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    For or against "Rootkits" and SecuROM-type hardware locking

    I am against rootkits. point blank period
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    Scientists Find New Way to Immerse Gamers: Electric Shocks

    lol, they will probally fear pac man for life now
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    Rate my new rig that I will have next week.

    nice rig i'll give it an 8 to, and the scythe infinity is truely a monster both in size and cooling and you can attach the fans on any side with room or have a dual fan set up if you wished but i have heard a lot of noise about the ThermalRight Ultra 120 too. i do a lot of shpping on ebuyer...
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    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    voted toldo 4200+ and a newcastle 3800+ i think.. my lappy is also amd :toast:
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    Post your vista performance score

    im guessing your ram is holding your score down? i get a 4.5 cos of ram :ohwell: cpu is 4.9 stock 5.3 OC nothing else changes. *edit* giving my gfx card a bost from 620 to 625 clock speed sent gaming graphics from 5.1 to 5.5
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    nVidia owners club house!!

    Im running a PoV 7600 GT 256MB with a nforce4 chipset hopefully upgrading to a 680i soon.
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    Kingmax announces DDR3-1333 memory modules

    nice, im getting ready to upgrade to ddr2 and ddr3's are coming out.. the only ones i have seen around are the corsair's CL9 9-9-9-24. £300+
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    AMD showcased 3 GHz Phenom

    Hehe nice vid, I'm looking forward for the new AMD but i guess its a fat chance i can afford that when it launches.. i think I'm ready to get my first Intel in the mean time a little E6550 will hold me down till then i think.
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    What happens when a TEC overheats? Look inside to see.

    ouch, if it happend to me i would have beat myself up so badly i'd be eating thru a tube... then i would try it all over again.. ;-)
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    [Case Gallery] Wood Computer case

    love the wooden case, great build!
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    [Case Gallery] Holy Sh*t

    nod a bad bit of kit, as with most cases needs some cable management but good job.
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    [Case Gallery] i BLUE up my rig!! (1st mod/build)

    nice work, i like your window i would not have known that was not originaly a feature of the case if you did not say, good job!.
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    [Case Gallery] New toys on old case (new pics added)

    that looks quite good, and wow, I guess with all them lights you save a pretty penny on them tanning salons eh? ;-) i nearly got a scythe HSF myself, glad i did'nt now... i dont see how that would have fitted in to my rig lol..
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    DELL Previews XPS 420 System

    That case has to much going on for my liking, and i dont like the blue plastic inside and with the money that will cost surely they could have came up with a solution like the P182 for all the cables hanging around. [[and off topic but speaking of crappy motherboreds, who killed all the good...
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    AMD showcased 3 GHz Phenom

    gah, i hope its worth while.. I will be getting one if it is.. other wise next upgrade i will have to see what them intel things are about ;)
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    4GB (4x 1GB) - The pros & cons ?

    I think it comes down to if your system has ever needed that much ram, i think after a session in windows you can check your taskmanager to see the memory peak if it succeded your max amount of memory then some more wont hurt, but im not sure if much of a perfomance boost will come from having...
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    Far Cry 2 Screenshots from Game Convention 2007

    I just started playing the first one to, its a good game nice graphics... im looking forward to see how this one turns out. im getting another 7600GT next week maybe by the time it comes out i will have sli 8800gtx hopefully will cost around the same price as my 7600GT's :P
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    Linux. Start here!

    hmm.. the test gave me Gentoo and Slackware, i left slack for gentoo a couple years back so yea thats a good test there.. Gentoo with Fluxbox... its all i need.
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    lapped my IHS on a Q6600 (pics and results)

    i would give it a go if it did not take me the best part of an hour to attach my freezer64 pro. im not going thru that again, lol i was certain i cracked the cpu die, the mother bored disconnected some capcitors.. the shock of my life when it actually powerd up.. maybe i will do my gpu's...
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    Feedback for new TPU design

    its a nice layout, much preferd over the previous.. i have not come acroos any bugs or anything, so good work.
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    BioShock has 2 installs.

    im not sure about steam, they still use securom but i think its used in a different way. I just read this on "digg" i think its called. which is just more BS created by anti-piracy software. I think this games manafacture has reached a new low on many levels with this release... followed...
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    BioShock has 2 installs.

    yea that really sucks.. buy and install the game a couple weeks later you get the money for them 8800GT's you wanted but now you cant play the game cos it complains of hardware change. It's a shame the way they use technology, If i have two pc's why should I be forced to buy the game twice just...
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    Toys R Us Caught Selling BioShock Early

    True, I get games when i feel like it... dont actually think i have ever brought a game at first release.. besides if im putting money aside.. hardware comes first, second and last!. :D I have ermm.. all of three or four (new-ish) games ... i think thats enough for me.