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  1. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA Announces the TITAN Xp Star Wars Collectable Editions

    If they are going to be following the Star Wars Episode 8 fan-wave in December, assuming NVidia is paying royalties to Disney and G. Lucas for this poor attempt at trying to resale more halo-based Pascal Units instead of popping out Volta, shouldn't the theme of both cards be like Jedis and...
  2. Serpent of Darkness

    Hype Trains and You: A PSA

    1. I don't really see how you can associate a hype train as bad or good. Hype trains are just another way of saying Idiot A is making a big deal about something to one or a crowd of listeners and viewers. Hype Trains are typically dependent upon something either meeting it's hype aka...
  3. Serpent of Darkness

    The Carmack-ZeniMax Odyssey Carries On - Carmack Files $22.5 Million Lawsuit

    Translation: Carmack sold ID software to ZeniMax, but ZeniMax didn't completely pay him for the sale and purchase of ID Software. In response, Carmack steals property from ZeniMax. Years later, Carmack develops Oculus using some of the intellectual property stolen from ZeniMax, and ZeniMax...
  4. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD "Naples" is a 32-core Zen Based Monstrosity

    I wonder how much AMD Naples is going to cost per physical core. Skylake-EP was asking $10,000. per physical core. Crap, now I want a Zippy's Apple or Blueberry Naple. blah!
  5. Serpent of Darkness

    Microsoft Windows 10 "Game Mode" Further Detailed

    WTB Emoji with a happyface with sunglasses giving this TPU member the thumb-up. I concur with this post.
  6. Serpent of Darkness

    Ghost Recon Wildlands: Performance Analysis

    Asking to much for your compromise, much? I will stop trolling and being sarcastic to you. On the other hand, no matter how good the graphic look, if the game doesn't run smooth, I don't think members would agree to the idea of playing a very pretty game that's coded poorly. I bet some of the...
  7. Serpent of Darkness

    Ryzen 7-1700 Beats Core i7-7700K: AMD

    "Why are we all talking about CPUs like it is the primary bottleneck in your gaming experience?" I'm a little lost by your statements. When did the GPUs become the bottleneck? This is what you are implying. Furthermore, if the GPU could compute and render everything without the CPU, would we...
  8. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD to Detail Vega Some More at Capsaicin 2017 Event

    The Kraken was made by Hade's flesh, but last i remember, they still called the Kraken a Titan. The Kraken was a titan under Hade's control. Medusa was another titan, but she was cursed and transformed by Athena. I think AMD should call their strongest card the Olympian. The Anti-Titan...
  9. Serpent of Darkness

    Possible Pascal Titan X Black?

    I'm over GTX Titan Pascal. WTB Volta Titan plz. Take my money NVidia. I'm also still waiting for that Quadro G100 to pop out.
  10. Serpent of Darkness

    On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    The evolution of the conversation is fascinating... First it was about news relating to the current president and Intel. That lead to the politic which shouldn't be on here, but the TPU gods haven't condemn the progression of the conversation. It followed with the Trump fanboys and the online...
  11. Serpent of Darkness

    Valve Reportedly Indifferent to Fate of Virtual Reality Tech

    /applaud you because credit is due. I think VR is still in its adolescence stage. It has potential, but the tech isn't there yet to make it a big deal. Personally, I have high expectations of VR, and it is probably due to watching a lot of Sword Art Online and Ghost in the Shell Animes...
  12. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Ryzen 1700X, 1600X & 1300 Benchmarks Leaked

    The math isn't exactly accurate. If you look at the first picture, there's some diminishing returns. Another way to look at this, it doesn't scale 1 to 1 as the frequency goes up. From the first picture: 1700X @ 3.4ghz = 17,878 pts. 1700X @ 4.0ghz = 20,249 pts. If we do your math...
  13. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    and Physics benchmark is basically a measure of how well or fast the CPU can compute physics simulations on the fly in a game. If you two have either played Star Wars The Old Republic, physics occurs when your characters moves, and your cape is flapping in the wind. When you go up or down...
  14. Serpent of Darkness

    On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    Raevenlord pretty much open the floodgates on that. Intentional or not, him writing this basically gives everyone the thumbs up to talk about politics. To argue, comment, or encourage members not to write about politics, it is irrelevant at this point. The only reason why it is on TPU is...
  15. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA Unveils the Quadro M6000 24GB Graphics Card

    This is pre-Pascal. NVidia is still milking the Maxwell arch until they release a Pascal version, but the popularity of the new arch will be dependent on Pascal on the Gaming side. If their version of HBM2 or GDDRX5 improves performance, plus you have to include the size shrink from 22 to...
  16. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA GP100 Silicon to Feature 4 TFLOPs DPFP Performance

    Star Citizens? New refreshes of Battlefield and Call of Duty sequels? Assassin Creed Sequels? New MMOs with D3D12.0? 4K eye candy that will have diminished value and desire as time approaches 2017 and 2018? Is there a new Crysis Sequel coming out? C3 is cake on for high-end computers...
  17. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Outs RSCE 16.1.1 Hotfix, Improves Fallout 4 CrossFire Support

    To me, when you say "A clear sign of decay," I get the impression that AMD drivers are getting worst as t approaches the future. My meaning is that AMD Drivers either loose performance or have more errors, or are less stable as time goes by. With AMD, on the good side, I would say that they...
  18. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA Outs Hotfix Driver to Address Graphics Card Eject Bug

    Take a look at this as an example: If NVidia decides to put in this in your registry during a Driver Update: Changing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\nvlddmkm\EnableNukeComputer.ini, and it's in your registry, it becomes active when you log into Windows 10, originally it...
  19. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Rolls Out Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Beta

    On my rendering rig, I don't play PC Games, but on my other one, I'd always force AFR on any and all games with my old R9-290x setup, and I've had three of them in CrossfireX. I've personally found that AFR pushes a few more frames better than a profile, and if there's issues in AFR, guess...
  20. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Zen Architecture Supports Up to 32 Cores per Socket: Leaked Linux Patch

    Intel's Graph has no units for it's x and y. Thus, I cannot take your diagram--you draw really nice on photoshop-- seriously. I must reject the super serious-ness and informative sketch from your reply. Good day to you sir! Looking at it from another point of view: Intel has 2 threads aka...
  21. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA Unveils GeForce 361.75 WHQL Game Ready Drivers

    In other news, seems like the new driver screwed up VRayRT for me in some manner. Any rendering with a light cache GI just produces blotches of black on the 3D models. I thought it was an issue with the diffuse maps, but there's nothing wrong with them. In addition, it works perfectly fine in...
  22. Serpent of Darkness

    NVIDIA Stares at Sales Ban as US-ITC Rules in Samsung's Favor in Patent Dispute

    At all the lovely, epeen-amped-up members who are having a "fail-sauce moment," crying about NVidia Graphic Cards being banned because of this patent dispute, this has nothing to do with NVidia Discrete Graphic Cards. The patent dispute has to do with NVidia trying to get a foot into the...
  23. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Prepares December Launch of Dual-GPU "Fiji" Graphics Card

    1. Please keep things within context. 2. NASA's Project was a success because of the employees who dedicated their efforts and work to NASA. The name "Gemini" doesn't empower it for the better or worst in the real world. 3. AMD is calling their up coming dual GPU "Fury-Gemini" from a...
  24. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Prepares December Launch of Dual-GPU "Fiji" Graphics Card

    The benches doesn't really matter unless W1zzard actually does Frame Time Variance Graphs. SLI/CrossfireX graphs on here can only tell you how much more performance you're going to get with an additional graphic card, or if there are scaling issues. There's no FPS to dollar metrics, or latency...
  25. Serpent of Darkness

    AMD Prepares December Launch of Dual-GPU "Fiji" Graphics Card

    Calling it codename "Fury-Gemini" is like calling it "Fury-Fails." Ya there's dual Fiji GPUs on a single PCB, but implying or bestowing the name "Gemini" is already sending flags that this product is going to be a POS. If people disagree with this train of thought, I have two words for you...