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  1. droopyRO

    Metro Exodus Officially Launches in Autumn 2018

    I like both Stalker and Metro series in their own way. This has the potential to merge the two in terms of gameplay.
  2. droopyRO

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    If that thing were to be build in my country by our government , the universe would be over before the device would be ready.
  3. droopyRO

    1080 video glitch

    Disable hardware acceleration from browser.
  4. droopyRO

    Philips Launches the 356M6QJAB/11 1080p, 35" FreeSync Monitor With Ambiglow Tech

    I have trouble running games like ArmA 3 or TW Warhammer at a constant 60 fps at 1440p. 1080p is a far better alternative from the price/performance point. 1440p and 4k/5k/8k etc. are what i call "work" resolutions, not intended for playing games or watching YT/DVDs but for productivity on a...
  5. droopyRO

    Philips Launches the 356M6QJAB/11 1080p, 35" FreeSync Monitor With Ambiglow Tech

    Because 4k requires a monster GPU to even run at 60 fps with medium-high settings(not ultra) ? Because bigger is better especialy for people that have poorer eye sight, bought a 32" 1080p VA panel Philips for an elderly person, very happy with it. Because it can be used as a TV and or for...
  6. droopyRO

    Your top 10 game of the year of 2017

    Total War Warhammer 2 Prey Really bad year for gaming for me. It`s from 2015 :) have about 400 hours in it, except Richard Burns Rally, best rally game i ever played.
  7. droopyRO

    1920x1200, 1440p, 2K-4K Monitor Suggestions?

    Don`t know how easily you cand return them, but i went thru 3 display models untill i got a U2713HM back in 2013. Now upgraded to a MG279Q 120Hz 1440p 27". My point is, make a purchase and see if it fits your needs, looking at specs for monitors and audio gear is a waste of time since people...
  8. droopyRO

    New Warhammer 40,000 Game is On its Way to Steam

    I really liked DOW 1 and 2, have over 200 single player hours in DoW 2 CR. Did not buy DOW 3 yet as the SP campaign might not be that good. This games looks nice to me, if the price is right i will buy it when it comes out.
  9. droopyRO

    How to set fan speed rpm to 60% on automatic

    MSI Afterburner > settings > fan > vezi poza (see picture). Pe a mea am pus un Accelero Xtreme III rare ori cand vede 65ºC full load vara :) de auzit nu o aud niciodata. Foloseste functia aia sa-ti setezi 100% pentru cand trece de 60º placa si un 30-40% pentru sub 60ºC. La 83ºC isi reduce boost...
  10. droopyRO

    How to set fan speed rpm to 60% on automatic

    Custom fan curve from MSI Afterburner.
  11. droopyRO

    Do you guys lock your framerate ?

    No, as it introduces a lot of screen tearing on my setup.
  12. droopyRO

    gtx 1060 monitor

    It depends of how fast you are, input lag is hard to measure witouth equipment, some sitest like tftcentral do it in their reviews.
  13. droopyRO

    2.0 Desktop speakers for my PC

    M-Audio AV32 i`m happy with them or something from Edifier like R1800t-III.
  14. droopyRO

    Wolfenstein: The New Colossus Part 11 Acting Classes with Hitler

    Don`t know if you are serious but, could you please recommend a not so repetitive game. Thanks.
  15. droopyRO

    Screen Tearing from GPU OC - Windows 10 Upgrade

    Yep, reduce or disable your overclock.
  16. droopyRO

    CoD ww2 fps drops with gtx 1080

    As said above those drops are from the RAM usage. Tell us what are your specs including the motherboard and CPU cooler, or better fill your system specs.
  17. droopyRO

    1070 fans not spinning down

    So did you try a manual setting the fan try 50% and see if the noise/temps are ok in your case.
  18. droopyRO

    Best wheel for someone that can't use pedals.

    Thrustmaster Modena 360 had them, dual pads on each side the upper ones were clicky and the lower ones were progressive. That was my first PC wheel back in 2003 :)
  19. droopyRO

    1070 fans not spinning down

    What are your idle temps for the 1070 ?
  20. droopyRO

    Gigabyte System Information Viewer

    Gigabyte BIOS and System Information Viewer are not working, i`m trying to adjust fan speed of my case and CPU fans. Gigabyte online support is useless atm, i have an open ticket since the 22nd of this month. In BIOS i have a custom fan curve and is working perfectly, but as soon as the system...
  21. droopyRO

    i7-8700k runs insanely hot even at stock speeds ?

    My 8600k at 4800Mhz 1.2V gets to 80ºC only in IBT or Prime, with RealBench 2.54 it gets to a max of 75º. Lower you core voltage, also what LoadLineCalibration are you using ? try the lowest setting. With that cooler you should have lower temps than mine. More like >100º at least for my CPU...
  22. droopyRO

    i7 3770(Non K) vs R5 1600 Gaming

    If you alread have ddr4 go for an 8700 if you don't overclock and the cheapest Z370 motherboard you find, like said above.
  23. droopyRO

    Which 1060 modle

    The two fan model.
  24. droopyRO

    XFi vs Xonar DS vs Realtek 1220(edited)

    So i did some more digging and found this two resources http://audio.rightmark.org/test/digidesign/mix2448.htm and https://www.kitguru.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Gigabyte-X299-Aorus-Gaming-7-RMAA.jpg based on what i can understand from those numbers, the best out of the three XFi...