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  1. LightningJR

    Battlefield V with RTX Initial Tests: Performance Halved

    I wont knock Nvidia for some brand new tech being not perfect. There's a lot to hate about Nvidia but new tech is not one of them. Push the envelope Nvidia, never stop. Please lower your prices............ we all can't afford 1k GPUs. and all the other BS you do........
  2. LightningJR


  3. LightningJR

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    I can't really complain about my cable internet provider, other than price.
  4. LightningJR

    Ballistix Shows Off TUF Gaming Alliance Sport Memory

    You know what would be exciting for ram? Reasonable prices...
  5. LightningJR

    Memorial Weekend Game Giveaway! - Complete - winner drawn

    Great giveaway! Im in! I am off to my GFs place for the weekend, took off Sunday so i'll be there until Monday. It's her birthday so we're going to have a small party probably at a friend's cabin and maybe do a little fishing and also got to help her move some stuff to her dads house.
  6. LightningJR

    Intel Could Unveil its Graphics Card at 2019 CES

    I don't consider this fast. Like has been said Intel did attempt this before so they know what's involved. Not to mention they have been making iGPUs forever, there's not much of a leap from that to a dedicated GPU. With all their different products I would assume they have nearly everything...
  7. LightningJR

    Artic Silver, or something else....??

    Yeah this is true, where you live matters. Here in Canada Prolimatech's stuff is difficult to get. On Newegg Canada a 5G tube of PK1 is $36 with $15 shipping. A 20G tube of MX-4 is (regular price, it's on sale $5 off atm) $25 with $6 shipping. So yeah where I live there's no point in getting the...
  8. LightningJR

    Artic Silver, or something else....??

    I have no idea if drying out changes thermal resistance of the paste or not, I am not a chemist and neither are you (afaik). So I wont comment on it since I don't know. What I will say is I wouldn't buy a TIM that dries out a lot. Move your PC one time and the possibility of the heatsink to...
  9. LightningJR

    Artic Silver, or something else....??

    Yep, I would say go for whatever you can find on sale as long as it's a well known brand. I would say Noctua's paste is great top tier performer and top tier price same goes with Prolimatech's stuff. MX-4 is a great paste for a middle of the ground price and AC Ceramique as the bulk order :p I...
  10. LightningJR

    beyerdynamic Announces the Aventho Wired Heaphones

    lol, in my opinion yes. idk what you have used as headphones before but when I got my first pair of good headphones I was nearly in tears. lol. some people can't hear below 40hz lol, so to them it's useless but I hear it lower than that. There's still a lot of music that goes down far...
  11. LightningJR

    Faulty GPU in brand new laptop?

    You repasted a laptop CPU with liquid metal? That's risky. Not sure if Kryonaut is electrically conductive but I know liquid metal is. Yeah reopen the laptopand doub check everything, if it's all good I would check the GPU and CPU to see if there's been a short.
  12. LightningJR

    beyerdynamic Announces the Aventho Wired Heaphones

    lol I would love to see the headphone hit 10hz at audible levels without having to increase levels to max... some bs on freq for headphones these days. My Planar Magnetic headphones manage to reach 25hz and still be audible at normal volumes, I found that to be astounding. My Superlux says it...
  13. LightningJR

    AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

    Probably back when they released bulldozer. TDP and heat was an issue and they needed people to use proper cooling lol. Their heatsinks were only ever ok it's the fans that were insane lol. But yeah this could have been a nightmare for PR but a nice quick change. Nice to see.
  14. LightningJR

    Anime Nation

    Man, some great anime starting again. SAO, Steins Gate 0, Food Wars, My Hero Academia. More coming soon like Attack on Titan, another SAO, Fairy Tail. Oh man, at least for me this is a great year for anime. If One Punch Man arrives this year and more DBS I might just cry :P
  15. LightningJR

    HiFiMAN HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones

    The price dropped considerably on these cans coming in at $219.99 usd now which is insane. I just bought some for $284 in Canada can't wait for them to ship.
  16. LightningJR

    NVIDIA P102-100 Cryptomining Graphic Card Surfaces

    You only need the memory amount to fit the dag size which increases in size but very slowly. It's almost exclusively bandwidth and latency of VRAM that increases the performance of ETH mining. It's why people love Samsung RAM on their 1070s, the overclockability is immense giving you more...
  17. LightningJR

    Anime Nation

    There's a new movie?! I loved No Game No Life, I do dislike the fan service and the loli fan service but man it's a great anime if you ignore that aspect. I gotta look up t he movie, thx! :)
  18. LightningJR


    yeah I think your friend/s will come through no matter what but you have to select to record your mic in the settings.
  19. LightningJR

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    I use a 360 controller. Works like a charm.
  20. LightningJR


    Goin to be playing Stellaris with a friend in ~5mins. Will be playing for a long while, probably 5-6hrs. Name is LightningJR in Steam. EDIT: Stopped playing.
  21. LightningJR

    The "Where to Get a Good Deal On A GPU" Thread

    I'm gonna report for post for cheating. Iol
  22. LightningJR

    Windows 10 UWP Protection Kicks the Bucket

    I bought Forza Mototsport 7 on the Windows Store. I have been wanting a GT or Forza game on PC ever since GT1 and now I finally have one. There's no game with the number of licensed cars or the ability to win credits to upgrade parts and customize your vehicles on the PC until Forza 7. GoG has...
  23. LightningJR

    Who has TPU´s oldest pc still in use for daily task?

    Parent's daily driver is a Q8200, 4GB RAM and a GTX 460 SE. My brother still uses an AMD Phenom II X6 as well as my friend. My 2500K is getting there in age (EDIT: Just checked Newegg, I bought my 2500K Jan 4th 2012, so it's over 6 years old). Probably wont upgrade until DDR4 comes down in price.
  24. LightningJR

    The "Where to Get a Good Deal On A GPU" Thread

    The GeForce store's prices are good I just don't know if they ever go in stock and they're all blower style coolers. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/10series/geforce-store/ Always check the used market too some people still sell their GPUs at decent prices.
  25. LightningJR

    I redesigned GPU-Z using the Fluent Design Language

    Your design has improved by quite a bit. I am really liking the newest dark theme. I still don't like the large text for the tabs though.