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  1. catnipkiller

    What is wrong with people?

    Its all the fluoride in the water.
  2. catnipkiller

    FRAPS to Make a Comeback with Windows 10 Support

    I dont see the need for this program MSI AB does a better job with less lag. I would never use fraps again.
  3. catnipkiller

    So i gave in and threw in the towel with CSGO.

    I have 1500+ hrs in game and I am silver 1 only the best players play at silver 1 all other ranked are overrated.
  4. catnipkiller

    What is your AS SSD Benchmark score?

    2 corsair force gt. It was my 4k score i found slow. http://www.corsair.com/en/force-series-gt-120gb-sata-3-6gbps-solid-state-hard-drive
  5. catnipkiller

    What is your AS SSD Benchmark score?

    Dont know if this is a good thing or not seems a bit low in some spots.
  6. catnipkiller

    Your PC ATM

    Got another gtx 670 and a nice new cpu cooler.
  7. catnipkiller

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    i7 4790k stock 2 gtx670s stock Score: 4229
  8. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    If you played the mod once you would know what I'm talking about but like most people you only get mad when someone who has played the game for over 2000 hrs calls it dead.
  9. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Guess so when fan boys who spent 20hr in game keep crying " it's early access" but they still can't fix day1problems the mod already fixed. Iv played more dayz then most people iv seen the ups and downs and the game is at a low point and will be for many years. If your fine with playing a slow...
  10. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Game lost like 60% of its players in 3 months time now its slowly getting back to normal numbers. Its a lost cause at this point. No point of playing the game unless you think the 7 day tents are a reason to play. Only fan boys or the blind still support this game. Just go look at the steam...
  11. catnipkiller

    Valve starts censoring Steam private chat messages mentioning one particular "pirate" site

    I cant send any links over steam even if its just google or a steam links. I have steam guard on and i can see links others send me they just cant see what im sending them.
  12. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    I only have the normal bf4 so i can only play 1/10 of the servers. Never again will i buy dlc the game.
  13. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Oh my will the ps4 copy have working cars? Or is that the last thing they will work on?
  14. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    See you in 5 years.
  15. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    The Dayz gods have been kind to me.
  16. catnipkiller

    Origin Game Time: Titanfall free for 48 hours!

    They would have to pay me too play this crap game.
  17. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Dayz stand alone will be fixed one day just look at all the hats ingame. I can tell this game is on track and will be finished soon. Its not like the main dev is trying to leave the team or anything. He will make shure the job gets done so we can all simulate ourselfs.
  18. catnipkiller

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Have you played the mod or just the standalone? Its a fun game if you like falling out of building and running for hours.
  19. catnipkiller

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    And the mod is still working better then a "standalone". I wonder how many years it will take them to make the stand alone fun. Cuz we all need more hats and puffy jackets to have a good time in a zombie game.
  20. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    They keep banning me from the steam community hub for asking when they will add working cars. The fanboyz will allways support this game no matter what state its in.
  21. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Maby if its 90% off then maby it might be worth it. Unless you like games about walking dont buy it.
  22. catnipkiller

    War Thunder - MMO Flight Sim

    You can max the crew points day one by paying money. Maby someday they will make a free game thats not pay2win.
  23. catnipkiller

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    The standalone is not worth it atm the mod still works and i wont be playing the standalone untill they have working zombies and cars. Epoch is the mod to play its the only fun dayz mod out.
  24. catnipkiller

    TechPowerUP! TeamSpeak 3 Server

    I use my own teamspeak from nfoservers cheep quality servers. My ts ip is notrollzone.ts.nfoservers.com
  25. catnipkiller

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    maby 2-4 years?