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  1. Asylum

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Yea, that's pretty sweet.
  2. Asylum

    Just "finished" my rackmount build!

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. Asylum

    Giveaway time: Fallout 4 Veterans day Tribute(Ended)

    I would like to throw my name in the hat for the drawing. Let me just say that I think it is awesome of you to give back to the community here at TPU.
  4. Asylum

    Planning on buying a new video card...need advice

    Dude don't waste your money going with one of those cards. If you are going to upgrade I would say a 970 is the least I would be looking for at your price point. You can pick up a used 970 for around $250 here and there. If you don't want used, save up a few more bucks.
  5. Asylum

    [SOLVED] Computer won't go past loading into OS

    Remove your bios battery for 2 minutes, press the power button to dissipate all power, then put your battery back in. Only install one hard drive that you will be formatting to. Boot computer with windows disk installed and format system. If this does not work your windows disk has errors or...
  6. Asylum

    battlefield 3&4 Error: C++ Visual Runtime Library R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call?

    Roll back your drivers man, this new set is causing a lot of issues.
  7. Asylum

    New GPU; Wait? If not, which one?

    Just pick up a couple of used GTX 980's for SLI and see what you can get out of them. Saw some going in new condition under $400 now.
  8. Asylum

    display driver stopped responding and has recovered error

    What power supply are you running?
  9. Asylum

    display driver stopped responding and has recovered error

    Have you done a fresh install of newer NVidia drivers? Make sure you check the custom install when installing drivers and check the perform a clean installation box on the next screen.
  10. Asylum

    Cooling a 3930k in a Xigmatek Aquila

    I would go with a AIO that will fit on a dual fan mount in your case. Just take the measurements and find a good quality one that will fit.
  11. Asylum

    Network Battle! Powerline 1200 vs. Powerline 500 vs. Wireless N vs. Wireless AC vs. Gigabit Ethernet

    Nice write up and review newtekie1. Just confirmed what I have been using on my home network.
  12. Asylum

    OFFICIAL Toxikk : New FPS Shooter (Discussion)

    New map released Twin Peaks. It is a larger map with vehicles and all around better game play. Jump in and give it a try and post your thoughts.
  13. Asylum

    Stuttering in BFBC2 with GPU-Z running

    I play bfbc2 a lot and found that the newer drivers cause many issues with the game. The game flickers and shutters at random times and seems to get worst the longer you play. With older cards you can clean install pre 334.xx drivers to fix the problem (332.21 seems to be the best set) All...
  14. Asylum

    Issue with ping spikes

    Try unplugging one of your routers and see if you still have the same problem. Then try just the other one if you still have the problem.
  15. Asylum

    general questions about video cards

    From what you have listed I would say pick you up a GTX 580 for about $100 used. It has 2gb of ram and will max out anything you are talking about. A 760 should do fine for what you want also. I always go with EVGA or MSI.
  16. Asylum

    if you thought recent requirements could not get stranger then you can pin BF:H on the top!

    There are many servers up and running on bad company 2. I have one up myself. You must have a filter set wrong or something. I play most every night. Click my clan link if you want to get on with us. Still the best shooting FPS out there.
  17. Asylum

    "Sleeping desktop" and not booting.

    Remove your cmos battery and reset to defaults in bios.
  18. Asylum

    PC is Suffering Unexpected Shutdowns

    Sounds like a memory compatibility problem to me also, as Kursah was saying before. I only use GSkill ram also as I have had issues with many other brands in the past. Also the ACPI\PNP0A0A is the Asus probe sense thermal driver. If it is defective it may be telling the board to shut down...
  19. Asylum

    Best Software for streaming movies from my server to my DLNA player

    Going to be redoing my server with some new hardware and was wondering what the best software would be. I have a Samsung bluray player and use Allshare play right now and it works pretty well. Will be installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my server and using remote desktop from my PC to add files...
  20. Asylum

    OFFICIAL Toxikk : New FPS Shooter (Discussion)

    The game is really fast paced and you have to learn the map and where the best guns will be. After that, each weapon has a certain technique and different firing modes you need to get acquainted with. There is only the one map to play at this point in the beta and it's pretty close quartered...
  21. Asylum

    OFFICIAL Toxikk : New FPS Shooter (Discussion)

    It's simple, just go to your games tab in Steam and click 'Activate a product on Steam' and enter your code. Downloading it now, see you in game.
  22. Asylum

    Look Out Pie Eaters!

    Thanks Stinger, Glad to see it's going to a good cause.
  23. Asylum

    OFFICIAL Toxikk : New FPS Shooter (Discussion)

    It says to check it out here. The Early Access Beta will be released on Steam on Jan. 22. For further info regarding the game's beta launch, please visit http://www.toxikk.com and http://forum.toxikk.com. I'm sure you can access it on Steam and input your code when Steam releases it. Says...
  24. Asylum

    OFFICIAL Toxikk : New FPS Shooter (Discussion)

    Received my key today. Cant wait to play some rounds.
  25. Asylum

    New router

    Its very easy to setup a router. Just Google it and watch some you tube videos and you will be able to do it.