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    NEC Delivers Unmatched Viewing Experience With 43-inch Seamless Curved Display

    For questions on specs and response time, I think it's a DLP not an LCD.
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    Apple Reports Second Quarter Results

    You didn't really interpret that the way I wanted it to be. What I'm trying to say is that the only special thing about the mac is the aluminium case and maybe the OS, but that is interchangeable so may not count. The insides are the same. Using the car analogy was trying to make things simpler...
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    Apple Reports Second Quarter Results

    What if I were to say you could get a Hyundai with the exact same engine/speakers/electronics as the BMW/Merc? That'd change things. The only special thing about a mac is the badge and the case.
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    Crytek CryENGINE 3 to be On Display at This Year's GDC Expo

    Nah. Games released on all platforms will always have worse graphics. Don't think there are any exceptions to that.
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    First AMD Benchmarks With DDR3 Memory Posted

    Yes that is a good point, synthetic benchmarks never do really show the true potential of these things. EDIT: Ok I've just read that xtreme systems link, it explains it all.
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    First AMD Benchmarks With DDR3 Memory Posted

    I see what you're trying to say, that now RAM is now more focused on bandwidth instead of latency. But what I'm saying is that it should be able to produce better results despite this, because if you look at the price difference and how new the tech is you would expect it to be faster than a 2+...
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    First AMD Benchmarks With DDR3 Memory Posted

    That seems ridiculous. My Opteron 165 scores 30.907s in 1M at 2.8GHz so there is definitly something wrong with their testing, or the chips have somehow got worse.
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    Danamics Innovates the First Liquid-metal Based CPU Cooler

    Taken from their website: If it lives up to that, it will be very interesting.
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    ASUS Launches ROG XG VGA and Multimedia Docking Station

    Quite funny, I was reading about these the other day, thinking it had been forgotten about.
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    Windows Media Player 11 plays but doesnt open?

    I've had this problem before, and also when I close it, the music is still playing but theres no window. I usually just end the process. Not sure if there is a fix for this really.
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    Intel's New Stock Heatsink Fan for Core 2 Extreme Processors

    Why would anyone in the right mind use a stock heatsink with an extreme processor anyway.
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    R600 pictured

    What annoys me is that, when we first saw 8800 cards, there was what, less than a month between the actual release and the pictures. But no.. we have to wait until may.. bah
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    Best Socket 939 MB

    Best Motherboards: SLI DFI Venus DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Crossfire DFI CFX3200 (People often say this is the best) ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe (I have this one - only cost me £82 brand new, same chipset as the DFI CFX3200 too)
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    i want to upgrade from an ATI Radeon x850xt what sould i get?

    I'm just waiting for the R600 cards. Reasons: -Nvidia prices will drop -ATI will give Nvidia more competition - possibility of prices dropping further on ATI's side too. -More cards will be on the market, giving a wider range to choose from and more comparisons available. All of this is only...
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    These boards are fighting over me on Valentine's Day!!

    I've just bought the ASUS board myself. It was supposed to be delivered today... but hasn't arrived yet. :banghead: EDIT: I misread the list. I've bought the asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe. Oops... I can't change my vote now can I.
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    Best AGP card left on the market?

    Gainward Bliss 7800GS+ = 7900GT gpu on a 7800gs PCB. Gainward Bliss 7800GS = 7800GT gpu on a 7800gs PCB. Normal 7800GS = 7800GT gpu with 4 pipelines disabled. ATI X1950pro = X1950pro, no difference. Any of those would be a great upgrade. I would...
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    TechPowerUp! Reference Wiki is open for business

    Nice! This could be great after a few months. I've already tried adding a bit to a few pages, and it works brilliantly. :D
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    Sapphire Radeon X1300 XT

    If you take a look at the 3DMark '03 scores, for 1280x1024 2xAA 8xAF, it says the 6600gt gets 8531? Is this correct? It jsut seems a little out of place. Other than that, great review! I think it's great the way you have such a large list to compare the other cards with.
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    IDF Prague: Terascale Computing

    My personal thoughts are: This is just a general summary of what everyone's been thinking lately. Or me at least. Adding more cores is useless unless people learn how to code for them, but it is a method of increasing computing power cheaply. How long will it be before the common processor...
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    Thermalright Ultra 90

    Nice review. I wonder how big the difference is between the 92mm version and the 120mm version. 2.4Ghz on stock! :twitch: (On page 4 - In the table under the "Performance" heading, the CPU is labelled as 1mb. Venice is 512KB. Sorry to pick out such a small detail, but still.)
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    Windows Vista pre-RC1 released for beta testing.

    I'm getting it, but will I be able to use the same Key I used for Beta 2? There isn't a key provided with the download as far as I can see.
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    PQI Releases DDR2-533 2GB Memory for Windows Vista

    I hope they are going to make this stuff in DDR. I don't want to upgrade everything to get DDR2.
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    The Pirate Bay is back up, and in the Netherlands

    That matter was rather confusing. (The source: link doesn't work by the way)
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    What sound card?

    The X-Fi cards are supposed to be exetremely good. I have never used one, but I have yet to find a review which dislikes them.
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    Microsoft will have its own Ipod

    Nicely put wazzledoozle! I couldn't agree more. The microsoft version better be good.