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  1. Ser-J

    Colorful Unveils Feature Preview of its iGame200 Motherboards

    the irony, colorless mobo made by colorful company
  2. Ser-J

    Razer Releases the Turret Lapboard and Mouse Combo

    I can see this working for my media center PC
  3. Ser-J

    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    Seems like font on Firefox is sharper then Chrome, otherwise looks great!
  4. Ser-J

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Cancelled

    To me this was the biggest upsetting gaming news of all time :shadedshu The ZONE will be missed!
  5. Ser-J

    ASUS Radeon HD 6950 CrossFire

    That is some amazing crossfire scaling, almost perfect!
  6. Ser-J

    RunCore Readies 1 TB 3.5'' SATA SSD

    i wish Santa would get that for me on Christmas, but my Santa is broke...
  7. Ser-J

    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    I love visiting TPU, cause rocks when it comes to pc products and news, gotta love reviews as well!
  8. Ser-J

    Gigabyte Decks Up Taiwanese Airport with Art Piece Made of Hundreds of Motherboards

    ...it would have been much better if they actually had CPUs Ram and heatsinks installed on all these mobos....
  9. Ser-J

    Corsair Voted Best PSU and Best Memory Manufacturer 2010

    Love their ram, love fair PSU, Corsair FTFW!
  10. Ser-J

    Noctua Presents NH-C14 Premium Cooler

    Looks like this design should do a good job at cooling in general, since it will get that extra heat away from mobo being its bottom fan sitting so close to it
  11. Ser-J

    Cooler Master Also Intros NVIDIA Edition of CM 690 II Advanced

    It looks ok, if you like green
  12. Ser-J

    AMD Cypress Graphics Accelerator Pictured

    Whoever says its going to be faster then 4870x2 is crazy
  13. Ser-J

    Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Release Candidate Will Launch on April 10 2009

    Don't want to sound repetitive, but once again, at where vista is at right now, we are totally fine. Vista improved dramatically and people are finally giving up their lovely XP, that they have been using for some time. I wish Microsoft took more time and made sure W7 is not just a polished out...
  14. Ser-J

    WoW: Wrath of the Lich King in Stores November 13

    ......................sign of addiction
  15. Ser-J

    Blizzard Intros WoW Authenticator Device to Counter Account Misuse

    Lots of n00Bs will buy this, which is more money for Blizz. I'm 3 month Warcrack free and loving it. One of the most addicting games of this age. BE CAREFUL!
  16. Ser-J

    Force3D Ushers Forth HD 4870 SKU Specifications

    Hell yeah, its back! Never been a fanboy of ATi or Nvidia, but somehow I'm really happy for ATi! Seems like this just might be their comeback!!!:toast:
  17. Ser-J

    AMD launches Radeon HD 48xx Series Today

    Nice, hopefully there is going to be no delays there, i really need to upgrade my GPU, want to go CF this time.
  18. Ser-J

    AMD launches Radeon HD 48xx Series Today

    So far ATi has made my day, benches look good so far, and the price is right!!!! When exactly is 4870's coming out???
  19. Ser-J

    NZXT Khaos Full Tower Gaming Chassis Unveiled

    Antec 1200 is much better IMO, and it also has that nice black finish inside the case.
  20. Ser-J

    ASUS ROG Maximus II Formula Intel P45 Motherboard Announced

    Asus FTW, I've been pretty happy with their boards lately. I don't think overclocking wise there is going to be too much of a difference then the previous ones tho.
  21. Ser-J

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Available for Pre-order in Europe

    Don't wana be off topic either, but hey thanks!
  22. Ser-J

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Available for Pre-order in Europe

    Pretty sure it will be less then $900, unless of course if it performs better them Michael Jackson.
  23. Ser-J

    Netflix Drops HD DVD

    Blu-Ray FTW
  24. Ser-J

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Benchmarked

    I was just about to say that