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    Stealth Announces LPC-395F Rugged Mini PC

    where is the atom 330 model :(
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    DVD Codec

    open source doesn't mean free user to all, some devs do put restriction on there software to prevent there work being stolen from them and being put it to a fully licences product. this is why alot of open source software is free for public and not for corp. I've spent countless hour reading...
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    DVD Codec

    its some of the codec that are contain within the package, some can be used for personal use only as for corp we would require a licence. yes VLC is open source, but not all the codec's are. VLC is just a pretty front end at the end of the day.
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    DVD Codec

    corp machines! for a recent meeting we required a laptop that could dvd play back and as WinXP Pro or Vista Business doesn't come with a DVD codec out of the box, force me to install software that my manager and I was not happy with, like VLC as we cannot install this on all machines due to...
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    DVD Codec

    another one know of a freeware DVD Codec only. Problem is, that I just want a DVD Codec and none of the others like divx, xvid, mp4, etc... I keep finding packages with a million codecs and I only want the one :(
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    Remote Desktop Connection / Win XP

    its not crap, you just don't know how to setup it up correctly. you need to know your internet IP address. forward the RDP port on your router to the PC you want to RDP too. enable the firewall on the PC to allow RDP. it is that simple, as long as you know what you are doing with port...
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    LaCie LaCinema Classic Hard Disk Connects to Your HDTV for Instant Playback

    you only need HDMI 1.2 and 1.3 if you are displaying res over 1920×1200p60, playing Super Audio CD (DSD) support, Deep Color, xvYCC, Auto lip-sync, Dolby TrueHD bitstream capable, DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable and Updated list of CEC commands. as this isn't meant to be a HD...
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    Details and Shots of the Voodoo Designed HP Firebird 803 Gaming Tower Leaked

    i've been looking to build a shuttle, but if the price is right, then this looks like a great option
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    Intel Atom N270 Overclocked to 2385MHz, Probably the Fastest Atom Ever

    now only if it came at that speed out of the box
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    Shuttle Introduces SG45H7 Media-Center Mini PC Platform

    i just want a core i7 shuttle please :)
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    ATI+NVIDIA Physx??? yes

    you have 2 4870X2's and you want more from them, your just crazy :eek: most would be extremely happy with 1 :wtf:
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    Xbox 360 Could Stream Netflix Content Soon

    I do hope this comes to the UK
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    *drool* look at what I just ordered :D

    are you that lonely? :roll:
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    Toshiba Launches CELL-embedded Qosmio G55 Laptop

    ok fair enough, a retail copy wont work on the cell.... but what is the point of all this power, when you are only gonna be able to use specially created apps for the cell pointless.... is one word for this
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    Toshiba Launches CELL-embedded Qosmio G55 Laptop

    hang on here...... there using an intel processor to run the OS and the CELL to run intensive tasks... to me that just means that the CELL is not able to run windows. So much for this mightly cell processor :roll:
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    Xbox 360 First Gaming System to Reach 10M in U.S. Console Sales This Generation

    I wish it was worth a little more! here in the UK pertol (GAS) prices will be at £1.50 per litre by the end of the year, thats near $12 a gallon.
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    Xbox 360 First Gaming System to Reach 10M in U.S. Console Sales This Generation

    those are just some stats that you cant argue with..... (360):nutkick:(PS3) 12 million xbox live members, thats gotta be more that WoW by now?????
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    Rockstar GTA 4 PS3 Patch Released

    i guess you got lucky, just like me :)
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    Rockstar GTA 4 PS3 Patch Released

    Still got mine too, played power stone the other night..... :) those were the days
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    Rockstar GTA 4 PS3 Patch Released

    i do miss those days too, most games that i have or played havent been patched, but GTA4 was put back buy 6-7 months, so you would expect most bugs to have been sorted and the game tested to death. but i guess there are always gonna be something you miss.
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    Rockstar GTA 4 PS3 Patch Released

    i'm running the 360 version and i've had no freezing so i cant see why a patch would be necessary. the main focus of the PS3 patch was to fix the multiplayer issue as the amount of traffic between server and console was making online play difficult at best.
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    GTA4 Clubhouse

    nice one, i'll try that
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    Gpu-z 0.2.1

    Can't save BIOS
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    GTA4 Clubhouse

    xboxlivetag: cjoyce1980 i've not played it online yet, so maybe i should get some hours in
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    Anti-Virus Software for Server 2008?

    if this is for a company, paid the $300 and get it. if for some reason its personnel, then any of the free ones will be fine.