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  1. Jmatt110

    Best 2560x1600 Monitor for Gaming

    I have 3 Dell U3011's in Eyefinity. The only thing I would ever trade them for is one of these.
  2. Jmatt110

    ZOTAC Readies Monster LGA1155 Motherboard

    Horrible slot layout for the first 4-way SLI 1155 mobo.
  3. Jmatt110

    Skype is down !

    Mine just started instantly crashing whenever I open it.
  4. Jmatt110

    More details on Bulldozer leaked

    I only started playing in Alara :P
  5. Jmatt110

    More details on Bulldozer leaked

    Legendaries can be uncommon. Legendary is a creature type, not a rarity.
  6. Jmatt110

    More details on Bulldozer leaked

    It should be an uncommon, not common.
  7. Jmatt110

    VRAM memory size

    You never know when people will make an impulse buy on a 37% discount sale then figure out they can't use it afterwards. In any case, a single 2560x1600 display or Eyefinity up to 5760x1200 can be handled easily with 2gb cards. I wouldn't try that with a 1gb card though. If you plan to...
  8. Jmatt110

    VRAM memory size

    2gb isn't enough for 7680x1600.
  9. Jmatt110

    Are the Radeon 6990/6970/6950 Crossfire Compatible ???

    What erocker said. Check this link out for more info: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=142024
  10. Jmatt110

    Are the Radeon 6990/6970/6950 Crossfire Compatible ???

    Yes the 6990 will CF with a 6950/70. What combination of cards you choose is up to your budget. A single 6990 will power through DA2 easily, as will 2 6950's. Basically any combination of 2 or more GPU's. And I'd say install the Catalyst 11.4 preview, seems to be much better than 11.2
  11. Jmatt110

    Eyefinity anyone?

    Eyefinity is great, takes a few solid hours to get used to it. As for the taskbar problem, just create a profile in CCC, one with eyefinity enabled and the other disabled. That way when you're not gaming you can still maximize stuff on an individual monitor.
  12. Jmatt110

    What resolution do you game at? "2011"

    I game at 7680x1600.
  13. Jmatt110

    Crossfire Clubhouse

    Yes, though the one in my avatar is from quite a while ago, back when I had a 4870.
  14. Jmatt110

    Crossfire Clubhouse

    I'll introduce you to my horrible photography and a pair of 6970's.
  15. Jmatt110

    Water Cooling setup ideas needed.

    The vid card blocks you linked are for 6870's, not 6970's.
  16. Jmatt110

    Water Cooling setup ideas needed.

    Hey all, Thinking about getting a WC setup, just wanted some help picking the best components I can from PCCG. No budget. Case: CM HAF 932 What to cool: CPU, 2x 6970's Site: Will most likely buy from here Thanks.
  17. Jmatt110

    Brightness issue when changing driver - 6970 CF

    Nvm, fixed the issue by doing a Restore Factory Defaults in CCC.
  18. Jmatt110

    Brightness issue when changing driver - 6970 CF

    Hey guys, Having a weird issue whenever I try and change the drivers i use for my 6970's in CF. If I install 10.12 then install 10.12a over the top of it, the screen brightness is fine. This is the only properly working configuration. If I install 10.12a directly after a driver clean...
  19. Jmatt110


    I have the G13 and would never consider using a different gamepad, I can't game without it anymore :)
  20. Jmatt110

    Sapphire TriXX Beta Up.....

    Just fired up TriXX with my dual 6970's. Version 3.0.2 beta. Crossfire option ticked in Settings. Core & Memory OC'ing works flawlessly, modifying clocks on both cards. Voltage adjustments appear to have been disabled. Fan Control only works for the secondary card, having no effect on...
  21. Jmatt110

    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

    I forgot this in my first post. The very first time I installed the cards and updated to 10.12a, the brightness was fine. It was only after I disabled CrossFire that the brightness dropped, and has been like that ever since. Ok the full driver sweep did nothing. Brightness was fine while the...
  22. Jmatt110

    AMD Releases Catalyst 10.12a Hotfix Update, Adds Radeon HD 6900 Series Support

    I don't think so, I think it means 5x1 via daisy chaining DP monitors together. I think the same limitations of regular Eyefinity apply, in that you will always require at least one DP connection because of the signal clocks.
  23. Jmatt110

    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

    I just installed my 2 6970's and updated to 10.12a. Now, my screen brightness is incredibly low (as soon as the drivers installed, the brightness just dropped). When I uninstalled the drivers to reinstall them, the brightness level returned to normal. As soon as they were re-installed, the...
  24. Jmatt110

    WPrime Benchmark

    Another run at 4.3:
  25. Jmatt110

    Medal Of Honor Rating Poll

    Pretty much, just played for like 20 minutes, so far not impressed at all. Will try again tomorrow, hopefully the server browser will actually find some Australian servers (yes, there are Aussie servers running).