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    Can't delete folder!

    If you still havent solved the problem, try this: http://www.purgeie.com/delinv/index.htm
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    Your feed back on a "Urlyin's Couth Award"

    No, you deserve every award. Some awards more than others! :roll:
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    Internet. What's the point?

    From what I understood of the survey, it about "internet subscription" and "not access". About sizing the market for businesses. Since free internet dial-up does not require a subscription, I'll add it to the list above!
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    Internet. What's the point?

    Some reasons why you don't need a subscription: 1./ Free dial-up doesnt need an internet subscription 2./ Wireless access from neighbour doesnt need a subscription 3./ Old age pensioners, dont even know how to use a PC, or can't! 4./ People using internet only for emails... use work...
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    New World Record: SuperPI

    Ah yes, I see that superpi is single threaded. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_PI. Shame
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    IBM Improves CPU Cooling

    No-no! The IBM technique is the glue UNDER the heatspreader. Criss-cross on top of the heatspreadder is not as effective as lapping. Second, a knife will make scratches MUCH DEEPER than 10 micrometers. DONT DO IT!
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    IBM Improves CPU Cooling

    No-no! Lapping is still good. What they are talking about it the "glue" that goes between the silicon surface and the heatspreader, ie. the surface UNDER the metal cap you see on the CPU. This is a key quote from IBM: Lapping the metal cap (top) and the heatsink (bottom) is still a good idea.
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    LCD monitor advice for x850xt

    Get yourself the biggest highest resolution TFT you can afford. Even if your X850XT cant drive the MAXIMUM res with max effects, you can always dial back the resolution. It will still look good. And you will be grateful for a hi-res TFT for all your 2D desktop work. Just switch on cleartype...
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    What router did you get in the end?
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    IBM Researchers Demonstrate World's Fastest Optical Chipset

    Fibre optic is just an example of awesome next-gen http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=26565
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    New World Record: SuperPI

    Does that mean a Dual Core and a Quad core give the same SuperPi scores (same RAM, mainboard and clockspeed)?
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    Windows Vista Debuts with Strong Global Sales

    Big difference between retail purchases vs. new box OEM installations. P.S. Jimmy, your post has a lot of CTRL C + P, such that it is LESS NEWS and MORE marketing copy.
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    TECHNICAL: Cleartype and Vista

    Nam, I don't think your info is right. http://www.microsoft.com/typography/ClearTypeFonts.mspx
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    The Physx COULD IN THEORY take load off the CPU. But the few games that are coding for it, make the Physx code completely optional... and as ktr said, the developers are using it for graphics enchantments only. ;P The problem with using the Physx with core routines, is that it gets complex to...
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    Note that unless you have a pro network card, a 1GB connection will use more CPU. BUT... if more than 1 PC on the network, there is less congestion.