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  1. Thrackan

    Roccat Announces Sova Gaming Keyboard

    My couch is a rental. Can I own it?
  2. Thrackan

    Addonics Announces the M.2, SSD, HDD Duplicator Family

    Seriously... You can make a very good dedicated HDD-copy system for less than that money.
  3. Thrackan

    Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium Limited Edition Unveiled

    Level 10 was a dazzling concept when it was first introduced. It was also said to be an exclusive, limited, one-time thing. Nowadays it is old. Who still uses 5,25" drives? And four of them? And the design is really not that exclusive anymore. Thermaltake, stop it. Make something new.
  4. Thrackan

    Fusion-io Announces the Atomic Series Flash Memory Accelerators

    Nice marketing talk, but nothing about how it works...
  5. Thrackan

    MAINGEAR Launches the TORQ Small Form Factor PC

    Why is the most clunky thing of all. the 5,25" drive, always on top in these kinds of cases?
  6. Thrackan

    Phanteks Shows off PH-TC14S and PH-TC14LS Slim CPU Coolers

    I was wondering more why they didn't just plug the damn thing in...
  7. Thrackan

    In Win Unveils S-Frame, Unique Single-piece Chassis

    I'd love to see it with hardware.
  8. Thrackan

    Galaxy Ties Up with DarbeeVision

    "Sharpen" does not equal "make something look better". This is as ridiculous as flatscreen TV's color settings being completely off the chart just to make it look more appealing in the showroom. Only to come home and find out everyone's forehead looks white and green is blue.
  9. Thrackan

    MSI Gaming All-in-One PCs Launch in the US

    The stand on pic 2 is different from the one on pic 3...
  10. Thrackan

    Pioneer Develops 256 GB Blu-ray Disc

    Dear millions of movies and games, you are dead.
  11. Thrackan

    Pioneer Develops 256 GB Blu-ray Disc

    Opticals have been dead since the post-DVD era. They are just too slow. For archiving purposes tapes are also continuously growing larger, and tapes are better in so many ways.
  12. Thrackan

    Linksys Starts Shipping the WRT1900AC Router

    Actually OpenWRT was not the distro that brought cult status to the WRT54G. DD-WRT is responsible for that. Pity Linksys didn't pair up with the right group.
  13. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Is there any way I can see if my rom is running ART or Dalvik?
  14. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    My wife currently uses a Droid 4, and besides the dated hardware and the locked bootloader it's a pretty good device (once you install CM). Before that she had a Desire Z, which was wonderful for its time, and a Milestone (Droid 1 European version). Sliders used to be my fav too back in the...
  15. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    I'm more worried about never getting a Droid 5, or any full QWERTY slider with half decent specs. Dat LG F3Q is teh sux.
  16. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Actually found it: http://investor.google.com/releases/2014/0129.html
  17. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Got a source?
  18. Thrackan

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    I came early...
  19. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Depends whether it is a direct link to Youtube or some Facebook link that ultimately points to Youtube.
  20. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Actually the 4.4.1 update fixed the battery drain problems. Lost 25% in ~16 hours approx, whereas in 4.4 16 hours would mean I needed to recharge. Just sideloaded 4.4.2 :D I love being back in the update loop!
  21. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Gotta love Nexus devices. Just sideloaded 4.4.2, no probs :)
  22. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    My point exactly :)
  23. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Ugh, I like my new Nexus 4, but the battery is pretty lame. Either way, I can live with that, but I noticed 4.4 is quite unstable at some points. I tried transferring all my pics and movies onto the internal mem using my laptop, but it took me 7-8 tries until everything was copied. The media...
  24. Thrackan

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Woohoo! Bought a "defective" Nexus 4 that turns out to be working just fine :D Currently on build KRT16O, somehow no update to S available... Oh well, finally back on the latest versions :)
  25. Thrackan

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    It's shamazing! now buy it and tell me if I was lying :D