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    TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce Sweepstakes

    Works for me! Cheers! :toast:
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    NVIDIA to Bundle Metro: Last Light with GeForce GTX 660 and Above

    Depends on the girl :toast:
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    ASUS Readies GeForce GTX 660 Dragon Edition Graphics Card

    Where's the dragon?
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    MSI Unveils FM2-A75MA-P33 Motherboard

    It's sad how budget AMD matx boards get so many SATA ports (6 in this case) while budget matx Intel boards typically only come with 4. :(
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    Rosewill Unveils the Armor Evolution Mid-Tower Case

    Deym. I like it.
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    Antec Slips In X1 Gaming Chassis

    Dat front panel :banghead:
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    Gigabyte Rolls Out the GZ-F2 and GZ-F5 Series Entry-level Cases

    These cases have already existed a long time ago in some of the developing markets, hence the old design. They've actually stopped selling them here, so I'm quite surprised at this article...
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    Presenting NextPowerUp

    Front page seems to have taken a page from The Verge, without the crazy color schemes. It also introduces to the reader a little information overload on the front page, though that would depend on the reader if he/she would prefer that or something else. Anyways, good job TPU! Huge potential...
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    Why does youtube sound better then my Winamp?

    Or maybe there's something you accidentally tinkered with your winamp like the EQ or gain
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    HIS Radeon HD 7750 IceQ X Turbo 1024M

    Page 3, I think you meant double mini-DP and not double mini-DVI? :) Cheers, great review Edit: typo
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    ChannelPro Tosses Elric Phares Out of Motherboards.org

    Well 20 years of service and getting screwed as a reward blows. Hope Channel Pro get what they deserve.
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    Sony PlayStation 4 "Orbis" Kits Shipping to Developers, Powered by AMD A10 APU

    298 posts and yet no intel fanboys bashing the amd article. Go TPU! :toast: I have a bad feeling about using hybrid crossfire on a console though, even if they optimize it, that's still an extra piece of hardware that could cause problems.
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    ASUS Launches the RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 High-Power Router

    THOSE ANTENNAS. :rockout:
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    Gigabyte S1082 Windows 8 Tablet PC Unveiled

    Oh so you want a lesser and weaker tablet. I get your gimmick. LOL. Go play with your ARM toys then kiddo. "Who does that?" Looool.
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    AMD FX-8350 Overclocked to 8.176 GHz with 8 Cores Enabled

    I'm okay with you not being impressed, but am simply annoyed that you would call it "completely, totally and utterly pointless". Finding the limits of current tech is no mean feat, and without pushing the limits, how are you supposed to know if there has been any progress at all?
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    Corsair Entry Level Carbide 200R Chassis Starts Selling

    Good job Corsair! Wondering how they're going to do the 40$~50$ segment, if they are going to enter it in the first place. xD
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    Gigabyte S1082 Windows 8 Tablet PC Unveiled

    Errr, have you heard of the Surface Pro? The one running on x86? Tell me, how much RAM is in your desktop? :banghead:
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    I.m thinking about getting a corsair h80 but i already have a h70.

    From a value standpoint, not really a practical idea. Maybe the money can go to a new case? :)
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    Team Group Announces C117 Flash Drive

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    PNY Announces New Back-to-School USB Flash Drives

    Really like the bracelet
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    Main Use of Xbox 360 is Not Gaming: Microsoft

    You've obviously went through hell with these consoles, I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm pretty sure not everyone's had the same experience as you. Needless to say I do agree that the current gen is already bad for its intended purpose.
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    Main Use of Xbox 360 is Not Gaming: Microsoft

    So this sheds light onto what the next gen Xbox is turning into - the ultimate living room entertainment box. Can game, can stream, can rock the house! This certainly seems great for the populace, however not much for us gamers anymore :(
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Launched

    After seeing four articles about the 7970, I just have to say... They all friggin look the same !!! Can someone at least change a color or something??? XD
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    AMD Denies Hidden GCN CUs in Tahiti

    Chill dudes, he's just trolling lol
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    AMD Denies Hidden GCN CUs in Tahiti

    WTF are you saying? You need to get back to your bed ASAP