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    GTA V Pre-Order Poster Leaked

    I wonder how long isit going to be before apple sues them for the iphone look alike in the picture.
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    Plasma Flashlight Kills Bacteria

    Not reading all of it but it sounds like they reinvented hid lamps? or something alot similar...
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    GTA V Details Leaked?

    8. The protagonist DOES NOT die unlike in the last two Rockstar games. ?? I dont think Niko Bellic died in the previous game?
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    GTA V Details Leaked?

    Orignal Source: http://www.ggmania.com/?smsid=32644 According to recent reports on internet, a former anonymous employee of Rockstar North has revealed massive details regarding the much awaited and highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V. 1. The protagonist will be one character...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Launch Video Leaked: World's Fastest GPU

    Is it me or that 680 had a single 6pin power input?
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    If u mean the speed provided by the provider then its 32mbps dwn and 6 up sorry but i have never ever run into wan before
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    well i can tell how many users are connected so thats not a problem and its all good 4 users and 4 comps
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    well like i said the i mac had the same trouble and started the same time, it got fix with wireless network adapter reset on the mac, mine still has the prob but doesnt go away with a restart or driver reinstall. Also it started couple of days ago while i has not done any software or hardware...
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    deleted all history no change, will hardwire tomm its not only my pc being affected, its was other too before but they are working fine i will get a pci when i hv money, but the person at the shop told me the usb is faster so i bought tht as it was n also...
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    I hvnt tried direct connection on my desktop because its alot of things to move here and there but i will try it tomm. I reset my dsl and wireless router but no fix
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    Mine is in the middle from the roof and the floor. and its been there for around a year and hasnt had these problems before and I think (not a fact) it might be using the case aswell to attract signal?
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    Internet not performing on my pc only.

    Hi everyone, Iam having a very confusing internet problem, my wireless internet speed is slow from last couple of days and i have tried alot to get around it but seems like my router hates me or sumthing. I have 1pc, 1laptop, 1macbook and 1i-mac all in one connected to the...
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    Thermaltake Announces Dr. Power II Universal Digital Power Supply Tester

    Isint there a device superior to this called the multimeter?
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    GIGABYTE First to Market with AM3+ ''Black Socket'' Motherboards

    so whats the use though? u still have to buy a new one anyway instead of the bios update.... :banghead: . so why not just buy the actual new upcoming board itself rather than this? or am i missing out on something?
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    Is downloading and playing the leaked Crysis 2 legal?

    My personal opinon is try before buy. And nobody will let u do that, And i should be able to test drive the car completely before buying instead of say see it on a poster
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    how close to sub woofer to put computer

    my woofer is behinde my monitor and right next to the cpu and is magnetically shielded and its working out fine for me.
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    Are games smoother without Mom.exe?

    Lol at the replies, but if u terminated mom.exe u would gain only a bit performance on slow computer only cuz every bit of app requires some of ram and prossesor so its only a gain of shutting off apps to make make computer work on the game more
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    Is it safe to keep a laptop constantly plugged in?

    Actually u can keep it completely plugged in with out worrying about charging only if its Lithium battery( in that case the charger does not keep charging until plugged in) But the battery with out use is gonna go to 99 percent in a matter or say 48 hours and will get charged and discharged so...
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    Best game quotes.

    Gta iv Mp: Go F*ck urself with a machete
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    Best game quotes.

    I cant remember and its not a game quote but it was a funny line Protrayed to be said by kratos about piracy He goes something like this, By the gods, i have been living the (shadow maybe) of the pirated one for too long.... Cant find it anywhere
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    Impossble OC Software- 2x HD 6850 Crossfire

    i had most softwares not overclocking and ccc wasnt overclocking much on my 5850 so i tried amd gpu clock tool which worked flawlessly... try that it might work
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    The BEST game story ever

    Gta SanAndreas/Darkwatch/BF:BadComapny 1/Assasins creed/Driver4 Pararell lines God OF War Series/Hitman Blood Money/Prince of Persia Series(Ps2)/ Sprinter Cell Series Especially Double agent(Ps2). I YET HAVE TO COMPLETE HL2 My personal Prefrence
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    I'm impressed with Vizio

    I have seen tvs at walmart, Vizio always has some smooth movements when switching sceens or camera angle changes in the video when compared to highend tv or 120hz tvs, vizio i think performs better then them but i never have owned one.
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    Laptop to tv?

    before you coneect to your tv make sure you select audio by some audio manager or something to Use hdmi out in order to get audio.. many people miss that and audio does not show up but connectivity is excellent, used laptop to watch stuff on the tv(Asus G71gx) worked all good
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    Ubuntu 10.10 installation gone wrong?

    I did actually do that like 5 times before and the installation wouldnt continue then i realized it was the username written in capital but till i realized i had already selected install with an os mode.