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  1. Redspeed93

    AMD Radeon RX 560 vs. GTX 1050

    "Advertorial by AMD" I always took your site pretty seriously. Guess that's over...
  2. Redspeed93

    Corsair Announces the Carbide Air 740 Chassis

    Fugly design.
  3. Redspeed93

    Eurocom Ships Panther 5, Most Powerful Notebook in Existence

    Well it's certainly not a looker but dem' specs y'all! :respect::rockout::respect:
  4. Redspeed93

    When do you plan on buying a 4K monitor?

    I'm not buying a traditional 4K screen but rather a high-resolution 21:9 screen like the LG 34UM95 which has a 3440x1440 resolution. This seems more much useful to me than a 16:9 3840x2160.
  5. Redspeed93

    Inno3D Announces the iChill GeForce GTX 780 Ti Accelero Hybrid

    I find it quite weird that they don't say anything about the size of the radiator...
  6. Redspeed93

    Is NZXT H630 my best choice?

    The idea was to mount the 2 140mm AIO's om the HDD cages using the pivot fanmounts. Acording to NZXT the should support a 140mm Kraken x40 with at least one fan. Thanks for your input Techtard! :)
  7. Redspeed93

    Is NZXT H630 my best choice?

    Hey I've looked long and hard for a new case with some unusual requirements and so far the NZXT H630 seems like my best choice, but just to make sure I haven't missed anything I thought I'd ask here :) So what I'm looking for is a noise dampened full tower case with lots of room (preferably...
  8. Redspeed93

    TechPowerUp Video Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    I got some feedback from another forum saying the "background music" was really foreground music because of the high volume - I've changed that now so that the in-game volume is always audible. I personally think it's better now with the lowered music volume - what about you guys? I'm still...
  9. Redspeed93

    TechPowerUp Video Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    I don't think it's a GPU problem at all. Many BF3 players have reported weird texture and artifacts problem after End Game(DLC) came out.
  10. Redspeed93

    TechPowerUp Video Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    I know, but funny thing is it wasn't. It got to 65 degrees(celsius) and it was without overclock. I turned of the GPU overclock to see how big an impact it would have on my framerate(because I couldn't actually remember how many fps I got before the OC) and then that happened. Now that the OC is...
  11. Redspeed93

    TechPowerUp Video Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    BF3 gameplay feedback Hey everyone! I recently started uploading some Battlefield 3 gamplay videos to YouTube and I'd really like some feedback. That goes for both the gameplay itself(is it too slow, is it any good etc.) and the videos(is the quality horrible, is the sound level weird, are...
  12. Redspeed93

    Corsair Announces Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    They should have put RGB LEDs in both. I really want that black one, but I really don't want red LEDs since every other thing in my setup has blue LEDs :slap:
  13. Redspeed93

    Intel "Haswell" Quad-Core CPU Benchmarked, Compared Clock-for-Clock with "Ivy Bridge"

    But that's not really the topic at hand here. The sad truth is that there is very little reason right now to put an AMD CPU in your desktop PC. Succes with APUs or not, that still means quite a substantial loss of potential profits.
  14. Redspeed93

    Intel "Haswell" Quad-Core CPU Benchmarked, Compared Clock-for-Clock with "Ivy Bridge"

    Yeah if these graphs are true it's kinda sad. It's partially AMDs fault. If they were actually pushing innovation and making some decent chips Intel wouldn't be able to produce chips like this and still make a profit. But they will as long as AMD fails to impress.
  15. Redspeed93

    Roccat Isku FX with Talk FX Starts Selling

    Looks great, but sadly the membrane keys outweighs the looks by far. Make it with Cherry MX Red's and I'll buy it without further consideration.
  16. Redspeed93

    Keyboards, where do you fit?

    I'm the happy owner of a Cherry MX Red Corsair K90 which must be one of the largest mechanical keyboards out there, with 18 macro keys, media controls, blue backlight and windows lock key - oh and an aluminium volume scrolling wheel :roll: So yeah, 1 and 4 :)
  17. Redspeed93

    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    Microsoft is in fact still the most valuable company in the world. Their 1999-record 616 billion translates to 850 billion in 2012 usd, when considering inflation.
  18. Redspeed93

    Do you use desktop speakers or headset for gaming?

    I use both headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, and a 5.1 system, the Logitech Z5500, both hooked up to a Creative X-Fi Titanium.
  19. Redspeed93

    Point of View and TGT are Announcing POV/TGT GeForce GTX 680 UltraCharged

    The cards has been for sale in europe for over a week now, for 615-630 euros.
  20. Redspeed93

    Gtx 570 temp issues

    You could sure, but just remember you need to get something with a high static pressure(that's my experience anyway) because otherwise you won't be able to pull the hot air from the GPU out from the point furthest away from the fan. So if you get a gentle typhoon, get the ones with a bit higher...
  21. Redspeed93

    Gtx 570 temp issues

    Find a way to mount a fan on the back of your case (outside) pulling air out from the GPUs. This can be done with some long bolts/screws. I did this with my HAF X case, and my GTX 570 SOC SLI, and it lowered temps by 20 degrees celsius on the top card with full load, even though the top card...
  22. Redspeed93

    Codemasters To Focus On Racing Games

    And they kick of their new image by making a crap arcade game? Lol :banghead:
  23. Redspeed93

    Nox Xtreme Hummer Zero 3.0 Case Hitting Stores Next Week

    Me too! Btw, depending on where you live, the Nox Blaze X2 is also know as AZZA Fusion 4000. :)
  24. Redspeed93

    CyberpowerPC Announces Third Generation 'Fang III' Desktop PC Series

    The only real way to use that top compartment would be to fit both sides with mesh and put 2 rads up there... Kinda useless the way they use it!
  25. Redspeed93

    P8P67 pro: Using first and thrid PCIe slot

    Hey I was wondering if it would be possible to use only the 1st and 3rd PCIe slot on my ASUS motherboard, since I'd like to use 2 x ASUS Direct CU II 6950 2gb in CFX. The ASUS Direct CU II is a 3 slot card. First 2 PCIe slots run at x16 while the 3rd runs only at x4, and as a note to that...