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    SquareTrade Research Finds Customers Report iPad 2 Damage 3.5x More Likely Than iPad1

    Well if you don't let a child and or pet use the device, you would only be left with 3 and 5 as causes :laugh:
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    Customer Agony over Netflix's Price Rises & New Split Personality

    People complaining about 8$ a month for streaming video, lol how cheap are you? and what do you expect? Netflix will be dead within a year, since every media corp wants their own streaming service. Was good while it lasted. Enjoy paying 10$+ a month for each individual network in the future.
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    Microsoft Kinect 'NuAds' is disgusting.

    Wouldn't it be great for me the advertiser, YES. Would it be great for the consumer, no. It's stupid and the fact people are already condoning Microsoft to stuff ads in your face where by you're paying for a service is sad enough. It's no wonder they're conjuring up these ideas, you the...
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    Ed Boon and Mortal Kombat

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    The Crysis 2 Thread

    http://gamingbolt.com/crytek-does-not-care-about-crysis-2-cheatershackers "The thread was about the .pak extractor, which allows you to decrypt and extract the .pak files, and thus modify files and cheat, and it’s still open. Seemingly, Crytek doesn’t care if their game is hacked or cheated."
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    ASUS Releases its Dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590 with VoltageTweak

    Someone sue asus for false advertising and claims...I'm pretty sure on the box and in the manual it doesn't mention L2 and x,y,z for b outcome...
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    How the PC Is Making Consoles Look Out of Date

    "The article includes three videos that give a fantastic insight into where PC graphics are headed, including a version of Epic's Unreal engine, Crytek's Cryengine 3, and DICE's Frostbite 2 engine. Considering that these leaps in eye candy are only possible with the current state of PC graphics...
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    New Homefront Trailer

    and the other company involved Digital Extremes dev'ed the Unreal series, could be good or bad we'll have to see.
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    New Black Ops gameplay video.

    Yup Sounds seem the same exactly as mw2 also. I'll still probably buy it to play on my ps3 though BC2 is boring and dry.
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    New Black Ops gameplay video.

    From their standpoint why start from scratch when you can just refine what's already there, and that's what they've done. Removed/changed some kills streaks, removed broken perks, added a recorder, incorporated a nice amount of customization, included some competitive/fun game modes.
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    Do EA seriously think that they can compete with Activision? (MoH Vs CoD)

    Let us know how many CTDs encounters you receive :laugh:
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    Do EA seriously think that they can compete with Activision? (MoH Vs CoD)

    MOH is a piece of dung....
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    Counter Strike Source and lag on Win 7?

    Doesn't choke also relate to even the server you are playing on, the client "you" is requesting info faster than the server you are playing on can provide you, in such a case choke occurs. Used to be an vivid CS player. There are many Cs:s servers that say they can handle 100tic rates and when...
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    The PS3 Clubhouse

    http://www.playstationuniversity.com/ps3s-gpu-is-now-45nm-results-in-reduced-power-consumption-3687/ "Sony said that the PlayStation 3 Slim would result in the company finding profit on the system. Despite a $100 price drop, the console’s slim repackaging would not only let the hardware break...
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    FurMark Torture Test + GTX480

    Ouch that is damn annoying, it's like having a vacuum cleaner running.
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    Prediction of the Day: No More consoles

    OnLive in June of this year so... Problem isn't even speed it's monthly internet usage/bandwidth.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB Fermi

    470 fails more than anything on all fronts
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB Fermi

    So I should read a review that pits 3 month vs current software up against each other? Uninstall plz. Troll out.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536 MB Fermi

    Ill now go to another site...pce.
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    NVIDIA Preparing First Fermi-Derivative Performance GPU, GF104

    So who would buy a gts 450 @ 240 EUR when you can buy a 5850 right now for less?
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    GhostRecon Live Trailer (AWESOME)

    Think I saw this one 15 years ago.
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    Dang Playstation 3....Takes the fun out of PC Gaming

    Find me aimbot/wallhack for mw2 on ps3 :slap: or any FPS on the ps3.
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    AMD Comfortable with Current GPU Pricing, No Cuts in Sight

    Months ago didn't everyone think gtx480 would match or at least exceed 5970? 470 would beat 5870? Even given this scenario why would ATI slash prices on its current lineup?and since forever Nvidia would be charging 450-500$ 650-700$ for their two parts.
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    Dang Playstation 3....Takes the fun out of PC Gaming

    Add to the list pros of console over pc now is booting up an FPS and knowing it isn't plagued to hell and back with cheaters.
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    Leadtek GTX 480 & GTX 470 HD Pics!

    Looks like any other previous card. Since the face plate/shrouds can't even be seen when installed who really cares?