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  1. exodusprime1337

    Just getting back into overclocking. Hows things look?

    Just wanted to throw up a screen of my 4790k and z97x gaming 7 board and the OC on water. Not sure if anything glaring is wrong, just want to check and see if the voltage is way to high, or if at my current temps that's ok?
  2. exodusprime1337

    Help me get my memory to where it belongs.

    Title says it all. I'm using G.Skill TridentX ddr3 2133 and it seems 2000 is the max it goes. Current system status sans any bios screens(please let me know what you need to see) are: i7 3770k 4700@1.30, ddr3 2133@2000@9,10,10,29,2t@1.6v Everything else is basically the same, as usually...
  3. exodusprime1337

    memory issue on z68 extreme7 and i7 3770k

    I have a 16GB kit of ddr3 2133 g.skill trident x. Using the xmp settings and proper memory voltages i cannot run the memory at 2133 but i can run it at 2000 when overclocked to 4.7ghz 1.29v. There are other voltage settings pch, pll, vtt, vssa(not sure if i'm right with that one), that i...
  4. exodusprime1337

    asrock z68 extreme7 gen3 sata3 drive in sata3 port reading in windows as sata2

    So title kinda says it all. I have 2 kingston 240GB ssd's in raid0, one of the drives however has started showing up as sata2 or "sata3Gb/s" i had switched out the cables and that fixed it then put my video cards, usb devices, sound card back in and now one drive always shows as sata2 as...
  5. exodusprime1337

    My temps

    So i've been through quite a few blocks in the last few months under the impression that they all suck.. FInally ending up with this XSPC raystorm which has yielded the best temps to date.. but i'm wondering if something abnormal is going on. Or maybe i'm just expecting too much. Here is the...
  6. exodusprime1337

    Any other good websites like these

    I've been browsing around www.cybermonday.com and wondering if there are any other good sites like this on the web to look for discounts on computer hardware or mice/keyboards and the like.
  7. exodusprime1337

    Guild wars 2 performance is Horrid

    I don't know what else to say. It's actually kinda pissing me off how poorly this game runs on my computer... It makes me wonder why i sink so much money into high end PC's if a game based on a dated game engine just can't play at a respectable frame rate without crazy stuttering and choppiness...
  8. exodusprime1337

    need fan and radiator suggestion

    One of my coolermaster r4 fans 120mm fans finally died.. so it's time to replace them all.. I've got a push pull setup on my radiator with is a 120x3 rad. i want to upgrade the radiator and the fans.. any suggestions. post links to where i can purchase them?
  9. exodusprime1337

    guild wars 2 crossfire performance

    So i'm anxiously waiting for friday when my second 7970 arrives and i'm curious if Guild wars 2 actually supports or shows any improvements with 2 cards??
  10. exodusprime1337

    asrock fatal1ty extreme 3 bios downgrade

    Is there any good utility or windows program to downgrade the uefi bios I upgraded the bios to the latest 2.20 bios and the pci express graphics cards no longer work. Asrock is telling me they need to send a new bios chip.. i can boot with the onboard video but not with any addin cards, get...
  11. exodusprime1337

    concerned about my i7 2700k temps

    My temps don't go over the max of 72c or whatnot but i'm concerned none the less My i7 2700k is 4.8Ghz 1.42v under load at idle the temps are between 32-35 at load they're between 60-66 but usually more towards 66.. I can hit a higher clock with a bit more voltage and was hoping to run...
  12. exodusprime1337

    purchased diamond 7970 on impulse.. anything i should keep in mind

    I've had my msi twin frozr III 6950's forever, so i sold them to my friend and used the funds to start a cf setup with 7970's. I only bought one card to start so that's all i'm using, and it seems a bit of a sidegrade, although i tend to notice better performance in the games i play which is...
  13. exodusprime1337

    Wtf-where is the hydravision!!!

    I updated my gpu drivers.. where the hell is hydravision.. i can't find it anywhere. I feel retarded, and now i'm quite frankly, getting mad...
  14. exodusprime1337

    freezone elite pump died.. what to do now?

    So i'm feeling a little crafty atm.. The pump had died on my freezone elite a while back and it's just been drifting around my room from corner to corner. I have good peltiers.. good hose, good rad good fan.. no pump.. I'm thinking of taking it off and possibly using parts of it to say.. hybrid...
  15. exodusprime1337

    Cannot cold boot at 4.8Ghz

    I'm extremely very much new to overclocking on the intel platform. I feel like i could have a killer chip, but something keeps hanging me up. To make a long story short, i can boot no problem with the right voltages up to 4.7. After 4.7 sometimes(not all the time), my computer won't...
  16. exodusprime1337

    Help me solve my sharepoint problem

    To make things short, i have a sharepoint 2010 server that i need to host 3 separate sites on.. thing is they need different forms of authentication, and they need to be invisable to the other sites and their users. all done on port 80.. Thing is, i can't get a second web app working on...
  17. exodusprime1337

    Help the NOOB OC his i7 2700k

    New system to play with thanks to santa!!! I7-2700k Asrock Extreme7 gen3 2x msi 6950 twin frozr II PE/OC 8GB 2x4GB g.skill Sniper ddr3 1866 @ 9-10-9-28-1t So far i'm up to 4.8 and the temps are hovering during stress at around 60-70. I don't see this chip showing any signs of stopping...
  18. exodusprime1337

    Recomend me motherboard for an i7 2700k

    So by a bit of luck and my ability to be a packrat, i came across an i7 2700k. It's time to upgrade my trusy 1090t that's been serving me so long. So i'm looking for a motherboard. I only have a few requirements, and i just don't know much about intel having never owned an intel proccy...
  19. exodusprime1337

    sccm 2007 install

    So i had a thread up about my fear of installing this program. I have been successful so far, and have it installed.. One problem or maybe two that i'm having revolve around the sccm client being installed on computers... I need to know what settings in the client machine need to be configured...
  20. exodusprime1337

    ddr3 1600 cl 8 or ddr3 1333 cl6

    Which is better for my amd cpu.. my ddr3 that i bought sux for oc'ing so i'm kinda limited to these general settings.. looking for gaming/crossfire performance?
  21. exodusprime1337

    Thinking of getting 2 6950's... worth it?

    So my 5870's are quite frankly annoying me. having one reference and one non reference becausei had to rma one sux tbh. I'm thinking of buying two 6950's that i can hopefully unlock to 6970's. I have someone who will buy my 5870's making me back 300, and i don't mind buying new cards. The...
  22. exodusprime1337

    SCCM 2007... am i screwed?

    Sooooooo.... a client of mine wants sccm, they're way to small imho to actually need such a large piece of software but with their business situation they got the software for 62 bucks... Now they want it installed and configured.. I'm not a heavily seasoned windows system admin, but this looks...
  23. exodusprime1337

    crossfire flickering with 2 monitors... still

    In all honesty i had this fixed for the longest time by just flashing away all of the idle clocks on my cards.. then one died and i got a non reference card in rma which blows(goodbye voltage control), now i have this flickering again on my second monitor.. is there a good fix that i've somehow...
  24. exodusprime1337

    overclocking 5870 reference and non reference with voltage control

    so i know that the sapphire trixx v3.... will let me control the voltages on both my reference and non reference card(thanx to xfx rma they aren't both reference anymore). Sapphire trixx however freezes my computer if i run it with crossfire. Are there any alternatives to this.. the non...
  25. exodusprime1337

    Darwin Streaming Server project

    So i built these tiny servers using ubuntu 10.10 and hostapd to make the wireless act like an access point. I'm using them to stream 5 or so ip cameras over to another darwin streaming server in a remote location. I have no problem getting this setup, but my problem is if the box becomes...