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  1. crazyeyesreaper

    PSA: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue" on Windows October 2018 Update and How To Fix It

    For those doing a fresh install of Microsoft's latest Windows 10 operating system (version 1809 October 2018 Update), you may encounter an issue with NVIDIA graphics drivers. Namely, a message may pop up when you install the graphics driver, telling you "The standard NVIDIA graphics driver is...
  2. crazyeyesreaper

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and 2080 Mobile Could Make an Appearance at CES 2019

    With NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 20-series having already released for desktops, it was only a matter of time until laptops got the RTX treatment as well. Current rumors are suggesting that Nvidia will officially launch their GeForce RTX 20-series mobility GPUs on January 6th at CES with the RTX 2070...
  3. crazyeyesreaper

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Beta Drivers

    No the title is not a typo, AMD has today released their Radeon Software Adrenalin beta drivers. This release is essentially the same as the previous 18.12.1 beta drivers, except for the fact they add support for the Epic Games store. Other than that one inclusion nothing else seems to...
  4. crazyeyesreaper

    GIGABYTE Prepares AORUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Features Blower-style Cooler

    Fixed, had multiple Gigabyte etc cards open side by side to verify the differences on various models in regards cooler / shroud etc and spaced it ie brain fart. second image its 3 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI with 1 USB-C.
  5. crazyeyesreaper

    Leaked Roadmap Shows Intel's Ghost Canyon X NUC Could Have 8-Core 16-Thread CPU

    Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC) systems have always offered a great deal of performance in a tiny form factor. Their current lineup which consists of Hades Canyon features Intel's 8th generation of processors and depending on model can also feature an AMD Radeon RX VEGA M graphics...
  6. crazyeyesreaper

    GIGABYTE Prepares AORUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Features Blower-style Cooler

    GIGABYTE looks to expand their NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti lineup with the AORUS Turbo. This new offering features a blower-style cooler with a plastic shroud and no backplate. Considering the AORUS brand is typically enthusiast focused along with the fact GIGABYTE themselves already offer an RTX...
  7. crazyeyesreaper

    Battlefield V Update: Tides of War, Chapter 1: Overture Was Delayed, Live Now

    For Electronic Arts when it rains, it pours, as Battlefield V continues to experience a multitude of issues. The various controversies and problems that plagued the game leading up to its release were terrible enough. Now with numerous bugs such as audio issues to squash along with balancing of...
  8. crazyeyesreaper

    Razer Updates Blade Stealth Ultraportable laptops For 2019

    Worst part is a read through the damn thing twice, but seeing the same specs day in day out you just kinda gloss over it. You see it your brain knows what it should be and you just plain miss it. Fail on my part though. Should have caught it. But since its basically just another thin and light...
  9. crazyeyesreaper

    Razer Updates Blade Stealth Ultraportable laptops For 2019

    https://press.razer.com/press-releases/razer-redefines-the-ultraportable/ There you go all the mistakes in their glory. I fixed a good deal still missed some. The only benefit here is at least unlike Thermaltake and others with PDFs, I don't have to deal with every word being either double...
  10. crazyeyesreaper

    Epic Games Store to Launch Soon, Developers to Receive 88% of Revenue

    The problem is for a long time if you bought DLC for a Ubisoft title in Uplay directly you couldn't always redeem it with the Steam version and vice versa. I have had to contact there support to deal with this issue a few times already. Therefore weird amalgamation. It should just work period...
  11. crazyeyesreaper

    Epic Games Store to Launch Soon, Developers to Receive 88% of Revenue

    With more and more companies creating their very own digital storefronts in the PC gaming space, it was only a matter of time until Epic Games threw their hat into the ring. With an announcement posted today, by Tim Sweeney the Epic Games store is now officially a reality. The new digital...
  12. crazyeyesreaper

    EVGA Z390 DARK Motherboard and LUUMI set CINEBENCH 8 Core CPU World Record

    The upcoming EVGA Z390 DARK is designed from the ground up to be the world's best overclocking motherboard. Need proof? The EVGA Z390 DARK was recently used by Finland Overclocker, Juhani Luumi AKA LUUMI to set a brand new CINEBENCH 8-Core CPU World Record. Armed with an Intel Core i9-9900K, and...
  13. crazyeyesreaper

    Razer Updates Blade Stealth Ultraportable laptops For 2019

    Its a typo in the original PR. I didn't notice it but I did notice the 3" screens LOL someone at Razer has a habit of missing keystrokes.
  14. crazyeyesreaper

    Razer Updates Blade Stealth Ultraportable laptops For 2019

    Razer, the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, announced today the release of their redesigned 13-inch ultraportable laptop line consisting of three new configurations. The new Razer Blade Stealth is now available with individually calibrated micro edge thin-bezel displays with up to 4K...
  15. crazyeyesreaper

    SAPPHIRE Technology Brings GearBox Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Enclosure to Market

    SAPPHIRE Technology introduces GearBox Thunderbolt 3 eGFX - a new expansion chassis for Mac Pros, Ultrabooks and Small Form Factor Computers. Connect a powerful graphics card to a Thunderbolt 3 ready device and experience greatly improved performance in professional software and games...
  16. crazyeyesreaper

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.12.1 Beta Drivers

    AMD has released today the Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.12.1 beta drivers. Overall this release merely adds support for Just Cause 4, which is set to release on December 4, 2018. While it is good to see AMD improving support for games ahead of their release, this driver offers nothing else...
  17. crazyeyesreaper

    Thermaltake Introduces Smart BX1 RGB & Smart BX1 Series Power Supply

    Thermaltake, the leading premium PC hardware manufacturer, unveils two Bronze-certified power supply series: SmartBX1 RGB and Smart BX1. Smart BX1 RGB covers capacities ranging from 550W to 750W while Smart BX1 is available in 450W to 750W, and both come in two different input voltage settings...
  18. crazyeyesreaper

    Corsair Vengeance 5180 Gaming PC (RTX 2080)

    Case is available yes if you read the entire review all the parts are discussed. The Case is Corsair's Crystal Series 280X RGB https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Crystal-Series-280X-RGB/p/CC-9011135-WW
  19. crazyeyesreaper

    Intel Candidly Discusses Troubles at Credit Suisse 22nd Annual TMT Conference

    For years Intel was able to maintain their endless tick-tock cycle however with the switch from 14nm to 10nm Intel realized all too late that they had bitten off more than they could chew. According to Robert Swan, Intel's Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, "we set out...
  20. crazyeyesreaper

    Basemark GPU 1.1 Update Released, Adds DirectX 12 Support

    Today Basemark releases version 1.1 of its multi-platform graphics hardware evaluation tool Basemark GPU. Basemark GPU has been made available for free to download and use for personal users. Additionally, Basemark has provided professional versions for Benchmark Development Program members...
  21. crazyeyesreaper

    ADATA Launches XPG microSDXC UHS-I U3 Class 10 Cards

    ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, and mobile accessories today announces the launch of its XPG microSDXC UHS-I U3 Class 10 cards. Made for those who live and breathe portable gaming, these Application Performance Class 1 (A1) cards...
  22. crazyeyesreaper

    Corsair Vengeance 5180 Gaming PC (RTX 2080)

    [page=Introduction] Introduction A big thank you goes out to Corsair for providing the review sample. Let's face it, everyone should know who Corsair is at this point. If you don't, you are either new to building gaming PCs or possibly a caveman that has never used a PC. For a...
  23. crazyeyesreaper

    HTC and McLaren Launch Special Edition VR Headset With New Racing Sim

    After forming a partnership back in May of this year, HTC and McLaren are now seeing their cooperation pay off with the launch of a Limited-Edition HTC VIVE Pro headset ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that takes place this weekend. The overall goal for this launch is to give fans a "unique...
  24. crazyeyesreaper

    Bethesda Continues to Struggle With Fallout 76, Refunds Now a Possibility

    With the release of Fallout 76 a week ago, Bethesda continues the tradition of releasing buggy games that are full of glitches and issues. These problems are always expected to come from Bethesda; typically the game is still fun however unlike previous titles, Fallout 76 is has been universally...
  25. crazyeyesreaper

    The 2018 Steam Autumn Sale Now Live, Let The Wallet Draining Begin

    As Thanksgiving nears, Steam's Autumn Sale has officially started. Offering multiple deals to be thankful for, such as, Assassin's Creed Odyssey (33% off), NeiR: Automata (50% off), Monster Hunter World (34% off), Shadow of The Tomb Raider (50% off) and Civilization VI Gold Edition (69% off)...