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    AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz - "Piledriver" for AMD Socket AM3+

    I am planning to build a new rig to replace my aging c2quad and my only problem from jumping into buying this chip is the power consumption needed to use it. I found out that my power consumption should be less than 500KW if I want to stay at my 13 cent per Kilowatt billing tier. If I go over...
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    AMD Socket FM2 APU Preview

    I know I might asking too much specially since testing is so time consuming... I just have a request if possible on the review. I was wondering if it would be possible to also have the trinity with a premium GPU like the 7970 or 680 as one of the tests with low quality and ultra settings...
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    Windows 8 'Irrelevant' For PC Users

    Ah I see :) thanks for the clarification.
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    Windows 8 'Irrelevant' For PC Users

    But isn't Windows 8 supposed to improve on multi-threading? Like it uses less physical cores because it distributes the threads by feeding it to the CPU more conservatively by laning it on a per core basis as opposed to just letting the CPU run the threads to any of its cores even if it only...
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    Your Paid For Windows 8 Metro Apps: Microsoft's Handy Big Brother Kill Switch

    As a hard pill it is to swallow, it can't be helped. people didn't care much about it when Apple did it and look how successful thay are doing in controlling their medium. It's one of those things where if people didn't support such ideas, it wouldn't be copied by others.
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    AMD Realizes That Bulldozer Has 800 Million LESS Transistors Than It Thought!

    Well it sure does suck electricity like a 2 Billion transistor CPU would.
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    How does PSU efficiency affect me and do I really need an 80 Plus Gold Power Supply?

    Also wanted to add that a good amount of Electric Providers also do their tiered billing, meaning their cost per kilowatt isn't a fixed, flat-rate but there is a premium added to people who use a lot of electricity. Like people who are using <100% of what is the allotted KW in a household will...
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    APU or Bulldozer for gaming?

    Seeing as you are planing on using your existing NVidia card, you should get a Bulldozer instead.