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    Intel Plans Price Cuts for Consumer SSDs

    We have just dropped the price (acting a little earlier and taking a hit initially) so I should think more will follow before the expected August movement :)
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    AVADirect Now Offers Personal Supercomputer

    Paired with EVGA for the board? (SR-X) If so how do they manage 192GB as the board only supports 96GB officially. Id of thought using more than the manufacturer official specs would be a bit of a poor move as surely the manufacturer would state 192GB if indeed the board supported 192GB stably?
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    EVGA GTX 680 Classified 4GB Smashes 2 GHz GPU Clock Barrier

    Did Galaxy not hit this already at Computex with their white PCB card?
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    Core i7-3770K Cracks 6.616 GHz Utilizing 63.0x Multiplier

    Volts are wrong, CPU-z is pulling the wrong voltage like it did with the Z68 and P67.. Volts on that will be over 1.6
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    Intel to Bring Ivy Bridge Launch Forward to April 23: Report

    You may indeed be correct however my question to intel was along the lines of "is IB launch moved to 23rd?" Response in short "no".
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    Intel to Bring Ivy Bridge Launch Forward to April 23: Report

    Had an email from Intel who have confirmed that no such announcement has been made. If it is true though theres nothing to confirm this as yet. *sigh* Lol @ Internet and speculation.
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    MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard Pictured

    Looks similar to the GD55. GD55 performs well too... Even though its still not yet released there a review for it HERE Z77 looks good thats for sure.
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    Samsung Debuts the Second-Gen Series 9 Ultra-slim Notebooks

    Lol no... I have an 11.6" Macbook air with an i7 2667m, 4GB of 1333 ram and a 256GB SSD that came in at $42 less than the samsung ;)
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    Samsung Debuts the Second-Gen Series 9 Ultra-slim Notebooks

    Damn.. lesser spec than my macbook air 11.6" and more money! I cant see these selling to be honest.
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    Haha I've noticed :D I shall live and learn :)
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    I agree that at times there has been some issues with customer service, RMAs etc but this I believe was a few years ago and before my time so I couldn't comment as I simply do not know much if anything about it. As for its current form, there's nothing wrong with how the company operates at...
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    I'll not go into the ins and outs of the above points but the reason why we have 10+ and rarely go out of stock like other sites as you mentioned is because we try to ensure we have a constantly good level of stock to ensure continued sales and fewer disappointed customers. Yes the dollar rate...
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    Im not a PR Monkey and insulting a new member is hardly good forum etiquette is it? That aside Ill explain below. I am one of the product managers/purchasers over at OcUK so when i see such comments is annoys me just as you have become annoyed when you have assumed I am waving the legal...
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    The card is question was on "This Week Only".. ie an offer. It has now been removed from "this week only" as of around 10.15 this morning hence the price increase. I am sure if there was an issue the ASA would have made contact at OcUK by now so the above slanderous comment should in my...