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    Sapphire Also Displays Pure Platinum Z77i Mini-ITX Motherboard

    mPCIE slot I like to have SSD in it for fast boot and program load:)
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    Sapphire Unveils Pure Platinum A75T Mini-ITX Motherboard

    Mini PCIe for SSD I wonder if I can use the mPCIe for SSD for fast boot rather than for WiFi. I use USB WiFi instead.
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    MSI Unveils Mini-ITX Socket FM2 Motherboard A85IA-E53

    Mini PCIe slot needed Fully agree: It is needed for cheap SSD (16GB) to put OS and most frequent apps for fast boot. Dual graphics is not needed in these small systems as Trinity is powerful enough for them.
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    Arctic Unveils the MC101 Series Trinity-Powered HTPCs

    No D-SUB included I'm quite enthusiastic about the MC101 PRO (A10) but Borebone version. Unfortunately (unlike their previous MC 001 model) there is no D-SUB connector, that decrease the mobility of it substantially. I prefer to connect 2 monitors at the same time (HDMI and D-SUB) or only the...