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    [WTB][US] [CAN] A10-7870+Mobo+Ram or Intel Equivalent

    As stated, I'm looking for an upgrade for my mom on the cheap, either AMD or INTEL AIO solution. LMK what you got and we can work something out. Post or IM works either way. Thanx
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    BenQ XL2730Z 27-inch AMD FreeSync Monitor to Launch Next Week

    From the reviews so far on this monitor it equals anything an IPS panel can do as far as colours are concerned. Just an awsome monitor tbh, but that price is ridiculous.
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    Avexir Unveils RAIDEN Series High-end DDR3 Memory with Lightning Tubes

    Lightning tubes? Really? All the 13 year olds will be lining up for these no doubt.
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    [US] Zotac GTX780Ti $619.99 after Promo

    A GTX 780 is old? Damn, I'm still rocking a GTX580 lol
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    [US] Zotac GTX780Ti $619.99 after Promo

    Let me post it again, just in case you missed it !! It's not a 780Ti but a 780 nonetheless !! http://products.ncix.com/detail/zotac-geforce-gtx-780-oc-941mhz-3gb-6-0ghz-gddr5-2xdvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-video-card-b7-92730.htm
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    [US] Zotac GTX780Ti $619.99 after Promo

    Perhaps this is more to your liking? http://products.ncix.com/detail/zotac-geforce-gtx-780-oc-941mhz-3gb-6-0ghz-gddr5-2xdvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-video-card-b7-92730.htm
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    TechPowerUp and MSI Present Facebook Giveaway

    Yay, nothing like giving away crap you can't sell!!:shadedshu