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    Early pictures & info of the AMD RD790 board

    Doubt it. They don't want us saving money by finding cheap cards used to do it with. If its true that they will allow a third/fourth/whatever card to offload physics onto...it'll certainly have some requirements like...same generation, or minimum of 2600, etc. It can't be that easy, its not...
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    Microsoft Live Search Maps Launches Photo-Realistic 3D Imagery

    How about Des Moines, Iowa? :laugh: Oops, my bad....:D
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    Comcast's Super Fast Cable Modem

    I'm getting hooked up with 5Mb/5Mb Fiber at my place next week for 45 dollars. I was about to pay 55 for 8/256k, which i had to get cable on top of that. I win.
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    Intel's Centrino Debuts Today

    How much? I wonder how long this will take to sift in to mainstream channels and come down from intro-pricing.
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    Xbox 360 - 65nm GPU in fall ?

    Most likely, just more profits for the most part.
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    Intel E2160 and E2140 soon

    I still have to disagree. That board that was linked, appears to be worthless. And, its a barebones, stripped POS of a board. Also, only overclocks your chip 25% of the way. But, that's fine. Lets work with it. E2160 1.86Ghz - 85 dollars MSI P965 Neo-F - 87 dollars Ok, so it can go up to...
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    Auzentech to Develop Sound Card Based on Creative X-Fi Chipset

    :banghead: Honestly, who cares. All I see is blah blah blah PCI connection blah blah blah. Honestly, I'm happy with my Audigy. I WANT an X-Fi card for my computer, and will have one. But I refuse to buy another PCI device. Give me PCIe x1 interface! :nutkick:
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    Intel E2160 and E2140 soon

    Lets stop and think about this. Intel is releasing these ultra-low cost, cut down C2D chips to compete with the X2 series. No longer bearing the cache advantage like they normally do, and lacking the advancements AMD has made in their less cache, but same/more performnace - Intel will have...
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    R600 external is Lasso

    I want a standard finalized providing PCIe x8 bandwidth externally. Make the cable length and cable composition requirements top of the line to support that bandwidth, and give laptop users the ability to enjoy this. Honestly, that's where this technology has the potential to really shine...
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    Starcraft 2 rumors floating the Internet

    Hahaha. That might be the funniest thing I've heard. I would say that I want D3, SC2, and Crysis equally, but...just wait till Crysis comes out. Then judge it. :)
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    PlayStation 3 1.60 Firmware to Add Background Downloading

    I can't imagine any good coming from working a confined little heater box at full load for any appreciable amount of time. Honestly, I see hardware failures of heat-induced origins on the horizon.
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    Patriot Memory Unveils Extreme Performance PC2-6400 4GB Kits

    What are you talking about. Generally speaking, a 4-4-4 800Mhz memory is going to clock further then a 5-5-5 800Mhz memory. Depends on the memory chips built into it, but regardless that IS the rule of thumb. Regardless, 5-5-5 timings are not extreme performance. Not even really "good", its...
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    Samsung Samples 8GB Memory Card Chip

    Completely different.
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    Samsung first to ship hybrid hard drives

    Check out the webpage. These are 2.5" drives for laptops. 5400 rpm drives are basically "par" for the laptop field, as 7200 is "par" for the desktop field. It's a new technology? Why release it on 7200 rpm spindle speed? They can milk the CRAP out of this for money being the first one to...
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    ATI developing Lasso

    Why? The purpose of a solution like this would be met best in this scenario as Kenny pointed out: You buy a small portable notebook (13-14" screen) packing a C2D, 2GB of ram, GMA950, and whatever else you want. Basically, a configuration that can run around and get the 4-6 hours battery...
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    SourceForge forced to remove BackupHDDVD from their website

    It's absolutely legal to backup a copy of whatever you purchase. However, it is absolutely illegal to break any sort of encryption algorithm applied to said product. Basically you can buy the land and put a house on it, you just have no way to drive to and from it.
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    Illegal music downloading much higher than usual

    too bad you couldn't go into business selling hard drives that happen to come preloaded with XXGB's of data(Music) for 2x the cost of a drive. 160GB hard disk being bought for, say, 120 dollars full of music. Highly illegal, I know. The local library has a full suite of movies, and gets new...
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    AMD's R600 mysteries revealed

    The funny thing is, as delicious as this all sounds, honestly for those of us running X8xx/FX5xxx/6xxx cards still, honestly the X2600 series looks like heaven, ya know! Cheap enough to allow for the switch to PCIe to finally stop being put off for a decent graphics card to boot! The question is...
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    NVIDIA Reports Record Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2007

    All that money and they couldn't bring a WQHL G80 driver to release on Vista's already pushed back launch date.
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    Vista gives PC Sales a Nice Boost

    Honestly, why build an operating system that will run on OLD junk. You shouldn't be running a brand new OS on <1Ghz computers. And honestly, 512 is pretty small these days. However, that IS a messup...it should run stripped down and run 512 with music and an internet tab open comfortably. Ah...
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    R600, RV610, and RV630 details unveiled

    As said, ATI is the first to 65nm. Hopefully we'll be seeing some ATI DX10 Mobility cards in short order, perhaps in time for me to be shopping for a C2D/Santa Rosa/ATI DX10 Notebook. :)
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    Cisco iPhone patent challenged...by Canadian telecommunications provider

    the iBlahblah name is Apple's. It's rediculous for any other company to offer such services or take the name. It's like ATI starting to name their products nAVIVO or something crappy like that.
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    Apple iPhone 'only' costs $246-$281 to manufacture

    The best AV stuff is in Mac because of the unified architecture. You don't have a million little manufacturers putting out hardware running code and such minutely differently. You have the unified, guarenteed to run because there's only the Apple standards - not MS, Intel/AMD, ATI/nVidia...
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    Linux and Mac OS coming to the Xbox 360?

    Fold like a mofo. Imagine the points you'd collect from folding.
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    RIAA suing Russian “pirate outfit” for $1.6 trillion

    CD's costing 16 dollars+ when little of that money goes to the artist anyways, is rediculous. I'd happily pay 10-12 bucks for every album I wanted if 3/4 of it went to the folks that made it - and the rest made to the facilitator (ie, the record company). In all honesty, I buy more music then...