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    ASUS Showcases Three Premium GTX 980 Ti Offerings

    I was at the event, the cards aren't due in the next few weeks. The Matrix Platinum is for August, Gold Limited Edition in September. I believe the Poseidon is due this month though.
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    ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 KIller (Intel LGA 1150)

    If I'm not mistaken this motherboard costs $159.99 (for example see Newegg) not $199.99. Of course if you're including sales TAX then it might be worth pointing that out because that's one of this board's main selling points (the price)
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    SilverStone Revives Tundra with TD02 and TD03

    Nope. H60/H60rev2/H80/H80i/H100/H100i are all made by CoolIT. H40/H50/H55/H70/H90/H110 are all made by Asetek.
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    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    Reminds me of the SilverStone NT06 Pro. Looks like a nice alternative if you are looking for dual fans but still want to keep a low profile. A 10mm thick fan is hugely impressive, all the "thin" 120mm fans i've seen (like the Gelid Slim 12 UV for example) are 17mm thick. Are you 100% certain...
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    SilverStone Revives Tundra with TD02 and TD03

    1) These are made by Asetek, the Corsair H80/H100 are both made by CoolIT. Significant difference there in the internals and the overall design mechanics. 2) They look absolutely NOTHING like the H80/H100, the entire colour scheme is different, the entire pump unit is different and so on...
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    [FS] [UK] Ryan's Sale Thread, various bits but mainly cooling

    Hmm I have looked into Royal Mail delivery and it is approximately £15 to send a 2KG item to Europe. Which is a lot considering these are only CPU coolers! I am sure there are cheaper alternatives but there isn't really much point in looking unless someone is genuinely interested, anyway...
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    [FS] [UK] Ryan's Sale Thread, various bits but mainly cooling

    Hi everyone, I will be using this thread to sell a few bits and bobs I have laying around, it will be updated every few days so if you see anything you like then please let me know. The current items I have are the: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme (Condition - 1 week usage - Near new) - I am...
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    [FS] [UK] Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler

    bump, delivery changes.
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    [FS] [UK] Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler

    Hi, I am selling a Noctua NH-L12 CPU cooler. I trust anyone that is interested in buying it can search Noctua's website for specifications, pictures and reviews. So I won't be spamming any links here. The item is more or less new, it was used in a HTPC build for a few days until I found a...
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    NZXT Announces the Respire Series Coolers

    Well the NZXT Havik 140/120 coolers performed way better than their price so lets hope these can do the same. I just got a couple in for review and the NZXT Respire T40 looks real nice, not sure how great the T20 will be as for $10 less you actually lose a lot in terms of specifications.
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    Biostar Launches the AMD-Powered A68I-350 DELUXE mini-ITX Motherboard

    E2-1800 Why not give the board an E2-1800 Brazos 2.0 APU, if this is supposed to be a deluxe board, or at least an E450 APU. They could of at least made it passive as well, bet that fan is noisy as hell under load.
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    AMD "Vishera" FX-Series CPU Specifications Confirmed

    I've heard its only 18W. Maybe its a spec sheet error.
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    Cubitek Magic Cube AIO

    On the first page you mention the product "is being advertised as the smallest eATX chassis in the world." Yet this is not the case (sorry for the pun). SilverStone have already made complaints to Cubitek as it is not the smallest eATX chassis in the world...
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    MSI Announces the GeForce GTX 690

    It was a joke about this: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/546150_10150784862828010_7320808009_9691868_845073704_n.jpg I'm sure he knows it has display port lol
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    Lenovo Debuts the IdeaPad Y470p 14-inch Laptop

    The link you gave doesn't work for me. But this one does. http://shop.lenovo.com/us/notebooks/ideapad/y-series/y470p