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  1. NC37

    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Overview

    Great but if they still haven't fixed the bug with Overwatch that has been present for over a year, the heck with AMD. It's an embarrassment to have something like that persist as long as it has.
  2. NC37

    The Soul Still Burns - SOULCALIBUR VI Hits PC and Consoles in 2018

    All they have to do is just remaster SCII and done. Especially if they bring the arcade conquest feature from II that most people outside of arcades didn't get to play. Just forget that III-V ever happened.
  3. NC37

    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    Wonder if they finally fixed the Overwatch bug that hasn't been fixed since 17.7.
  4. NC37

    Next Major AMD Driver Release, ReLive Redux, to Include Performance OSD

    But will it finally work with Overwatch without having to downclock your GPU? lol, going on almost a year now....not hopeful they'll finally get it right.
  5. NC37

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition 8 GB

    Well if this lowers the insane price on the Vegas, great. Unfortunately it won't really matter because of miners.
  6. NC37

    ASUS Announces ROG STRIX X370-I And B350-I Mini-ITX Motherboards For AMD Ryzen

    There already is Mini ITX options for Ryzen. Best being ASrock, but there are some. If you look closer at the boards, there are differences in quality between the B350s and X370s. I just built a Mini ITX Ryzen on the ASrock 370. However, it would have been a 350 had I not researched them more...
  7. NC37

    DRAM Output in 2018 Planned for Continued High Pricing - TrendForce

    I remember the last time they did this, they got sued. Funny, it took maybe a decade to get a pocket change check from that settlement but it did come. Oh well, looks like I'll be a little richer in another decade or two once this goes to trial.
  8. NC37

    HP ENVY x360 15-bq101na Could be First "Raven Ridge" Implementation

    It's HP, what do you expect?
  9. NC37

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti by Late October

    Was about to say, that should be the 104 there.
  10. NC37

    Lists of Motherboards Based on Intel Z370 Express Chipset Surface

    Yeah Intel missed big. Imagine if all Z100s and 200s could run these? That there would have been enough to maintain a higher price vs Ryzen. Really hope Intel gives a legitimate reason to why they decided to shoot themselves in the foot.
  11. NC37

    AMD Issues Official Statement on RX Vega 64 Pricing Woes

    Overpriced is overpriced. This reeks of Fury all over again. This is not how to release GPUs and expect to make any ground on nVidia.
  12. NC37

    AMD Radeon RX Vega Preview

    Not competitive enough on price. This will be Fury all over again. Will get AMD nowhere.
  13. NC37

    A Steamroller Among PC Games Stores: Steam Increases Growth, Updates Incoming

    And EA continues to pout in their little Origin hole, too stubborn to just give up and come back to Steam. Imagine how much better their sales would be if they had management that was smart.
  14. NC37

    You Love Microtransactions: EA Earns $1.297 billion in FY 2017

    That's because the majority are idiots who are coming from social media gaming where this concept is popularized. When you've got a generation of gamers that aren't really gamers, who think this is the norm and won't talk or post to companies ever, you've got a recipe for idiocy.
  15. NC37

    Well with Dataplex gone...

    Who really is left to do SSD Cache drives for non Intel users? Seems these days the push is all on straight up SSDs or SSHDs. Caching drives like the old OCZ Synapse have been forgotten. I have found users who mod the Dataplex software to work on other types of drives but, no company seems to...
  16. NC37

    Saving an HDD from Win 10's clutches...

    Drive was back to not mounting again today. After getting an external dock for one last hope chance at it, the drive still wouldn't mount. Tried Parted again and it actually worked. Last time I had to load failsafes. Guess why it was so unstable. Today, just loaded regular. Got everything...
  17. NC37

    AMD Ryzen Infinity Fabric Ticks at Memory Speed

    Could be limitations in what is and isn't patented. As well as other limitations we don't know about and AMD's engineers might. Look back at the old G4 chips in classic Macs. In the generation where there was a switch from the 7410 to the 7450, the 10s held a performance advantage due to...
  18. NC37

    Saving an HDD from Win 10's clutches...

    Surprisingly I got the drive to finally mount with Aomei. Just gives access denied message.
  19. NC37

    Saving an HDD from Win 10's clutches...

    Alright, used Aomei to get the SSD back and running and Parted allowed me to get off some of my files. However, it's rather unstable software the longer it gets used. Actually had to reset out as it locked up. Then it wouldn't boot again till I started it without the drive attached. No clearing...
  20. NC37

    Saving an HDD from Win 10's clutches...

    Yeah I found that out the hard way. I'll look into that Parted Magic. Thanks! If that works I'll avoid some hassles. Still gotta look into converting this so my SSD cache can access it.
  21. NC37

    Saving an HDD from Win 10's clutches...

    Okay so I'm looking for ideas. The last week has been hell. Switched my FX over to Ryzen and Windows 10 decided to go nuts. Critical errors at startup. Nothing would fix it. Part of this was likely due to the wonky system I've had. My Windows 10 was a permissions mess due to it originally dating...
  22. NC37

    MSI Unveils Camo Squad Limited Edition Products with Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Squirtle Squad approves!
  23. NC37

    AMD Ryzen 7-1800X Cracks Cinebench R15 World Record at 5.36 GHz

    Didn't catch it. Thanks. This also got posted today showing it. AMD did quality stuff: http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-delided-gold-plated-solder-silicone-protected-caps-confirmed-cheap-tim/
  24. NC37

    AMD Ryzen 7-1800X Cracks Cinebench R15 World Record at 5.36 GHz

    Anyone delid a Ryzen yet and see what the TIM is on it? I know Intel has been using crap for awhile now. Curious if AMD cheapened too.
  25. NC37

    First Intel Processor with AMD Radeon Graphics Within 2017

    And just like that, AMD becomes the market leader in GPUs... Even if it's not exactly a Radeon, you know AMD will use it to say,"hey technically those are our parts so therefore, bite my market share nvidia boy."