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  1. MoonPig

    HP Microserver Gen8 Setup Help

    Hey, I recently bought one of these when they were on the £80 Cashback offer. After realising you have to use the "Intelligent Provisioning" to install and OS, I finally got Windows Server 2012 R2 installed and it running smooth. I then copied an episode of Nitro Circus I have over, installed...
  2. MoonPig

    [FS/FT] [UK] Intel Core i7 2700K

    Hey, Rules: Items: Trader Ratings:
  3. MoonPig

    [FS] [UK] Enermax Rev85+ 1250w

    Hey, Rules: Items: Trader Ratings:
  4. MoonPig

    MoonPig's mITX Machine

    Hey, Project time. I've always wanted to do an mITX build and this is the first time i've actually had the opportunity. I've yet to decide what i'm going to do with this, at this point i'm just building it for no reason. It's not going to be an expensive build, at all. Looking at eBay and...
  5. MoonPig

    [EU] Kingston 256GB V200 SSD - £99.99 inc.

    Hey, Just bringing you the best value SSD in the UK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280944729629&clk_rvr_id=377123997775 Anytime, lads. Anytime.
  6. MoonPig

    GUI Issue - Windows 7

    Hey, Just formatted the parents computer. And installed Windows 7 64bit, the same one i've used on my computer for the past few years. - First format and install was fine. I launched IE and downloaded and installed Chrome and ATi drivers. - Reboot and i see JUST the wallpaper, no GUI...
  7. MoonPig

    Steam Sale - Starts today

    Hey, Already found one AMAZING deal: Go spend.. http://store.steampowered.com/
  8. MoonPig

    [WTB] [UK] 27" Monitor

    Hey, Looking for one. Would prefer LED. Currently looking at a 27" LED VA-Panel for £247, beat that. Thanks
  9. MoonPig

    [WTB][EU] Long Shot - GTX470 Reference Cooler

    Hey, Anyone? Thanks
  10. MoonPig

    [WTB] [UK] Everything - Budget Build

    Hey, Now, i know you all love me ever so much. So, i'm looking for some amazing offers to get me back in the computing world! Looking for the following: I might think of more.. Trader Ratings:
  11. MoonPig

    keysonic ACK-612RF Issues

    Hey, Just got this keyboard and everything except one thing works fine. It appears the FN button is inverted. Unpressed it makes UIOPJKLM into 4561230. So i have to hold the FN button the whole time i'm writing this... lol Any ideas why, or what i should do? Thanks
  12. MoonPig

    Eyefinity Setup... Issues.

    Hey, Got me some issues. First off, what i have: MSI HD6870 2x Acer P223W (DVI and VGA) 1x Acer X223W (VGA only) 1x Toshiba 40" 1080p (HDMI) I have the VGA in the middle and the DVI's either side. Then the Toshiba is on the wall to the left. I have no intention of including this in the...
  13. MoonPig

    [WTB] [UK] Acer V243H Monitor

    Hey, Need one or two of these monitors. No others. Acer V243H, V243Hl or V243HQ Thanks.
  14. MoonPig

    [WTB][EU] Low and Mid Range Graphics Card

    Hey, Looking for one these cards. These are retail prices, beat them: HD5830 - £110 HD5850 - £125 HD6850 - £140 HD6870 - £165 HD6950 - £190 GTX480 - £190 GTX560 - £190 May consider lower cards (and i mean low) but the price needs to be great as a really low end card will be used...
  15. MoonPig

    [WTB] [UK] Hard-Drive for my Games

    Hey, Looking for a drive for all my games. Needs to be decent speed wise. Got the following in-mind: Western Digital Blacks Western Digital Blues Samsung F3s etc. Nothing less than 500GB. PLEASE bare in-mind that i can get a fast 1TB Drive, brand new, from scan for £35 delivered...
  16. MoonPig

    My Little MSI's Expansion Slots

    Hey, Just been messing around and i've noticed something odd. My board has 1x "PCI-E x1" and 6x "PCI-E x16". Now, i've just put my 5770 in different slots and this is the outcome: PCI-E x16 Slot 1 - Works at x16 speed PCI-E x16 Slot 2 - Works at x4 speed PCI-E x16 Slot 3 - Un-tested...
  17. MoonPig


    Hey, Somehow ended up with this. Following this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/protect_start/mse-flashes-and-closes-cant-get-mse-to-stay-open/d48552ca-d006-411f-9387-b524b78183ee#21985b69-cc88-42b4-b546-34c524cfcd40 guide, but CMD is throwing errors when i input...
  18. MoonPig

    My Motherboards Sound Card...

    Hey, Just wondering if i have to use the sound card that came with my motherboard, or can i use another one (Asus etc) in the PCI-E x1 slot with no issues? Thanks
  19. MoonPig

    Metro 2033 Options

    Hey, My Metro has the menu in Russian, so.. anyone fancy guiding me to the option to change to English? I can't really speak Russian, lol. Thanks
  20. MoonPig

    Mushkin RMA

    Hey, Got some sticks that need an RMA. Signing up their the VIP section i realised it's only US... That mean anyone outside of the US can't RMA products? Also, i might not be able to find the receipt, i hear there's a $25 RMA fee for no receipt. Thanks.
  21. MoonPig

    Very odd POST issue

    Hey, Got a real odd one here for you tonight. The other day i decided i needed the DLC for a game that i own, so, instead of paying £7.50 for an hour or two's play, i 'aquired' it. Now, this release had a famous uploaders name in the title "SKIDROW", so i assumed it was official. I...
  22. MoonPig

    Find MoonPig a new Headset!! OH MY!

    Hey, Short story: Broke my Creative's and i don't like my Sennheiser RS120's. Their going back on Monday. Now, the task. Y'all need to find me some decent headphones with a mic for less than £65 delivered. They need to be: - From either: Scan, Ebuyer, Amazon or Play - Good surround...
  23. MoonPig

    [EU] TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Switch - £14.93

    Hey, Looks like a nice one: http://www.amazon.co_uk/dp/B000N99BBC/?tag=tec053-21 Thanks
  24. MoonPig

    [EU] Emprex BTC NSD-100 P2P Download Engine - £7.98

    Hey, Amazing deal if it's as good as it claims (and the reviews do say...) Emprex BTC NSD-100 P2P Download Engine Retail Boxe... Thanks.
  25. MoonPig

    HD5870 stuck on 100%... Know why?

    Hey, I installed an AC5870 to my HD5870 and for some reason it's just at a constant 100%. I've tried to manually control the speed with CCC, Afterburner and TriXX, but no matter what number i set, the RPM doesn't change. GPU-Z shows it as 1957RPM (which is the AC's 100%) but the fan...