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  1. AboAl3meer KG21

    HIS Radeon HD 6970 2048 MB

    ill go with the gtx580 :rockout: its gona be my next card for sure
  2. AboAl3meer KG21

    Gigabyte Intros New Value Micro-ATX Case

    hmmmmm thats interesting
  3. AboAl3meer KG21

    HD 5870 CF +...PhysX card?

    now that is wasting money for nothing ...come on man why do you need physX card when you have 5870????
  4. AboAl3meer KG21

    DX11 Games "Thread"

    it's only matter of time till the Dx11 games arrive ,I think the first game with Dx11 is Bad Company 2
  5. AboAl3meer KG21

    The Hardest Game You Have Played??

    Resident Evil 3 On PS1(I was 10 years old)So Many Puzzles In It And STAR Was freaking me out
  6. AboAl3meer KG21

    U.S. Airways Smashes Xbox 360 for Security Reasons

    Dame ..Airport's make me sick with all That searching stuff:shadedshu
  7. AboAl3meer KG21

    System died, Any ideas what to get?

    Why Not AMD Man Seriously MB. Gigabyte 790FXTA CPU. AMD PHenomII x4 955 GPU. ATI Sapphire HD 5770 or 5870
  8. AboAl3meer KG21

    help with gpu

    no man its not GPU Problem 1-Try To Reset the BIOS if Still The Same 2-Format Your PC and try To install deferent version of windows 7
  9. AboAl3meer KG21

    2333MHz Corsair Dominator GTX Confirmed as World’s Fastest Intel XMP-certified Memory

    :laugh: yea probably 280$-380$ But The Heatsink Worth It:laugh:
  10. AboAl3meer KG21

    Nvidia Vs ATI

    no man i need to change It Im Getting Sick of it:shadedshu and the GTX285 Lock Great To Me And My CPU is SO Slow so Ineed NEW One
  11. AboAl3meer KG21

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    dame the PhenomIIx4 955 3.2 Is Amazing im gona buy it for sure
  12. AboAl3meer KG21

    GPU question...

    the 4850x2 for sure but if i was u im gona take the EVGA GTX285 FTW Only 390$ On Newegg.com
  13. AboAl3meer KG21

    Aliens vs. Predator

    Lock Like Doom 3 To me But I like it
  14. AboAl3meer KG21

    Nvidia Vs ATI

    iknow that thanks But Im building new PC Check this out M.Bord - gigabyt GA-MA 790x GPU - EVGA GTX285 Or My be Sapphire HD 4870x2 CPU - AMD PhenomIIx4 955 3.2 RAM - 4x2G DDR2 Bus 800 Kingstone How Is That For now
  15. AboAl3meer KG21

    akai 2000xl motherboard plzz help

    man throw him in the dirt and buy new one:laugh:
  16. AboAl3meer KG21

    Nvidia Vs ATI

    ok what about 2x4870x2 crosfire and 2xGTX285 crosfire too which is the best one
  17. AboAl3meer KG21

    Nvidia Vs ATI

    So U Mean The GTX 295 Is The Fastest GPU In The World...HmmM Interesting
  18. AboAl3meer KG21

    XFX to Enter Power Supply Market with 850 W Black Edition

    Dame Hot Cant Wait To Buy It But I Think He's So expensive So Im Not Gona Buy It
  19. AboAl3meer KG21

    Nvidia Vs ATI

    Sub People I have Many Things In My Mind about GPU'S one of that many thing is Who is the faster GPU So Im Asking u now NVIDIA GTX295 VS ATI 4870X2 NVIDIA GTX285 VS ATI 4890 NVIDIA GTX275 VS ATI 4870 NVIDIA GTX260 VS ATI 4850 AND NVIDIA GTX285...
  20. AboAl3meer KG21

    4870 1gb or gtx 260 216?

    The GTX260 Faster And Cheaper So Go For It
  21. AboAl3meer KG21

    Board for Phenom II and 9600-9950

    Second one cuz this one support PhenomII And The Maximum Memory Supported 16G
  22. AboAl3meer KG21

    I need a great graphics card

    Ill Go with My master hayder.master u should buy the 4870 or the GTX260 cuz they are fast card in good price so go for it
  23. AboAl3meer KG21

    Board for Phenom II and 9600-9950

    GIGABYTE GA-MA790X Only 110$ and Amazing Motherboard
  24. AboAl3meer KG21

    ghost mouse

    dame master this mouse is Amazing ....man!!! :rockout: