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    MSI Launches Optix Mag Series Gaming Monitors

    I don't quite understand why there are not more 4K monitors on the market. It seems the monitors are stuck in neutral and not pushing the technology forward. I've had a 42"4K monitor for 2 years now running 60Hz, first on a 780Ti (reduced eye candy) and recently on a 1080Ti (ultra eye candy)...
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    X2's Family of Pirates Just Got Bigger

    I just bought the DIYpc Vanguard from the egg for $70, same as this one. I'm pretty happy with it overall, sturdy construction, etc. I was planning on paying $200+ for a case, but these cheaper ones are really good overall and yes, as long as the skeleton is thick enough.
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    Cooler Master Announces MasterLiquid ML120L and ML240L RGB with Splitters

    Those fans actually have good specs. Airflow (CFM) 59 Air Pressure (mmH2O) 2.1 Fan Speed (RPM) 650 ~ 2,000 ± 10% They are 6db louder than the EK Vadar F3-120, which tops out at 1850 rpm So, these fans take +150RPM over the Vadar to get around the same cooling and static pressure which isn't...
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    CRYORIG Updates QF120 System Fans with LED Variants

    Yeah, no kidding. I'm not a huge fan of RGB, but if I were to ship an updated fan, I'd do RGB over White LED. You can find a LOT of single color fans on Newegg/Amazon which have been sold for many years now. Maybe they are adding RGB soon.
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    Corsair ML120 PRO RGB Fan

    Hello, Thank you for the review, very much appreciated as many sites don't provide fan reviews. Would it make sense to add the EVGA FX 120mm fan? Yes, the RPM goes up to 2400, but even at 1500 it has decent CFM and static pressure, which would be nice to add to the testing.
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    Corsair LL120 RGB Fan

    Thank you for providing this review. I'm currently trying to decide on Corsair HD120 to replace the DIYPC Vanguard case fans in a pull scenario on a 360 rad in the front and like the static pressure, which is around 2.0 and close to the EK ones (static pressure 2.2), but Holy Cow, the EK Vadar...
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    ASUS Confirms Z270 Platform Could be Compatible with Intel Coffee Lake CPUs

    Hi InVasMani: I have a large 4K monitor which I game on and have a 1080Ti and i7 4770. I was thinking of going 8700K, but am also looking at AMD to tie me over until Icy Lake. You mentioned that AMD works better for 4K gaming which is intriguing to me because of cheaper cost and most...
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    Core i7-8700K Reviewed by Lab501

    I also have a 4770K and am considering the 8700K as an upgrade. Some folks may not think this is a great upgrade, but I think it will be worth it.
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    Retail Core i7-8700K Surfaces on Geekbench Database

    I think it is running 4.3Ghz I do play some RTS games which are CPU intensive, so I'll use the extra cores, I think, but main purpose is to give the 1080Ti additional help.
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    GIGABYTE Aorus Z370 Motherboard Series Pictured

    I have an Aorus 1080Ti card and like it a lot, so I like the brand, but their web site forums are dead, full of spam and they seem to be launching products under this brand like crazy. I'm interested in this board, but worried that they are not behind their products 100%
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    Retail Core i7-8700K Surfaces on Geekbench Database

    I have an i7 4770K. Will the 8700K be a good upgrade? I game on my PC, mostly FPS shooters, so I'm not encoding or doing anything like that. With that said, I have a 1080Ti and would like to squeeze extra FPS out of it and feel the bottleneck right now is CPU as I also have a current SSD...
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    Intel Compute Stick Now Available

    Nice hijacking of the thread with a bunch of bing related nonsense. The real question is what are the practical uses for this product?
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    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 770 Gaming 4 GB Graphics Card

    I'll wait then and see what AMD comes out with since this build is all about BF4, thanks erocker.
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    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 770 Gaming 4 GB Graphics Card

    I'm looking for a new card to drive my 27" 1440P monitor, which is over clocked at 110hertz. Current card is an AMD HD 6970, 2GB ram. CPU is overclocked i5 2500, win7 64, ssd drives, 12GB ram. Games I'm building for is Battlefield 4.
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    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 770 Gaming 4 GB Graphics Card

    Two better than one 780? Would two of these be better than a single 780?
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Release Date Surfaces

    Or would two 770 4GB in SLI be better? This card or two of the 4GB 770?
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Release Date Surfaces

    Is this the one to get? I have an AMD HD 6900 series card and am looking to move up to drive my 1440P monitor, which is overclocked and stable at 110Hertz. Is this card the one to get when it comes out, or wait until later this year for price breaks?