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  1. Kursah

    Finding, testing raight Linux for diferent pc.

    I primarily use Easy2Boot for multi-ISO bootable USB drives that have a mix of Linux, Windows and utility ISOs. I've also used Sardu and another one I can't think of. But Easy2Boot has been the most consistent.
  2. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    Looks good to me, just about the same size as they were before. Haven't checked on mobile, but on Windows in Chrome, the avatar size is about spot on imho.
  3. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    Below is a screenshot snip I took with Greenshot of the initial Techpowerup.org upload section. I then uploaded this screenshot there and copied the BBC code into my post where I want it as I've always done. I don't use the image insert in most cases, but the BBC code works fine as you can see...
  4. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    I'm sure it does, I have no involvement with the development of this forum, I am merely a mod. :) I've used Techpowerup.org to upload images, then copy and paste the code into my posts for over a decade now. That's all I was suggesting as an option that should still work great. Many folks use a...
  5. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    It has been very cool watching all the little adjustments being made to get the TPU-ness back to the TPU forums, I haven't had any login issues since early yesterday morning on both PC and Android, browsing the forums seems fast or faster than the old platform as well. So far I'm digging the new...
  6. Kursah

    Looking to get a new graphics card.

    Depends on your gaming performance and if you need to upgrade for your uses or if you merely want to. Honestly if you're happy with current performance, then there's no need to upgrade. If you're worried about devaluation, then it depends on your area's options. I'd recommend checking prices...
  7. Kursah

    Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

    I'm sorry but announcing Pentium Silver and Celeron makes me think that they should have just called it Centrium Silver, buy one get a free container of vitamins too. Sigh. I'm curious to see how the N5000 and N4000 series perform and actual consumer costs in the field, I have a PFSense build...
  8. Kursah

    What are you playing?

    I've been playing some Creeper World 3, which is surprisingly good and entertaining. CW4 is in development and takes the game into the 3D arena which is exciting, but CW3 shouldn't be passed up if you're a strategy fan. I'm still working through the Arc Eternal story, but this game really has a...
  9. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    Thanks for adding back the recent posts and headlines on the main forum page. I was getting used to viewing the new posts section, but now I no longer have to. :toast:
  10. Kursah

    can I reset Windows 7 password without reset disk?

    If your Windows install is tied to a Microsoft Account online, then you cannot use ophcrack as it authenticates to Microsoft's servers. If you use a local account, then in most cases you should be able to access SAM and reset/clear out the password. :toast:
  11. Kursah

    IP camera issue with wireless Access Point

    Set back to AP mode. Set a static IP and make sure its gateway address is pointing to your main routers LAN address (example AP mode + dhcp for AP can be troublesome with home-grade gear at times. But really it should be passing wireless traffic. Can you confirm if other wireless...
  12. Kursah

    Forum upgrade complete

    Only viewed the update from my Android phone but so far I like it! Flows great and is easy to read. I do miss recent news and recent topics. I also hope that we might see more theme options available. I'd love a TPU dark theme!
  13. Kursah

    Dell Inspiron N5110 "rattling"noise

    Sounds like a fan bearing to me, and it is common enough with laptop fans. I've had mixed luck with replacing fans with a non-OEM alternative, sometimes that extra cost is worth it if you don't have to go back in there within the next few months to a year because the cheap fan did in that time...
  14. Kursah

    Fresh Install of Win 10 without Serial Key?

    Microsoft Windows KMS client install keys work well fie these situations and test lab situations as well: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj612867(v=ws.11).aspx That will let you install a Windows OS legitimately with a Microsoft provided install key. They will not activate the...
  15. Kursah

    I need a good space sandbox game

    SC will happen eventually, at this point I have enough other games to play that it isn't really bothering me. I am awaiting 3.0 before I play anymore in EA even, so we'll see what that ends up offering experience-wise for the masses once it leaves its special access only state. It is slow going...
  16. Kursah

    Ethernet, getting 24kbps

    Have you confirmed that the cable and router/switch port is good with another device that has a NIC port? Have you uninstalled and re-installed your PC's NIC? Go to Device Manager and remove the NIC, keep the drivers on the first attempt, just uninstall the device in device manager...then...
  17. Kursah

    How many people still use sound cards?

    I have my Auzen X-Fi Forte PCI-e collecting dust, but at the ready if need-be. Was a damn good card during it's use. I do however use an Aune T1 Mk1 USB DAC/AMP for my primary audio output device, which would count as using a sound card, albeit external. My onboard ACL1150 on my Asus Z87 Pro...
  18. Kursah

    looking for advice: shopping a streaming/casting device

    I love my Roku 2, and I'm sure the new Roku Streaming Stick will work great. I only use WiFi on the 2, not the Ethernet connection, and never had an issue. We constantly stream (daily) Netflix and Plex to my Samsung "dumb TV", and it has been great. I considered FireTV, but the Roku won me...
  19. Kursah

    Battlezone II: Combat Commander Remaster Set to Deploy on Steam & GOG in 2018

    I've been really enjoying Battlezone 98 Redux, I played the original BZ quite a bit back in the day and the Redux let me relive that with a little bit of modernization. Highly recommend it! http://store.steampowered.com/app/301650/Battlezone_98_Redux/ And now this is announced, I'm almost...
  20. Kursah

    What server os can I get by with?

    Go Linux server if want free and have time to learn it. It is a good way to go but can take a lot of time and headache to achieve the final results one would seek. Debian and Ubuntu Server are good places to start IMHO for those less familiar with Linux server environments. You might check out...
  21. Kursah

    I need a good space sandbox game

    Void Destroyer 2 is a good option if you want Mount & Blade + some RTS/4X + Space Sim in an open world area, the graphics are sorta-Borderlands-ish style but not. It is a very unique game and I have really really really enjoyed it. Takes a little getting used to, but is worth it. The dev is...
  22. Kursah

    The Death Of NEXTPOWERUP

    I remember reviewing CoD4. Think I still have my screenshots and original write-up somewhere. I had started others, but clearly wasn't cut out for it lol! :laugh:
  23. Kursah

    Swapped Modems, same model, static WAN IP, Router couldn't reconnect

    No worries, we understand that the feature here is different from other sites, and other sites might not be as concerned with double posting as we are so there's some adjustment phases. It takes practice. I usually have a running post then click reply to quote someone else, see below. As you...
  24. Kursah

    Swapped Modems, same model, static WAN IP, Router couldn't reconnect

    It was edited by @Tatty_One , there were two posts within a couple of minutes prior. When you quote a user and reply, then do so again for someone else, that creates two separate posts and is a common example of double posting. That is against forum guidelines which can be reviewed from the link...
  25. Kursah

    Swapped Modems, same model, static WAN IP, Router couldn't reconnect

    I have to agree that some modem indicator lights are more farce than fact. :) Interesting on the other issues as well, which both issues sound related due to bandwidth and latency issues which could greatly affect VoIP and streaming. I'd definitely suspect your ISP's infrastructure and...