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    Rampage Formula (element determination needed)

    Hallo friends, I need support concerning one resistor's value on Rampage Formula board. P5E deluxe haven't it therefore is useless. I need the code printed on the resistor. The exaxt location is in the left-down corner of the board just below the Winbond chip. There is empty resistor place...
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    Automated flash tool for 2900PRO (512 and 1024MB)

    Here you are link to Automated Flash Utility for flashing HD2900PRO (both 512MB DDR3 and 1024MB DDR4). The utility is bootable on iso image. Just unpack the archive and burn the iso image using the "burn image" option on your burning software on CD/CD-RW/DVD/DVD-RW. Do not try to extract the...
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    VDD and VDDQ voltages on X850XT (XT) PE AGP?

    Guys, please somebody who have X850XT (PE) AGP card to tell me what are the real VDDQ and VDD and eventually how much the memory can be overclocked at stock voltages. The check points could be found here: http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/voltmods/112. I am asking because...
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    VGA BIOS Testing without flashing

    Due to the increased number of BAD BIOS flashings I decide to writhe this thread which presents to the community one small but very usefull utility RamBios ver 1.5 which can save time, troubles and in some cases money to the modders. The program allows to test practically every BIOS (not only...
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    X800 all models and X850 all models AGP/PCIx POSSIBLE EXTRA (16) PIPES UNLOCKING Owners of "not-modable" X800 and X850 cards AGP and PCIx I believe that Xmas has come for all of us. I consider that ATI's secret was solved (from me :D ). W1zzard you say "no sir" when I proposed to get out of...
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    X800Pro VIVO PCIx to X800XT some ideas!

    I have X800XT AGP modded to X800XT PE and 9800Pro 128MB with XT PCB modded to fully featured 9800XT 128MB with Overdrive, temperature monitoring and fan control but for me is very interesting to follow the progress (or the lack of progress) in moding of R423 cores. That's why I decide to write...
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    RADEON 9800XT 128MB (with XT PCB and 2.8ns Hynix RAM) BIOSes

    BIOSes for RADEON 9800XT 128MB (With XT PCB and 2.8ns Hynix Memory) Dear owners of those "bloody" 128MB 9800PRO's with XT PCB I am here to bring you another GooooD news: 1. GeCube releases new version of 9800XT 128MB 256bit BIOS (R98XTP-C3 S2G - 2005/03/18 15:24) with "normal" Overdrive 418MHz...
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    Needed BIOS for GeCube Radeon 9800XT UniWise Edition 128MB 256Bit

    Hi to everybody, Again I will turn to you for help. I need BIOS for GeCube Radeon 9800XT, UniWise Edition , 128MB, 256Bit. I want to try exactly this BIOS, that's why if somemody has this card please dump it with ATITool (for example) and send it to me :rolleyes: . I will appreciate any...
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    Radeon 9800XT 128MB BIOS needed

    Guys does anybody has GeCube Radeon 9800 UniWise XT Edition 128MB (Or GECUBE RADEON 9800 XT with Core speed: 412Mhz-128MB DDR-256Bits)? If somebody has it - is it possible to send me the BIOS on my e-mail vgd_new@yahoo.com ? :) Many thanks!!!