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  1. djthrottleboi

    RAID partition table recovery?

    lol i tried lots of other things but this one pulled the files and partition out with ease. no garbage just straight work. It also managed to pull it off even after a format from ntfs to hfs+ then back to ntfs then to RAW then to ntfs again lol.
  2. djthrottleboi

    [FS/FT][US] Berk's Finest Wares!

    little poor right now but keeping a eye on that sonar dgx
  3. djthrottleboi

    RAID partition table recovery?

    dont mean to be a necrophiliac but thanks as i accidently wiped a hd in my raid array and this got it back
  4. djthrottleboi

    Post your gpu's ASIC quality

    before i blew a cap in my psu this bad baby hit 1488MHz core clock and i was going to take her higher but then a cap blew so now i need a new 1300w psu:(
  5. djthrottleboi

    [WTB] I5/I7 haswell quad

    I have one but its comboed with a nice mobo would you like to see it?
  6. djthrottleboi

    100 Free albums from Xbox Music + $1.99 boxsets

    I got a good amount of the albums. when you said wheezer I never knew it was a deluxe edition album they would give away for free.
  7. djthrottleboi

    [FS] EK/XSPC Watercooling parts

    Pm'ed about both rads.
  8. djthrottleboi

    Crucial M500 240GB SSD for $90 today only

    the other ones aren't $80
  9. djthrottleboi

    Crucial M500 240GB SSD for $90 today only

    it said out of stock and a couple hours later i came back after it expired and it was in stock and i got it for that price. hurry and try to get it.
  10. djthrottleboi

    [FT] Epiphone (Zakk Wylde) Les Paul guitar for your GPU

    I was gonna get this but 4 month olds need money.
  11. djthrottleboi

    New WCG-TPU team member welcome thread

    Welcome @ST.o.CH Godd news. just upgraded to 4790k so as soon as i can get stable its crunch time.
  12. djthrottleboi

    [FS] [NYC ONLY] Acer P216HV, Acer G215HV, Logitech Z523, Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Wireless Keyboard

    well i have a gigabyte gtx 780 OC rev 2.0 and you have a monitor i would hope we can work something out for. I also have a asus p8z77-v deluxe and a z77x-ud5h. you can take a pick and we can then haggle and i'm not an extremist and am always negotiable. $260+ that monitor shipped gets you the...
  13. djthrottleboi

    New WCG-TPU team member welcome thread

    keep me posted i'm in on all of them. currently facing a issue with the nvidia driver causing bsod's nvlddmkm.sysnvlddmkm.sys+cbbe1fffff880`05650000fffff880`062b40000x00c640000x537a8efc5/19/2014 6:08:44 PMNVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 337.88NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver...
  14. djthrottleboi

    New WCG-TPU team member welcome thread

    @Norton when is the next event as i am ready. I would crunch outside the events however i am limited on funds and equipment so i run the safe side and don't crunch much.
  15. djthrottleboi

    [FT] iPhone 5 16GB white from sprint.

    ooh i'm too late. I had a gigabyte gtx 780 up for offer. well not just for the iphone though.
  16. djthrottleboi

    [FS][US] EKWB, Aquacomputer, Corsair, Logitech, LGA775, AMD

    you still forgot to take the mobo down. Btw I will be here in case you decide to change your mind and sell again. just almost got scammed on ebay for $220 i got this 3 missing pins 9 bent pins and 6 looks like he attempted to straighten them.
  17. djthrottleboi

    [WTB] [UK] CPU and motherboard bundle, plus GPU

    that maximus V though. excellent deal.
  18. djthrottleboi

    [FS] Z77 mobo, GTX 680 4GB, 1TB Drives, X-Fi Titanium Fatality

    that g1 sniper still there? also what cpu did you use in it. What was the oc and what vcore?
  19. djthrottleboi


    you hit all the forums i see rofl
  20. djthrottleboi

    [WTB][US] PSU 450w+

    i have a rosewill xtreme series 850w i have sitting around that i dont need that i will sell for $60 if you are looking to go bigger. i am selling it so low because its reliable and i have gotten good deals so i want to pay it forward.