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    ASUS Intros Trio of 27-inch Full-HD Monitors

    I'm running 1080p on my 37" Panasonic telly as my primary monitor it's not that bad! but yep for a monitor you'd expect a higher res.
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    ITC Administrative Law Judge Rules in Favor of Rambus in Matter Reg: NVIDIA Products

    They screwed over Samsung getting $1bn from them and now they got Nvidia. I think RAMBUS is the next villian!
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    The return of Mechwarrior?

    WOW! Didn't expect this at all. I've been playing the Mech games since I was 11... I'm now 25. Fond memories oh yes.... but if they do release a Mech5 not Mechassault arcade stuff as others have said here this will be happy times all over again. Mech4 played that silly and yep Mercs was better...
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

    I reran it again and left it until it crashed and rebooted my machine this time it went for 30mins found a nice stable clock of 690 core and 993 ram for my 4850.
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

    I tried this overtune thing and my PC just reboots after getting past the 2nd stage so doubt it's all that stable for me to be playing with. Might have to avoid playing with it if its going to do that!
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

    LOL I just literally came back here in hope to delete my post as I just noticed that, but you beat me to it ;D forget what I said before :slap:
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

    Any idea why the overdrive panel would be greyed out for my on vista x64?? Is it not supported?
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

    I cant even get the overdrive menu to work on this install with my 4850 on vista x64 it's all greyed out :(
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    Zii Not an Audio Processor, Something Much Bigger

    I'm guessing it makes use of biological transistors. They has been tinkering with this kinda tech a few years ago. Maybe something useful has been made out of it then?!
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    HP Launches the Mini Note 1000 Netbook

    Dude what are you on about??! The Nano is more powerful than the Atom. Pity there aren't more netbooks with the Nano chip in it compared to the Atom.
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    8800GT Revealed

    How does the ATI offerings not offer H.264 hardware decoding swear thats bull.
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    This Tape Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds

    what would suck though is if one of your friends pinched ure drive and entered in the code wrong on purpose to screw with whats on the thing :P
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    Kinc Pushes 2900 XT CrossFire to a New 3DMark 05 World Record

    How much would two 8800 Ultras etc in that spec probably score??
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    Guru3D Driver Sweeper 0.4.5

    Since it went .NET 2.0 and all that other random stuff.
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    HD 2400 and HD 2600 pricing revealed

    guys heres some more tid bits if you type into google "HD 2600XT GDDR4" you will notice powercolor have listed a 256MB GDDR4 card ! woo.
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    Leadtek announces WinFast® PX8400 GS TDH

    Think office computer graphics card where little to no 3D is done. Ala photoshop.
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    Video Game Addiction Possibly a Mental Disorder

    Demonbrawn is right though, I am too calm and collective but after a round or two of 2142 I get proper pissed, but mind you I occasionally be a bit of a potty mouth...
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    EA to Release Six Games for Mac

    macs got opengl...
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    Intel Plans to Release C2E QX6850 Processors

    When does Q3 begin I want a Quad core for that price nooowwww !!!!!!
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    IBM Improves CPU Cooling

    How come this article has been posted again?? Swear it was shown end of last month / beginning of this month, or is there something different here
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    Symantec Releases Norton 360

    Just stick with NOD32 or Avast AntiVirus... been using Avast for over 2 years now and not had any probs and atleast my PC isn't bogged down with Nortons extra processes in the background.
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    Ebay CF Card Fraud warning

    Also bear this in mind the speed of your reader will effect the speed of your transfer rates. It'd be good to see how fast those cards work on a CF-IDE adapter that way you know for sure whats bottlenecking your transfer rates. If you see how fast some cards get in a firewire card reader its a...
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    Microsoft Fined $1.5 Billion over MP3 Patent

    Thats a bit harsh...
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    Lexar introduces 45MByte/s fast UDMA-CompactFlash Cards and -Readers

    I just wish those cards didnt cost an arm and a leg otherwise I could have four in a RAID formation with some CF-IDE adapters... cheap RAM drive (provided you can get the cards on the cheap).