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  1. rainwilds

    BIOSTAR Announces Hi-Fi H170S3H Motherboard

    Look, it's just not possible to get hi-fi sound from a motherboard. Period. Too much noise and not enough room for electronics.
  2. rainwilds

    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.7 WHQL Software

    I should add. Just played Dragon Age: Inquisition and with dual 7970s I was getting a nice 50fps at 2560x1600. And it renders really nice like the native res.
  3. rainwilds

    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.7 WHQL Software

    I have the virtual super resolution working with my crossfired 7970s. Worked first time. I am running my U2410 at 2560x1600 and I have to say it's amazing! Really quite sharp too!
  4. rainwilds

    Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM Monitor Leaked

    Nice, but I would love to see a revision of the p-ips U2711.
  5. rainwilds

    Dell Updates as Industry-leading Supplier of Displays Portfolio

    No U2711 update yet?
  6. rainwilds

    Microsoft Announces Surface: New Family of PCs for Windows

    Very nice. I have been waiting for a tablet with keyboard like interface with Windows 8. Very cool indeed.
  7. rainwilds

    VIZIO Thin+Light Series Premium PCs Launched

    That could be a winner. Someone other than Sony needed to replicate the success of Apple.
  8. rainwilds

    Pioneer Introduces Its Most Powerful Internal BDXL/BD/DVD/CD Recordable Drive

    I can't find a drive that suits the metal front of the Corsair 650D. And this new drive still doesn't help. :(
  9. rainwilds

    ASUS Introduces the PA248Q ProArt Professional LCD Display

    Now that is hot! Have been waiting for this upgrade! Hopefully the price is reasonable.
  10. rainwilds

    1366 x 768 Most Popular Screen Resolution, Overtakes 1024 x 768: StatCounter

    Finally web designers can start making sites a little wider than the 1000px default.
  11. rainwilds

    Announcing New Team S112 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    This is the one I've been waiting for!
  12. rainwilds

    Corsair Obsidian 650D

    I haven't taken the risk and went and got some DEMCi Flex filters.
  13. rainwilds

    Corsair Obsidian 650D

    Corsair has recently released a solid case side for those who don't like the window; i do. :)
  14. rainwilds

    MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition 3 GB

    There were some good articles on HardOCP a little while ago about this. Most people know that the memory is not accumulative; two 1.5GB SLI is still going to be 1.5GB. With present games there is not a big difference between running 1.5GB cards in SLI compared to 2GB radeons in Xfire, or even...
  15. rainwilds

    ASUS MARS II Graphics Card Pictured

    Exactly what i reckon. Save the cash (if you have it) and crossfire two upcoming 7000 series radeons!
  16. rainwilds

    ASUS MARS II Graphics Card Pictured

    Yeah odd. Maybe because it overclocks like a 580 not a 590.
  17. rainwilds

    MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition 3 GB

    That's a good point. You'll never use 3GB on a resolution this card can handle like 1920x1080. Run it on a 2560x1440 res and the 3GB would be handy but you'll begin to suffer FPS lag. Don't really see the point of this card.
  18. rainwilds

    MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition 3 GB

    Was considering getting two lightning cards a while back but cannot afford them at this stage. I'm going to hold off for the 7000 radeon series which should start to arrive end of this year. Don't think there's a point buying two high end cards when we are only six-months away from a new series...
  19. rainwilds

    Scythe Announces Kama Panel 3

    Well that would be a poor assumption. I have my case on my desk and would benefit greatly with front USB 3 not top as is current.
  20. rainwilds

    Scythe Announces Kama Panel 3

    Nice but really lacking USB 3! Also I wonder if the SD card reader supports all classes including the Ultra High Speed 1 cards?
  21. rainwilds

    Fractal Design Arc Midi Tower

    Hi all, First post here. I have been waiting for this case for a long time! Great to see techPowerUp review it. One big question I have though is this: Will the case fit two 6970s in crossfire? It looks like you would have to remove the middle HDD cage to fit the top video card, but then...