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  1. jgrahl

    Why is this HD7970 SOOO Expensive??

    this would be reasonable if it was 3 collectors edition games. haha, yeah right :)
  2. jgrahl

    Why is this HD7970 SOOO Expensive??

    There have been some websites that would charge 3-7 times the MSRP of items when I've shopped around online.
  3. jgrahl

    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    As a windows PC gamer, it started with win 3.1 in 1992 for me - upgraded to win 95, 3 years later - upgraded to win 98, 3 years later - upgraded to win XP, 3 years later - upgraded to vista, 5 years later, then reverted back to XP - upgraded to win 7, 4 years after vista, 9 after...
  4. jgrahl

    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    ethically wrong, financially right, wtg micro$oft.
  5. jgrahl

    OCZ Vertex 4 Issue

    put the exact reason for the problem. i would RMA it.
  6. jgrahl

    Castle Building Sims, where are they? Why are there none?

    you should design one, i'd buy it
  7. jgrahl

    Real reason why HDDs are sold as bulk OEM in europe ?

    a drive without extras means less trash and clutter. give me more drives with just an anti-static bag! :)
  8. jgrahl

    Windows 7 x64 installation doesnt recognise Vertex 4

    You have the latest firmware available. I was going to tell you to post in the OCZ forum, but you already have. However, you should update your system info as it says you're using an ASUS MB and other things that don't match what you just said. I would try to install it to the sata 2 port...
  9. jgrahl

    Fraud involving a video game distributor?

    When will your pre-order be available? Don't expect an equitable reply instantly. I would wait at least one full business day after you made the purchase for it to show up for them. Check the policies of your bank for fraud claims and time limits on making claims. Compare that to...
  10. jgrahl

    Looking to buy my first SSD, how do I install games on my HDD if I have Steam on SSD?

    I would just install steam on the drive with large enough capacity for steam and all games. You won't lose any noticeable performance from it.
  11. jgrahl

    Who Has The Best PC

    Yeah, exactly the reason why I tell people to have one custom built. I point out that there is usually at least one or two components that are sub-par for gaming.
  12. jgrahl

    Who Has The Best PC

    I don't play Second Life. No one I know does. I don't know anyone with a $1200 HP PC. Most people buy HP PCs because they are cheap. I only build from parts and never purchase from companies like Dell or HP or Acer. I don't understand the lag reference and I'm not entirely sure what you are...
  13. jgrahl

    Who Has The Best PC

    People often give me random amounts of money to build PC's for them. The first question I always ask is, "what do you intend to do with your PC?" Then I build it and everyone is always content or impressed. So, having all of the best hardware does not matter, it's how you use it.
  14. jgrahl

    Thousands may lose Internet?

    Would using an IP address fix this problem? I used to type in those numbers many years ago.
  15. jgrahl

    Thousands may lose Internet?

    I never know what a fair price is to fix people's PC problems
  16. jgrahl

    Your Windows 7 ***WEI-SCORE***

    processor 7.7, the rest 7.9 all stock speeds my system specs are current
  17. jgrahl

    what router brand do you use?

    D-Link DIR-855 works as good as i expect it to.
  18. jgrahl

    Building a high end gaming system

    Use an SSD for increased speed. I know price might be an issue here. With fewer available GB, the SSD will just need to be managed for storage space. Other than that, any recommendation would be of personal preference.
  19. jgrahl

    When will the OCZ RevoDrive3 x2 Max IOPS be available?

    now available in limited supply from amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0064LCMCS/?tag=tec06d-20
  20. jgrahl

    How to fail, the CyberPowerPC way

    it looks just right for a larger sized company and what they offer. it is what i would expect if i bought from them
  21. jgrahl

    Whats your favorite motherboard of all time?

    SOYO P4S Dragon Ultra and SOYO P4I Fire Dragon These both had all the features you could ever want. I owned both, but they were stolen. I still have some bits and pieces of the accessories. There were many other boards too over time. link to a review of them both...
  22. jgrahl

    Help!! temps all messed up :(

    try turning the pc off to let it cool down to room temperature tehn turn it back on, maybe then it will reset
  23. jgrahl

    What Codecs for HTPC?

    my favorite to use is the media player classic home cinema. it plays everything and has a simple interface. keep it updated. don't install divx, it resets file associations when updated
  24. jgrahl

    Monitors or TV

    monitors are smaller LCDs with better resolution in a smaller space multiple LCDs cause gaps in your screens from the bezel size, that could annoy you. some games have support for the larger screen resolution, some don't I personally prefer 1 big screen for the game and maybe a second screen...
  25. jgrahl

    'I'm a little worried about the direction gaming is going'

    I only play them when my friends encourage me to gift them. I do it as a charity/ability to gift. It doesn't piss me off, it just makes me like other games more.