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    Ivy Bridge Overclocking Guide (Extreme LN2 Section Guide Included)

    Ivy Bridge/Z77 Overclocking Guide Ivy Bridge Overclocking is almost identical to Sandy Bridge overclocking in that it is basically a CPU which is meant to be overclocked through the multiplier and not the base clock (BCLK). Sandy Bridge overclocking brought a whole new level of simplicity to...
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    Z68X-UD7 Performance Review (in DEPTH, P67 v Z68, LLC report, and more)

    GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD7 Performance Review -Steven B. Here is a link to the video review for those of you who want a quick review. It was shot in my testing lab. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUtflL2ScJc After a long vacation I am back today to bring you guys the second part of my Z68X-UD7...
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    A75-UD4H Review + A3850 Review (Physical Analysis, Overclocking, Benchies, Video)

    A75-UD4H Review + A3850 Review (Physical Analysis, Overclocking, Benchies, Video) For those of you who are very short on time or just want a video review, I made one in my relentless quest to make the MOST in depth reviews ever!!! Its my first video review, so go easy on it...
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    Z68X-UD7 Review- Physical

    Z68X-UD7-B3 Review-Physical This is a quick physical review of GIGABYTE’s new flagship Z68 motherboard, I would like to state that Z68 offers a few advantages over its P67 and H67 counterparts. I have kind of changed up my review style here, offering more pictures and more descriptive...
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    X58A-OC Review- MOST in depth!

    X58A-OC Review- Physical Review (Layout, Packaging, VRM analysis, ICs Analysis, Initial Air Cooling Results) (After staring at this board for a few hours, as I do every board, I try to analyze what type of design this board is trying to model. I have a feeling this board is supposed to have...
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    Mushkin 2GB XP2-5300 3-3-3

    [page=Introduction & Packaging] Introduction I would like to thank Lee of Mushkin USA for these review samples. PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 CL 3-3-3 (CAS-TRCD-TRP) 2GB (1024MB x 2) Unbuffered Black Heat Spreader with new thermal tape Lifetime Warranty 2.1-2.3 Volts 240 Pin DIMM Elpida...
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    Google Desktop Search: The Feds Own Your Data

    "Google's new Desktop Search could prove to be the biggest government invasion of privacy of all time. The new tool lets you store your desktop data on Google servers. So when the feds come with a subpoena (or without one, as they frequently do), they'll be able to search through your PC's...
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    Swiftech MCX159-CU

    [page=Introduction & Packaging] Introduction I would like to thank Mike of CrazyPC for providing us with this review sample. Swiftech has always been known for the innovative cooling solutions. Today we will take a look at their 100% copper chipset cooler: the MCX159-CU. Its creative...
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    Highspeed PC Tech Station Large

    [page=Introduction] Introduction Thanks to HighspeedPC providing us with this review sample. HSPC is best known for their Tech Station series. The TechStations come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be custom built to your needs such as if you have a phase change cooling unit...
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    Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse

    [page=Introduction & Packaging] Introduction First off I would like to thank Nick and Mike of CrazyPC for providing us with this review sample. When we hear Razer, the first thing we think of is mice. High performance gaming mice made by gamers for gamers is what they do and they are...
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    Mushkin Redline XP4000 2GB

    [page=Introduction & Packaging] Introduction I would like to thank Lee of Mushkin for providing us with the review sample. From the Manufacturer: Package : 2048 MB kit (2x1024MB) dual channel pack IC Spec : Infineon HYB25D512800CE-6 CAS Latency : 3-3-2-8 (PC4000) Test Voltage ...
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    New RAM HS from OCZ

    "The unique design used in the XTC heatspreaders optimizes the thermal management of memory modules by promoting greater airflow by means of micro-convection throughout what is usually the dead air space inside conventional heatspreader designs. In this manner, build-up of heat is avoided and...
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    GeForce Go 7300

    "We have just learned that ASUS have jumped the gun on the launch of GeForce Go 7300, which we are expecting to happen later this week, by announcing two new series for the company's A6 line of notebook computers." Looks liek laptops will also get some nice graphic processing power. X-Bit
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    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast this week

    "Our current plan is to release Half-Life 2: Lost Coast next week (week commencing Monday 24th October -Ed). Lost Coast is a free level for everyone who owns Half-Life 2, and serves as an HDR technology demo based in an unreleased section of the "Highway 17" chapter of Half-Life 2." Bit-Tech
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    PC P&C 1000W Is Now Available!

    Some nice looking rails: +5V @ 30A +12V1 @ 16A +12V2 @ 16A +12V3@ 36A +12V1,V2,V3 = 66A (70A pk.) -12V @ 0.8A +3.3V @ 30A +5VSB @ 3.3A continuous = 1000W peak = 1100W with 1% regulation on the 12, 5, and 3.3v rails. PC P&C
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    GeForce 7800GS is a fact, not a rumor

    Seems that some hidden driver info shows a 7800GS "Some of you may doubt our sources, so to clear it up and to prove the reliability of our sources; we decided to post more details about this subject. NVIDIA stores a lot of information inside their drivers. Some of it can be found in their...
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    Yonah Will NOT Work with existing 478/479 motherboards

    Many had thought that the new Yonah 65nm Dothan sucessors would still work on their 478 and 479 motherboard setups, because it is a 478 pin chip. "But it will also use an electrically incompatible 479/478 pin socket" anandtech.com
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    Our Printers are Telling on US

    It seems that on some printers print special dots that can reveal information of the Print as well as time and date, they are only visible with a blue light and magnifing glass. Chronical
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    R580 to have a fPGA socket

    "However even with a dedicated socket, graphic card memory would still need to be soldered onto the board. The narrow tolerances of GPU memory would not allow for a DIMM-like solution. ATI's newest R520 GPU already advertises support for a wide range of memory products, including memory that has...
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    Zalman CNPS 9500 LED

    [page=Introduction & Packaging] Introduction I would like to thank Eric of Zalman USA for providing us with this review sample. Zalman has brought many revolutionary cooling accessories to the market over the years, ranging from fanless watercooling to all-copper CPU/GPU coolers. They...
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    7800 Ultra!

    Nvidia has told partners at a recent conference in Amsterdam that it won't be dropping its prices on 7800 series boards before Christmas. It also told them to expect a 7800 'Ultra' with 512MB, very soon. The Inquirer reports that the man in charge of GPU sales at Nvidia, Roy Taylor, gave a...
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    Windows Vista's audixiliary display feature video

    Windows Vista's auxiliary display feature video Some Microsoft Engineers made this video as a PR skit showing their new auxiliary display feature in Windows Vista. Source
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    Intel Double Core Presler

    Tom's Hardware has just posted a review on the 65nm Double Core Presler, that right people double core, not dual core. It seems to fiar well against the Dual Core CPUs of today. THG
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    Redline Discontinued, as well as All CH-UTT

    Mushkin Tech. Support over at XS has just said that they will no longer be selling anymore. "Just a heads up to future buyers and current owners: our high clocking CH type UTT is no longer available. Infineon has been scaling back since June and now the chips are all but extinct. No...
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    Dual-Core Xeons

    Intel has unwraps dual-core Xeon, its said to be 50% faster, but it seems that it'll cost 40% more than current xeons. "The Dual-Core Xeon 2.8 GHz uses 2MB of Level 2 cache memory per core. From an architectural standpoint, it is very similar to the dual-core Pentium D processor unveiled...