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  1. specks

    Electronics: component replacement

    Hi guys. I've been gone for quite a while as I'm in college right now but it's great to be back. I already made a 12V regulated PSU w/ current booster and a 19W bridge type amplifier w/ an LA4440 chip. I will now be a pre-amp circuit using 2 BC109C transistors. My instructor told us to...
  2. specks

    Power supply polarity

    What is the purpose of a polarity selector on an ac/dc adapter?
  3. specks

    How do you apply your thermal paste?

    With my HDT cooler, I put some in the gap between the heatpipe and the aluminum piece that holds them together and then run a very thin line down every heatpipe.
  4. specks

    Point of View Announces GTX 680 BEAST with Backplate Graphics Card

    Why did they position three heatpipes to the right? I think its better to position the three to the left side since there are more fins there.
  5. specks

    The Heatsink with NO FAN...The Sandia Cooler

    Ok i guess im a dumbass
  6. specks

    The Heatsink with NO FAN...The Sandia Cooler

    :wtf: you an engineer or somethin?
  7. specks

    The Heatsink with NO FAN...The Sandia Cooler

    Its kinda hard to see how this layer of air is going to transfer heat when air is better off an insulator than a conductor.
  8. specks

    The Heatsink with NO FAN...The Sandia Cooler

    So it uses a thin layer of air to transfer heat from the stationary piece to the impeller?
  9. specks

    Your PC ATM

    Whoa clean that cooler up.
  10. specks

    MAINGEAR Intros New Vertical Heat Dissipation Desktop, Upgrades the Rest

    A lot of cases have already implemented this. This case is good if you have reference blower type graphics.
  11. specks

    what router brand do you use?

    Netgear WPN824v2
  12. specks

    AMD to Drop Support for Pre-HD 5000 GPUs with Catalyst 12.7

    Doesn't matter. I don't even update my drivers.
  13. specks

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    What's that?
  14. specks

    1366 x 768 Most Popular Screen Resolution, Overtakes 1024 x 768: StatCounter

    I am right on the spot. Im okay doing my stuff at this resolution
  15. specks

    Your PC ATM

    Awesome toys there. Now can i haz your old toys?
  16. specks

    So W1z, who are you selling the website to this year?

    I thought sh!t just got real:laugh:
  17. specks

    Help me OC this i5-2500k for me :D

    A thinner layer of goop might help. They say less is more.
  18. specks

    Help me OC this i5-2500k for me :D

    That stock cooler is no use for overclocking. If you want to overclock then get a better cooler.
  19. specks

    Phanteks Launch PH-TC14CS Series C-Type Premier CPU Cooler

    Black one is sexy. How are you supposed to screw it down with the fins overhanging the base?
  20. specks

    Gainward GeForce GTX 680 Phantom Pictured

    Its looks nice and clean but axial fans were designed to push air rather that pull. I want to see the temps of this card.
  21. specks

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    If you'd be so kind I'll make sure to put one of those to good use. :)
  22. specks

    Arctic Reveals the Accelero Xtreme III VGA Cooler

    Yeah that stacked power connector is awful. Are there custom designs that use the standard 6/8 pin layout?
  23. specks

    Arctic Reveals the Accelero Xtreme III VGA Cooler

    Yes they do come with ram and vrm heatsinks but No support for the new GTX 680...yet?
  24. specks

    Best 120mm cpu fan

    Noctua's SSO bearing should take care of the orientation problem. One thing I like about noctua, despite their color scheme which i do not really hate, is their dedication to R&D giving us supreme quality products.
  25. specks

    Best 120mm cpu fan

    The cooler is mounted horizontally? Im sure you know that sleeve bearing and similar types wear out quickly in that position. Ball bearing fans would last longer but they are noisy though. How about a Noctua NF-F12 PWM? The gentle typhoon is a really popular choice too.