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    editing atitool config...

    HI PEOPLE i have a question whats the difference form using the default settings and using these setting will this make a bigg difference in detection
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    xp32 + ati tool + 8800gtx PLEASE HELP

    hi people ive just installed ati tool on xp home32 and i have the 169.04 drivers i try to scan for the max core but it doesnt seem to do anything but heat phase, why isnt it changing the clocks my temps are find
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    ATITool on Vista

    hi i have vista 64bit 169.01 nvidia drivers 8800gtx i want to get ati tool working just once so i can scan my new card to find out the max overclock i can get so i can use rivatuner to o/c it with out having to guess and mees my new card up, but i have tryed and im having no look...
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    Ati Tool

    hi people i have vista ultimate64bit and i want a app to scan my new bfg OC 8800gtx (600/1400/1800) for the maximum overclock it will take but im having problems, i have managed to get the app installed by using the F8 method were i disable the driver sign thing and i can boot the app but i get...