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    Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock Premium 11 GB

    actually this design might actually work reasonably well if the damn fans weren't contra-rotating. If they were serious about the whole jet turbine principle, they gotta chuck the fans in series to get more static pressure at double the noise output, they then compensate by having a denser fin...
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    AMD Radeon Vega GPU Architecture

    Not really, even on a monolithic chip, simply doubling the resources rarely results in a perfect doubling of performance. Just look at the 1060 vs the 1080. Once you normalize the clockspeed gap, you will find the 1080 lags behind dual 1060s (i'm talking theoretical doubling not SLI). There are...
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    Zalman Files for Bankruptcy for Major Financial Fraud by Parent Company

    I'm particularly interested who gets to scoop up Zalman's patents. IIRC they have a patent on heatpipe cooling for PSUs so it'll be interesting to see if it becomes public domain or if someone like Corsair/EVGA/Seasonic picks it up.
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    NVIDIA Sacrifices VESA Adaptive Sync Tech to Rake in G-SYNC Royalties

    Utterly stupid move by NVIDIA if it proves to be true. History has not been kind to proprietary technology, NVIDIA does not want it's competitors to unite over a common standard lest it becomes marginalized by the LCD manufacturers.
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    Even More GeForce GTX 980 and GM204 Specs Tumble Out

    According to Anandtech, NVIDIA designed the Maxwell SMM (128 cores) to deliver 90% of the Kepler SMX (192 cores) performance at a much greater energy efficiency. From this, the Kepler SMX has 50% more cores, thus we can safely say that the Maxwell SMM (i.e. 128 Maxwell cores) delivers 40% more...
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    AMD "Tonga" GPU Arrives This August

    This thing is identical to a bog standard 7970/280x in almost every metric except memory bandwidth and power consumption. The loss of memory bandwidth (maybe not actual memory capacity as the 256bit bus will allow 4gb ala Hawaii) will deeply impact high resolution and heavy MSAA/SSAA...
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    Zalman ZM-DF12 Smart Fans Begin Selling

    I sometimes wonder this as well. 38mm thickness or even 50mm thick fans would also allow the usage of higher torque motors which would allow better static pressures.
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    EVGA Releases the SuperNOVA 1200 P2 Power Supply

    Would love to buy a plain unbranded Super FLower or Delta design by itself but they don't seem to be common.
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    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GT 730

    Funny thing is, 4Gb of DDR2 RAM on a 256 bit bus would actually yield more bandwidth than this current trainwreck design. Sigh, people who design these low end cards really have no concept of "adequate memory bandwidth" My GT 650m on my laptop (i.e. the GT640) with GDDR3 is slower than a sloth...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 to Launch This Q4

    That's what I thought too, until I got 2 AMD 290s. Its the first time I've actually ever heard my 1000W's fan, and it was really really loud....so much for SilentPro.
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    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GT 730

    I don't believe it, they actually made a card that is slower than the legendary GT 640 Gosh, if NVIDIA wanted to troll us, they could at least make it entertaining with some specs like a 256 bit memory bus with 4gb DDR2