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    AMD Readies Two New Performance-segment FX Processors

    AMD should release a 2 CPU motherboard and CPU. If you can't beat them with 1 CPU you can try using 2 CPU's. This would force Intel to make their own 2 CPU chips and boards cheaper.
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    Samsung Announces Mass Production of Industry's First 20nm-Class DDR3

    Can't wait to have 128GB of ram to use for playing games programmed for consoles with 512MB.
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    PCI Takes on Thunderbolt, Big Worries for its Promoters

    So using this it would be possible to add graphic cards to the 5.25 front bay just like adding dvd drives, and the main difference would be most or all of the power for the cards would come from the PSU.
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    PowerColor Announces PowerJack Graphics Card Support Accessory

    Redesign motherboards and cases? Maybe its about time they redesign motherboards and cases Case Replace the Expansion Slots at the back with 5.25 Drive Bays. Replace Rear Panel Ports space with a 5.25 Drive Bay so that if the user wants PS/2, USB 1.1/2.0, USB 3.0, IEEE 1394 etc at the back...