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  1. J

    [FS][US] Kant's Odds n' Ends

    Can confirm all of the above. bump
  2. J

    [FS][US] Kant's Odds n' Ends

    Bump because I still haven't gotten any word from him. It's now been 12 days since I paid for the fan.
  3. J

    [FS][US] Kant's Odds n' Ends

    Bumping because the OP said he'd ship Tuesday of last week, and still hasn't given me any details on an ETA or if he's even sent. He also has not responded to a PM.
  4. J

    [FS][US] Kant's Odds n' Ends

    Dibs on the Gentle Typhoon! YGPM
  5. J

    [WTB][US] Broken HD4870

    No clue, but I'm pretty sure I have all the original screws from the heatplate, shroud, and back X clamp. LMK if you're interested. :toast:
  6. J

    [WTB][US] Broken HD4870

    Not sure if it helps, but I have all the parts you need EXCEPT the blower fan (long story). :) ttt
  7. J

    [WTB] Default WTB: HTC HD2, Huawei Ideos, Samsung Captivate, other Android phones

    Looking to upgrade my current Android phone. I've seen HD2s go as low as $190 around the forums (would've gotten it then but wasn't in the market), so keep that in mind. I'm open to other Android phones, but am looking to spend around or less than $200. Pitch me some offers! Payment will...
  8. J

    [FS/FT][US] Provost's FS/FT thread

    OP - how is the G1's speed with 2.2 compared to 1.6? Bump for good stuff
  9. J

    Corsair Launches High Performance USB Headset for Gamers

    I once said the same thing when I heard they were releasing their own line of power supplies, but they ended up being absolutely superb ...
  10. J

    [WTB] 2x512MB DDR RAM for Desktop

    Looking to pay around $20 shipped (preferably less) for two sticks of 512MB DDR each - the cheaper the better. Needs to be compatible with a 7 year old Compaq desktop, so ideally it'll need to be PC2700 or slower - don't want to risk incompatibilities with faster DDR. Payment will be...
  11. J

    Gainward Intros GeForce GTX 470 Golden Sample

    Not entirely sure why you guys are laughing. Gainward's Golden Sample cards have usually been terrific overclockers. It's a shame they're so hard to find them here in the 'states.
  12. J

    After Market Cooler for HD4850

    The BattleAxe is an absolutely amazing heatsink ... but is near impossible to find these days. Not sure why Xigmatek didn't sell more. :(
  13. J

    Thermaltake Launch Their First Overclocking CPU Cooler, Thermaltake Frio

    Why does Thermaltake even bother anymore? None of their supposed high end coolers ever stay high end. They are ALWAYS bested by Thermalright, Scythe, Noctua, or other companies ... sick of their marketing ..
  14. J

    [WTB][US] HD 5850 & GTX 295 & 30gb SSD

    Whoa ... cool spoiler buttons. :) Those Ripjaws are awesome, too. Bump for quality stuff.
  15. J

    [WTB] Gtx 260, Hd4870, Hd4890, Hd5750, Hd5770

    JUST missed out on a sweet HD4890 for $150, still looking .. ttt
  16. J

    [WTB][US] dead gpu's

    7900GT, no heatsink, but when cooled it posts and artifacts. Price of shipping?
  17. J

    [WTB] Gtx 260, Hd4870, Hd4890, Hd5750, Hd5770

    Seeking any of the above. I just missed out on an EVGA GTX 260 for $100 locally, and I'm feeling the need to upgrade. Would prefer a 260, 5750, 5770 or 4890, but if the price is right on a 4870, I'll consider it. You'll be shipping to zip code 44131. Would prefer an XFX, EVGA, or ASUS, but will...
  18. J

    [WTB] i5 750 // Gigabyte P55 UD3 (Or P55 w/ USB 3.0) // G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB DDR3-1600

    Ironically I have this exact combination of items. The 750 overclocks easily to 3.4Ghz without any extra voltage required. Bump for the cause!