-- she wanted faster...
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    Failure to fully boot into WinXP

    System used to work fine. I just rearranged my office, and when I hooked up my rig (AMD 940X4, MSI DKA790GX mobo, dual HD 5770, Corsair 650W PSU, 4GB RAM running WinXP Pro SP3), the system gives me a warning that system did not shutdown correctly - do I want to start windows normally or safemode...
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    Netgear 3700 ??

    Looking to upgrade my 802.11g wireless router to 802.11n. I've been using Negear 108 Super G router for about 4 years with very little to complain about- it appears the WNDR3700-100NAS is their current top end, but Newegg has it for sale like its a closeout :wtf...
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    dual monitor setup with X1950XTX CF

    Recently purchased a second Samsung 204b monitor to team up with with another 204b 20". Graphics provided by X1950XTX CF (single card), OS-WinXP Pro 32 bit. I want to run both @ 1600x1200 and rotate them 90 degrees giving an effective veiwing resolution of 2400x1600. So far I have both...
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    microATX SLI?

    I have microATX rig in a mini case with one 9600GT, and have spare 9600GT laying around. I want to increase the Graphics power by trying to go SLI in the same uATX case. Is there an AM2 AMD microATX mobo for SLI (i.e. 2 PCIx16 slots)? I haven't been able to find one yet?
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    ATITool & 3870 CF

    I have a pair of Diamond 3870's being delivered today...any lessons learned about installing and configuring them in XFire? Should I use CCC to set it all up? Can I use ATITool to OC them, or does Overrdrive do it all now? (this is my first crossfire rig:o).
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    best Phenom board??

    I'm building a new system when the B3 stepping Phenom's are released next week and have budgeted $250 for the new mobo....anyone got an opinion which mobo is the best for gaming at this price point?
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    ??new project with 19" LCD's??

    :confused:Is it possible to take two widescreen (16:10) 19" LCD's with a resolution of 1680x1050 and rotate them 90 degree so each is now a 10:16 aspect ratio side to side? Theoretically this should then provide a 2100x3360 resolution. Since 19" LCD's are now in the $150-170 range, this...
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    90 degree SATA connectors

    Does anyone know where to get 90 degree connectors that are both left and right angled?
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    AMD 64 x2 4800: cooling solution?

    I want to OC my AMD 64 X2 4800 (939 pin) and am going to replace the cooler. My budget is $50, though I could push above that value a little...this is a micro mobo in a SFF case, so large tower coolers won't fit. What would be the best for this appliction?
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    ABit IP35 mobo

    New build on a IP35...the board has a 4 pin Molex connector next to the PCIx-1 slot. Can this be used to connect a case fan if plugged into the PSU also (fan has male and female 4-pin...connect one to the PSU and the other to the mobo), or will the fan generate too much electrical noise for the...
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    x1950xt cf display blocky

    Recently installed the X1950XT CF as a single card (basically a X1950XTX), and noticed the display on my Syncmaster seems to have much less smoothing to the background, even with all the filters turned on or off. My X800GTO seemed to produce a cleaner looking display.:( The X1950 definitely...
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    Populate RAM CH A 1&2, or Ch A1 & B1

    OK, 2 matched 1GB sticks of Corsair XMS DDR: Are better results obtained if RAM is installed in both slots of of one channel, or installing one stick in each channel?
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    Is 460W enough power???

    I am building the system listed in my system spec's, however, the ENERMAX 600W PSU pulses on and off. I have a ThermalTake 460W purepower that I installed to get it to POST. Is this PSU beefy enough to handle the dual core Opty, one X1950XTX, and a 2 HDD RAID 0?
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    Opteron 185 build- PSU pulsing

    Just put together an upgrade (new Mobo-DFI Infinity RS482, PSU-Enermax NoisetakerII 600W, CPU-Opteron 185, video card-X1950XTX). When I plugged in the PSU after putting it all together, the PSU started pulsing on for half a second and off repeating about every 2 seconds:wtf: . Turning the...
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    OCing Opteron 185?

    Just picked up an Opty 185 at Newegg for my 939 micro MB (DFI RS482). I intend in keeping air cooling, 2 or 3 GB Corsair XMS DDR (I have yet to determine which config OCs better). Any hints on OCing this CPU?:)
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    Power req'd for X1900XTX, X1950XTX....

    How many amps do the X19xx series boards pull? I'm looking for add one to an existing system (MB: DFI RS482, Opty 185, 2GB Corsair XMS DDR, RAID 0 WD80's) to replace my tried and true X800GTO, and I want to ensure my PSU can handle it. Since it's a micro-ATX (only one x16 connection), I...
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    DFI RS482 build

    I have a Q-PACK MicroATX built around a Gigabyte AMD 754pin with 2gig Corsair DDR. I want to keep the 2 gig DDR (and use the extra 1 gig DDR I have sitting around), so I bought a DFI Infinity RS482. Since AMD lowered prices, I was hoping to grab a 4800 X2 for less than $250, but there are zero...
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    Core 2 Duo/Extreme

    Are there any Core 2 mobo's that support crossfire in X16 for both PCI-E slots? (similar to ASUS 32MVP boards=> 32 PCI-E lanes)?
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    ??ATI's new R600 GPU

    Does anyone know if the new R600 GPU is designed to operate Crossfire W/out the dongle cable (ie communicate via the PCI-E bus), and if so, does this require a new motherboard design other than the ATI 3200 series mobo chipset?:wtf: Basically a system rebuild, instead of a Video card...
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    Advice on RAID 0 setup...

    I just order a Gigabyte K8VM800M microATX mobo for my AMD64 3700+ (754pin). I have only one WD SATA 80GB HDD installed (no RAID currently), but want to install a 2nd WD SATA 250GB HDD and setup a RAID 0 with them on the new mobo (btw, am also increasing RAM to Corsair XMS1024x2=2GB). As I...
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    SAPPHIRE 100158 Radeon X1600PRO 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card - OEM

    Newegg is offering this for $165:) ---12 pipes active...anyone know if it can be modded to get all 16 pipes running? And does Crossfire support AGP...I don't think it does, but....:o http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102679&CMP=OTC-pr1c3watch&ATT=14-102-679
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    ATI 9700 AIW OC'd, and add in an ATI HD wonder card

    Multimedia issue...trying to get HDTV, but.... I have my system setup for video editing and multimedia, and it serves as a TV for the bedroom with the AIW 9700. So I ordered a HD Wonder card (which is supposed to work with a 9700 Pro AIW), but I cannot get the Digital TV tuner to intialize...
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    ATITool 0.24 crashing vice finding artifacts

    New AGP Sapphire X800GTO (R480 core, 256MB ram, 12 pp) with AC SIlencer 5 installed on a SIS M871G rev 1.5c mobo, 1 gig corsair valuselect RAM, WD 80G SATA HDD, Aspire QPack case w/ 420W PSU, WinXP Pro SP2. Running ATITool 0.24 to find max core with RAM @ default (490MHz). Tool runs up core...