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    [FS/FT] Titan, Catleap 1440p, Add-on cards, HTPC part out

    Dude has a GTX 780ti that he wants to trade for Titan :) http://www.overclock.net/t/1451095/wtt-new-evga-gtx-780ti-reference-for-your-gtx-titan#post_21410485 Also not sure if you are interested but I have a GTX 690
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    [FS][US] [CAN][AU][EU] MCP350 pumps DDC-1T $35 shipped - PP

    Hello what kind of connector do these have?
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    [WTB] 1155/56/50 X style backplate

    Try ebay. That's where I got mine http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=lga+1156+backplate&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.Xlga+1155+backplate&_nkw=lga+1155+backplate&_sacat=0
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    GPU Choice for a Long Term Build (4-5 Years)

    I bought one of my 780s for $415 and the other without the Heatsink for $460, this was before the price drop. So with the price drop used GTX 780s should be attainable for $400 or so.
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    GPU Choice for a Long Term Build (4-5 Years)

    2 aftermarket R9 290s should do the trick.
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    GPU Choice for a Long Term Build (4-5 Years)

    SLI GTX 780 or Xfire R 290(non X), will keep you happy for sometime
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    Buy another 7970 to Xfire or buy 1 R9 290X.

    I would say get one R9 290x ( newer tech )but Xfire 7970 is crazy fast.
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    [FS] EVGA GTX Titan With Water Block *Good Price*

    Nice price? Would you consider a trade for a GTX 780 plus cash on my end?
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    [FS][US] Maximus V Formula $110 (see details)

    If it isn't to much trouble, can you take a close up of the socket?
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    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    Love the Phantek Case
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    [WTB] Completed System or Parts UNDER 900$

    Have a Samsung 840 250GB SSD - $135 shipped via Amazon Pc Power and Cooling Silencer Quad RMA return 750W $45 shipped I do have a X79 eVGA mobo let me know if you interested. I could probably get a i7 3820 new from Microcenter for cost + shipping Heat under Unhooked also we have dealt before.
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    Best Video Card on the Market Currently

    7970's used is awesome. I got mine for $300 each a while back and very happy with them. Also I used the single slot bracket from EK and watercooled so essentially I have single slot 7970s :) No more wasted PCI/PCIe slots
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    Best Video Card on the Market Currently

    I think 2X GTX 760 = $500 will beat any single card out there and the titan included. Guess what http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/geforce_gtx_760_sli_review,1.html
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    Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 DirectCU power cable

    Buy this. $40 after rebate is a good deal Shell Shocker Deal. Exclusive Jaw Dropping Saving...
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    Best Video Card on the Market Currently

    Dunno if many will agree with this but 2 x GTX 760 with a 3rd GTX 650 for Physx would be my suggestion Best bang for the buck setup. For highend, either 2x GTX 770 or 2 X 7970's should be enough. If you are thinking about Titan then you are better of getting the GTX 780 I...
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    Bios flashing questions

    Thanks for your reply. Yes Ref PCB with Ref Coolers. Although the XFX is a Ref PCB it's missing the bios switch but does have the solder points. Currently both cards are under water running at stock timings.
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    Bios flashing questions

    So I have two vanilla 7970s, both of which are voltage locked. One is a made by Diamond and the other by XFX. Diamond Asic is 85% and XFX is 67% I flashed an Asus bios but failed to get any video so flashed it back to stock. Question: Will flashing an unlocked bios open up the voltage settings...
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    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    Man that 540 looks yummy. If hadn't just finished building my WC rig I would have jumped on it.