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  1. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    all the sudden my video drivers say they came from ATI Technologies Inc. ? sorry, i should have done this right away, i have intel HD original, the highest clocked one tho, i think 500 something mhz normal, 766mhz max? im not switchable, its just that one gpu all by its self and as you can...
  2. mrhuggles

    laptop memory timings, SPD

    what would be the quickest easiest way for me to take the SPD profile for 667mhz or 800mhz and overwrite the 533mhz with one of those 2? trying to overclock my computer and i think the memory timings are getting in the way. ATOM n280
  3. mrhuggles

    [WTB][US] Pentium M motherboard

    looking for a pentium M motherboard preferably that uses DDR SO-DIMMS
  4. mrhuggles

    Atom overclocking

    i have an asus 1005HA-PU1X netbook, N280 cpu, its not the best over clocker ever infact im having trouble getting it to stay stable more than a few days at 1.7ghz using SHE [super hybrid engine, the built in overclocking program] im thinking maybe my memory sucks or something so i was thinking...
  5. mrhuggles

    [FT][US] pentium M cpus & laptop ram

    mrhuggles for trade thread. :d
  6. mrhuggles

    OpenWRT Backfire 10.03

    this is old news but nobody has said anything i could see, anyways its out, ive been running it a few days and i love it, its a big improvement, the new interface is kind of weird tho and takes some getting used to but once your used to it its better. oh and WRT54G and others like it with the...
  7. mrhuggles

    gpuz GMA950 eeepc 1005HA-P1X

    when i use GPUZ it shows that my default [and current] gpu clock is 400mhz, tried GMA booster and if i change the clock in GMAbooster it reflects those changes fine in GPUZ... is it safe to assume my default gpu clock is infact 400mhz? i figure either gpuz is wrong about it, or the...
  8. mrhuggles

    chromium OS

    anyone have any info?
  9. mrhuggles

    [WTB][US] core2 rig as cheap as possible, 9800gtx+

    looking to buy a core2 rig as cheap as i can get it, hoping to ketch someone moving up maybe? something in the range of a 9800gtx+ videocard wise, like 4gb of ram, not really picky about the cpu
  10. mrhuggles


    i have an e2140 that i did a BSEL mod on, im starting to regret not going further tho, its set to 266mhz fsb instead of 333, ive noticed a lot of people have a hard time getting an e2140 passed like 266mhz fsb or so, mine hits 400mhz fsb no problem, all tho if i try to go much further i start...
  11. mrhuggles

    GTS 250 bios switching

    i have an ASUS GTS 250, wondering if i could flash it to EVGA to use their Prcision tune utility, also noticed this bios has no 2d/3d clock switching, thinking i could save alot of power if i found a bios that does, wondering if there are any issues with different cards between 65 and 55nm, or...
  12. mrhuggles

    GTS 250 bios editor

    is there a bios editor for these cards?
  13. mrhuggles

    [WTB][US] Q8200 and 260 core216

    i am looking for a deal on a Q8200 and a core216
  14. mrhuggles

    folding@home 2900xt crash

    the program loads, and gets ready to start work then crashes, is that normal? EDIT: it doesn't always do it and its not a full crash, itl wait a while then report UNSTABLE MACHINE or something like that [system stuck for a few mins]
  15. mrhuggles

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186134R wondering if anyone has one of these and how much better it is than a default Q6600 cooler, im pretty desperate for better cooling here. note the price
  16. mrhuggles


    do updates have to be done manually?
  17. mrhuggles

    www.gamepowerup.com down

    is this site down? i haven't seen a single post about it on TPU forums and its been down for me for a few days... maybe its just my dns provider?
  18. mrhuggles

    Windows XP nvidia performance issues

    seeing some really bad performance issues, computer becomes almost unusable, is that a common thing? as soon as i have a chance i am gonna try out vista64 unless anyone knows something i don't...
  19. mrhuggles

    work unit size, small normal big

    whats best for a gpu client? does it matter what videocarD? running an 8600GTS
  20. mrhuggles

    nvidia 182.08 newbie question coolbits[?]

    back in the days i used coolbits to unlock features in the drivers/control panel bit, how is that done with modern drivers?
  21. mrhuggles

    gigabyte 8600gts silent pipe 3 bios update shader clock

    i updated to the latest bios from them, F5, it shows 1500mhz in gpuz for shader clock instead of 1450mhz, is that normal?
  22. mrhuggles

    nvidia 8600gts drivers

    i was on the website looking for drivers and the latest version i could find was 182.08 are those old? and what are the best drivers to be using for my card does anyone have any opinions on that? sorry moving from ATI to nvidia yay! thats why i don't know whats going on :?
  23. mrhuggles

    Avast VS Avira

    which do you like better? and why? just got a notice that AVG 7.5 is gonna stop getting updates march 18th, this is the second date ive gotten, not sure if its gonna be for real or not but... I' think its time to find something new just incase. ive noticed that those are probably the two...
  24. mrhuggles

    [WTB][US] 7300 gs

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130044 can anyone give me a better deal than 22 dollars shipped? in need of a new videocard for linux :? not real picky about how powerfull... so long as its nvidia.
  25. mrhuggles

    northbridge cooler, asus p5k

    can anyone suggest a good replacement northbridge cooler for an asus p5k? good cost vs performance and curious if anyone knows anything about compatibility with them