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  1. ironwolf

    Biostar Announces B250MDC Motherboard

    Yeah, gotta be a typo, someone must have had their fingers one key to the right when they meant to type 3-2 and it turned into 4-3.
  2. ironwolf

    Intel SSD 760p and 660p Specifications and Pricing Listed Online

    The 760p 256GB at $120 is matching the price on the 960 EVO right now (Newegg pricing). So if that price holds, sounds like a good price.
  3. ironwolf

    The Balloon Falls: Memory Chip Price Decrease in Q4 2017 Prompts Investor Fear

    I am quite happy I got my RAM last year just before the prices went looney tunes: 4x8GB DDR4-3200 G.SKILL on 3/31/2017: $221 Same exact kit now: $405 83% increase if my math holds close. :twitch:
  4. ironwolf

    GIGABYTE Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Motherboard Pictured

    Are those heatsinks over the M.2 slots? Also looks like some kind of lighting under or to the side of them.
  5. ironwolf

    AMD Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Processors Launch in March

    Corrected that a little for you, the USB 3.1 ports on that chart are the G2 version, the USB 3.0 ports on that chart are USB 3.1 G1. It's ridiculous how they renamed USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 G1, very confusing.
  6. ironwolf

    Plextor Debuts Their Latest M9Pe Gaming PCIe SSDs

    Message #5 above... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/plextor-m9pe-ssd-review,5408.html
  7. ironwolf

    DeepCool QuadStellar Pricing and Availability Announced

    I guessed ~$300-$325 before seeing the price. Was a wee bit off. Interesting shape for sure.
  8. ironwolf

    Fractal Design Define R6

    OK, "fail" is a bit extreme, Gamers Nexus points out that this case is more silence oriented and not marketed as like high airflow. They did show big temp drops with the front door off though. Paul's Hardware didn't temp test but mentioned the fromt air intake could possibly be of concern...
  9. ironwolf

    Fractal Design Define R6

    $40 for the riser cable. That front airflow or lack thereof is a [major] fail, other reviews mention it.
  10. ironwolf

    Bungie Vows to Stop Locking Destiny 2 Players' Activities Behind Latest DLC

    Reader's Digest version: "We tried to pull one over on you players but got caught red handed. We *crosses fingers behind back* promise not to do it again" :laugh:
  11. ironwolf

    NCIX Closed Up Shop and Filed for Bankruptcy

    Only thing I ever ordered from them (US side) was my X58 board with 2x(3x1)GB DDR3-1333 RAM back when X58 first came out. Was a really good price combo at the time.
  12. ironwolf

    Apacer's Latest Z280 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSD Hits Stores

    Chart was not in the original posting. ;) And yeah, these prices aren't awesome, a 960 EVO is a much better buy at around this same price.
  13. ironwolf

    Apacer's Latest Z280 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSD Hits Stores

    Did I miss reading any mention of warranty length?
  14. ironwolf

    AMD Announces Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    Does AMD know that Adrenalin is a trademarked name, according to Wikipedia? (yeah it's also the alternative spelling of adrenaline) Also, yeah it's early, anyone possibly with more info know what the lowest GPU this will support?
  15. ironwolf

    OriginPC Announces Gaming Laptops Powered by Core i7-8700K

    :wtf: Those model numbers are a mess!
  16. ironwolf

    Qualcomm Says No Thank You to Broadcom's $105 Billion Buyout Bid

    LOL, that article says millions not billions, they can't even get their info close to right. :laugh:
  17. ironwolf

    World of Warcraft Classic

  18. ironwolf

    Intel Launches its Blazing-Fast Optane SSD 900P SSD

    Newegg: 280 GB: $389.99
  19. ironwolf

    AMD "Raven Ridge" Silicon Detailed

    Bristol Ridge yup.
  20. ironwolf

    AMD Begins Offering Wraith Max Cooler Through Retail Channels - $59

    Indeed, I am totally making this all up to troll everyone here. *chuckle* Next time it happens, you'll be the first to get the timestamped picture. Promise!
  21. ironwolf

    AMD Begins Offering Wraith Max Cooler Through Retail Channels - $59

    Never intimated it was a design flaw. Simply pointing out that the plastic nubs on those brackets *can* simply break. Some of you are reading into my statements or concluding that it can't happen because it has never happened to you. :ohwell:
  22. ironwolf

    AMD Begins Offering Wraith Max Cooler Through Retail Channels - $59

    About every 4 months or so I have someone come in with a broken AMD bracket. Most were from them moving the system but a few just broke while sitting on the desk/floor. If someone brings in one to scrap that has a good bracket I make sure to yank it out.
  23. ironwolf

    AMD Begins Offering Wraith Max Cooler Through Retail Channels - $59

    I know that *now*. A few months ago it was unclear what that USB header cable was for, it was only mentioned that it had a USB header cable along with the 4-pin cable. Did not occur to me that the USB header cable would be used for the lighting, I didn't look past the AM4 compatibility.
  24. ironwolf

    AMD Begins Offering Wraith Max Cooler Through Retail Channels - $59

    I remember a Youtube video months ago that was showing this cooler. They mentioned the 4-pin connector and a USB connector. At the time I didn't understand the use of that USB connector. Now it makes sense. :D
  25. ironwolf

    AMD's Bristol Ridge APUs Released for the AM4 Platform in Retail Channels

    Talking new systems, not upgrades, if that is what you meant by upgrade.