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    [Case Gallery] New EVANGELION PC ?Project EVA?

    Hey it might not seem like much I just check in from time to time at the new tech here. But it really means alot sending a comment back. not like to make it more then what it is answering my comment. I liked your build for the first reasons I sent on the other build you did. In the end you got...
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    [Case Gallery] New EVANGELION PC ?Project EVA?

    The carmine on the borders looks lovely.
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    [Case Gallery] EK Blue Theme Watercooling Case

    I found it those plastic stoppers were shown with the Mars 2 linus video. Looks like your card is to stripped down(like my gigabyte soc 470's for something like that to work effective tho...Unless you put some extra beefing like foam or some underneath the gpu waterblock then get a plastic...
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    [Case Gallery] EK Blue Theme Watercooling Case

    slot wedge I pretty sure that pci slot wedge stand thing was shone on a youtube video starriing "linus" mostly seen showing products from MSI. It was the day he was showing the 6990 video card against the gtx 590; if it was not that vid it was another recent video with "linus".
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    [Case Gallery] EK Blue Theme Watercooling Case

    nice All in all looks good like you keep your hands off the plexi glass. Tidy up the wiring and get a pci slot wedge plastic thing to stand that graphic card up right. Gave ya a 7 out of 10!
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    [Case Gallery] ReCycler/Cool,Quick&Quiet

    Solid foundation good job on the hardware aspect of it. Nothing to really complain about there. You seem to like the Noctua fans Thats cool! Noctua looks good with brown mainboard trey and inside case walls with rainbow wiring sleeves with colors of yellow, orange,a tiny bit of lime with...
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    [Case Gallery] Cikai

    nice parts Quality components camera angle's look sweet. With the MSI and cpu cooler. fans matching against dark case. Good job!
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    [Case Gallery] Full Water Cooling System Machine

    I like this I really do get a kick out of seeing systems that are all system like this. Really the ram too! First time ever really seeing what ram coolers look like in practice. Good Job. Hope your return on it was worthy.
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    [Case Gallery] Project "Xperience"

    Very Good Really liked you case with the lights and stuff wanna give ya a 10/10
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    Battlefield 3: EA Allegedly Tried Filtering Reviewers

    It's favorable anyway From what I have read about the new designs of both these games BF3 is a better game anyway. What's really going on?
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    [Case Gallery] SPACE BATTLE SHIP"YAMATO" PC in Japan

    And lastly Computer Art modder! I would like to say all jokes aside everyone on this website deserves credit in my book it has proved to be something much more important than I so thankyou to everyone for puttin up with my case too! This is what I have to say to you builder of the "Yamato"...
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    [Case Gallery] SPACE BATTLE SHIP"YAMATO" PC in Japan

    You got it!!! I think I understand where you were going with this build its like your other build evangalion. Some things get so intricate that you just have to see them in person to appreciate. Like the piece of artwork in the center space of the case. That is the same theme as the other case...
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    [Case Gallery] Storm

    could use some silver Well, I've got to run to keep from hiding And I'm bound to keep on riding And I've got one more silver doller But I'm not gonna let them catch me, no Not gonna let'em catch the midnight rider. goodie good good good!
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    [Case Gallery] I've done it !!!!!

    goodie good good good goodie good good good!
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    [Case Gallery] EVANGELION PC

    amazing goodie good good good!
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    [Case Gallery] Citrus

    yes!! Nice job and those fan grills are awsome to. I am trying like heck to find them. Its as if they don't make them anymore.
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    [Case Gallery] Second Gaming Rig

    1 hour you could still go through those wires real careful in about a hour or so and still have time to stay on the front page with this rig. Check out some of the other builds on here and see. some of this stuff to tie down wires is like a doller at the local hardware store and most hardware...
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    [Case Gallery] Armor + Mx

    good job bench in games is kinda of the same techniques.
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    [Case Gallery] SPACE BATTLE SHIP"YAMATO" PC in Japan

    I voted 10/10 because: ya still got that personal touch!
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    [Case Gallery] Sate200 rig

    Saw that OK my score in vantage is good to much like your's an inprovement on older tech. So my question is the score you got is looking much like a powercolor5890, but Being 6990 the gain is in the DirectX11 department? Also would like to say good new pics of your system case!
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    [Case Gallery] BenchAndGames 2011

    I just saw your updated pictures today looks good.
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    [Case Gallery] venom

    clean build Good clean stock build. cable sleeving was done by? all in all I agree with darko st. about the case.
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    [Case Gallery] Hades

    it looks alright got the right idea keepin things clean. Just a suggestion. Putting the second cold cathold in front of the mainboard deck under the 24pin power wire vertically would look sweet also. Looks clean and technically that is when computers have been built correct.
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    [Case Gallery] Sate200 rig

    let me add That would be about the best sellable version of a hawk and nash...Approaches a well rounded appeal like the sword M in 2006.
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    [Case Gallery] Sate200 rig

    the big dog fomitable specs there. How many hash marks do ya get on 3d mark 11?