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    AMD "Tonga" GPU Arrives This August

    I don't think the 280 has 250W TDP
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    AMD Unveils A10-7800 Quad-core Socket FM2+ APU

    so confused such conspiracy many wows
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    At 4K resolution, do we still need AA?

    I've read a few research papers on this before. At 4K, AA is still relevant but not necessary. At 8K, it's not needed for the most part unless you have better than 20/20 eyes. At the end of the day, I guess it's how close you sit and the size of your screen. But seriously, who buys a bigger...
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    AMD rig upgrades?

    There's not much difference in performance between an 8150 vs 8350. You will see a difference between a 7970 vs R290x in high end games at the highest settings. If you're going for 4k gaming, i would wait for the next gen cards. Your current setup should play any game out there with high to...
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    I am not even sure what i want :) Ultraportable device

    If you're looking into the Yoga, The Surface 3 should be on your list as well ( if it's available). The Surface comes with an SSD. I don't know about the Yoga2 but I know my friend's Yoga fell apart pretty easy and it's kind of buggy in general. I liked the Yoga2 that's in store demos but I...
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    Three New Electronic Arts Games to Support AMD's Mantle

    It's a game meant for most systems including low end systems. Low end systems are where Mantle have the highest benefits.
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    Worldwide PC Monitor Market Declines in Q1 2014, According to IDC

    it's because laptops sell better than desktops
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    ROCCAT Ships the Kone Pure Military Mouse and Sense Military Mousepad

    Lol there's no such thing as a military mouse pad. Why does all the nerd gears keep pumping the military crap.
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    AMD Announces Extension of Tender Offer for Its 8.125% Notes

    Check their latest 8K filing. AMD just issued 7.00% $500M notes due 2024. This replaced the the $500M 2017 8.125% note they just pulled back. They offered people above market(extra 2%) to pull it back. Sure that's more money. The thing is that 7% interest is substantially lower and it is for...
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    Graphics Card Shipments to Drop Drastically in Q2 2014

    In Q1, AMD had a ridiculous rise in GPU sales due to crypto mining. They're just losing that extra demand. I think the only troll here is you.
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    AMD Announces Extension of Tender Offer for Its 8.125% Notes

    No, actually they are going to push that debt with another note out to 2019 or beyond. If you look through all their refinancing in the past 6 months, it's been the same pattern. They are refinancing with lower interest rates and delaying debt. Basically, reducing interest expense while...
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    EIZO Introduces FORIS FS2434 Gaming Monitor with 6 mm Ultra-Slim Frame

    No, not everyone. I know plenty of people that uses headphones for gaming and monitor speakers for general use. You can't have a speaker system when you live in tight urban areas or sharing rooms.
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    Sniper Elite III Added to AMD Never Settle Forever

    Are you guys really complaining about free games? Of course you may already have the games they bundle since people tend to buy the games they want. But those that doesn't have a decent gaming machine probably doesn't have them. They are the ones likely to purchase a new video card.
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    Intel Gains, Nvidia Flat, and AMD Loses Graphics Market Share in Q1

    I hope you realize that Most laptops are Intel CPUs. Of those, most do not come with discrete graphics. Conclusively, you can say most Intel graphics are utilized to their full extent. That doesn't mean Intel's graphics is worth anything.
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    Toshiba Unveils New 4K Ultra HD Laptop

    This is pretty close to making me ditch my Macbook Pro 15 retina
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    Eurocom Equips M4 with Core i7-4940MX, GeForce GTX 880M, 3200x1800 Display

    So you're supposed to pay all that money just to upscale 900p? That sounds like a waste of money to me. Why didn't they just stick with a 1080p screen. Probably eat less energy and brighter too.
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce 337.50 Beta Later Today

    Extremetech summed it up. http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/180088-nvidias-questionable-geforce-337-50-driver-or-why-you-shouldnt-trust-manufacturer-provided-numbers the "up to" is all you need to know. For example, SLI systems gained 71% on Total War Rome II because SLI never worked before in...
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    Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Supports AMD Mantle

    No kidding. If you still don't get it, now you can run high end GCN GPU on low end CPUs. Civilization has always been CPU intensive. We need all the processing we can get out of the CPU. The last thing we need is a massive overhead just for the graphics. BTW, I welcome Mantle regardless of...
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    Corsair Releases Black Aluminum Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

    I have a K90 Anyone wants to trade with me lol
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce 337.50 Beta Later Today

    I think this is just the usual selective NVIDIA slides again. If a game gained 60+% from a driver update, then it either means you were selective on how you tested it or it was broken before.
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    KINGMAX Introduces the PRO Extreme SDXC/SDHC Memory Cards

    Unless they're selling the 64GB for $30, what is the point of this. Sandisk, Transcend, Lexar, Komputerbay, etc.. already exceed this speed. The Trascend 64GB card are sold at $42 and it writes faster....much faster.
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    Razer Launches First Keyboard Mechanical Switch Designed for Gaming

    Staying away from this brand. Their death adder mouse is horrible. I bought the "ergonomic" edition and it wasn't ergonomic at all. It was extremely light and felt flimsy. The right click button has some alignment issues that caused some sharp edges to stick out. Then it has some clicking...
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    SanDisk Announces World's Fastest SD Card

    Unless you have a defect, which is rare, SD cards seems to last years without failing for me. Me too, but I don't think the RX100 support this kind of speed. BTH, getting half that speed should be good enough for bursts for several seconds. This is unless you want continuous burst speed at...
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    Sony to Sell VAIO Brand, PC Division

    In the past, I've bought nothing but Sony because I was a windows fan due to its software library and compatibility. I bought nothing but VAIO because it was the best even though it was ultra expensive. However, compared to macbooks, VAIO brand have fallen behind since 2010 in quality...
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    Industry will Ship 2 Million Ultra HD Monitors in 2014: NPD DisplaySearch

    I guess they estimated there will be 2M early adopters with deep pockets. Or maybe most of this will go to businesses for their display panels. I just can't see 2M gamers or home users buying this. The only good thing about 4k resolution right now is reading and desktop space. I can see it...