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    What's most important for you in the new graphics cards?

    So most people buy AMD cards? I don't think so. Well, i do.
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    AMD Announces FreeSync, Promises Fluid Displays More Affordable than G-SYNC

    Now we just need some monitors....
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    What will be your next ATI graphics card?

    Old poll is OLD.
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    NVIDIA Shuns Lucid Hydra

    I'm so glad i bought a 5870! Never going to buy another nvidia card as long as i live.
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    Microsoft to Strip Windows 7 of IE and WMP for Europe, Abiding by Laws

    Yeah, it's called windows update.
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    Windows 7 Beta Public Release Gets Delayed Due to Heavy Traffic

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    NVIDIA GeForce 181.20 WHQL Released - Adds Support for GeForce GTX 295 and GTX 285

    181.20_geforce_winvista_64bit_english_whql.exe is only 4.70MB :/
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    R700 Launch in for Wet-Weather, GTX 280 Slash Coming Up

    I don't care if they lower it to 200$, im buying a 4870 X2 anyway...
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    Microsoft to kick-off a 300M Dollar Vista Campaign

    Just slim down/optimize the OS and you don't need any campaign's, people will notice and spread the word...
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    R700 up to 80 % Faster than GeForce GTX 280

    OWNED! :rockout:
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    Age of Conan Set for Fast Expansion

    1 new area is coming, not all. "A huge, new Cimmerian outdoor area – introducing Ymir's Pass!" http://funcom.cachefly.net/WebFiles/Newsletter/Issue17/
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    Creative Software Modder Daniel_K Gone for Good

    Someone quick buy out creative and shut them down!
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    Crytek Has No Plans to Further Patch Crysis

    And i have no more plans on buying a Crytek game ever again.
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    Creative Unveils X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Series PCI-E Sound Cards

    To bad i cant use any of my PCI-E x1 slots...
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    Eurocom Lets Loose D901C Phantom-X 'Server' Laptop

    Ohhhh, nerd porn!!!
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    ASUS Launches Striker II Formula Motherboard

    There's a LED behind the ROG plate.
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    New Jersey Man Gets Two Years Jail for AOL Spam e-mails

    I vote for death row!
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Retail 1.2 Patch Released

    No fix against the hackers, sorry! They simply don't give a shit...
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    Electronic Arts Pushing for Single Open Platform for Games

    We have one already, its called a PC!
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    Microsoft Issues Windows Vista Hotfix for Gaming - KB940105

    Im using it, but i don't notice any difference, as usual...
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    Operation Flashpoint 2 Teaser Trailer Released

    http://www.gametrailers.com/game/5393.html fileshack sucks!
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    id Software Announces New FPS

    Splash Damage did Enemy Territory...they are also making Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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    NVIDIA Vows to Fix GeForce 8800 by Mid-September

    Never had a problem.
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    Feedback for new TPU design

    I like it alot! :toast: